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Will HP's $200 Stream 11 Make People Forget About Chromebooks?

Johnny Loves Linux Answer: No. (232 comments)

It's a Celeron CPU. Office 365 is a rental. It's 2GB of memory. It's Windows. vs. http://www.google.com/intl/en/... and the OS is ChromeOS which is automatically updated. And it's not a rental. And you can install Ubuntu/Debian if you want in a chroot using crouton if you want a fully functional OS for programming.

about a month and a half ago

R Throwdown Challenge

Johnny Loves Linux If you're going to use R (185 comments)

Be sure to use RStudio as the front end: http://www.rstudio.com/. Using on R in a terminal is ok, but having the beautiful GUI frontend RStudio makes working with R sooooooo much better! The help system, plots, R markdown (knitr), and inspecting variables in RStudio is so much easier. As far as comparisons go,

  1. R is no competitor to python for writing generic scripts.
  2. Python (numpy, scipy, statsmodels, pandas, sklearn, matplotlib, ipython and ipython notebooks) is not yet ready to compete with R for doing statistical analysis but give Python a couple of more years and then slashdot should do a review of how it compares.
  3. You can always call R from python using the r2py module. This is really easy within an ipython notebook using the %load_ext rmagic command.

For a nice video on using ipython notebook in data analysis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?...

For a nice selection of ipython notebooks for doing various type of data analysis: https://github.com/ipython/ipy...

about 7 months ago

The $5,600 Tablet

Johnny Loves Linux Re:Weakest Part? (96 comments)

Why, oh why, would anyone go through the trouble of making hardware that could survive those extreme conditions and then put Windows(!?!?!?!?) on it? Talk about the most pointless exercise ever. They couldn't be bothered to go check what the OS market share for tablets was? Hell, I wouldn't surprised if those tablets were running Windows XP. If you're going to choose to go stupid, might as well double down.

I can't help but think of the old saying "A fool and his money are soon parted."

about 8 months ago

Microsoft Brings Office Online To Chrome OS; Ars Reviews Windows Phone 8.1

Johnny Loves Linux Re:All I can say to that is... (69 comments)

I've seen postings from others as well that state that OpenOffice is inferior to Microsoft Office. Since Debian switched to LibreOffice a few years ago, I haven't used OpenOffice so I can't comment on the current version of OpenOffice vs. the current version of Microsoft Office.

However, I did a find web site which does publishes a comparison between LibreOffice and Microsoft Office 2013: https://wiki.documentfoundatio... Based on that comparison, I would have to say that Microsoft Office is actually inferior to LibreOffice. Does anyone know of any other published comparisons between the office suites?

about 8 months ago

How Does Heartbleed Alter the 'Open Source Is Safer' Discussion?

Johnny Loves Linux Re:That's kind of curious (582 comments)

I've heard other people say this too, but I don't see how that can be. Are there any stats that convincingly prove this? It seems to me that proprietary companies have some advantages when it comes to marketing. They can always sue people who claim they have found an exploit in the software. And there is no law obligating a proprietary company to announce when someone has found an exploit in their proprietary software and informed the company about it. So I would take claims that Microsoft has a "better" security record with a mountain of salt. Who is Microsoft being compared to? SCO? What is the metric? Where is the data?

about 8 months ago

London Council Dumping Windows For Chromebooks To Save £400,000

Johnny Loves Linux All that is left (193 comments)

is for the diva to sing the operatic conclusion and for cats and dogs to get along. Microsoft is so doomed. Who really needs them? Not most people. Have you seen the latest Samsung tablets? Holy cow the better than Hi-def resolution, vivid colors, awesome performance, none of them running Windows, all of them running Android. I saw them recently and my first reaction was: Microsoft is so doomed.

about 9 months ago

Google Blocking Asus's Android-Windows "Duet"?

Johnny Loves Linux Given Microsoft's past history (194 comments)

of boot loaders and Microsoft's more recent history and their standard practices I think someone would have to be extremely ignorant of Microsoft's history and their standard practices or a shill for Microsoft to state that this is somehow unfair to Microsoft.

Folks, I don't think Microsoft is just misunderstood. I don't think we have to worry about poor little Microsoft surviving its treatment by the "big bully" Google. I think Microsoft is getting exactly the sort of response that it has earned for its behavior.

about 9 months ago

Portal 2 Incompatible With SELinux

Johnny Loves Linux I don't think it was a malicious mistake. (212 comments)

I think it's a culture clash of developers who've only worked in a Windows environment and consequently are used to turning off operating system security so they can run a program, usually a game, vs. the Linux community who inherited the Unix culture where you can play games on the operating system, but you can't play games with the operating system.

about 9 months ago

F-Secure: Android Accounted For 97% of All Mobile Malware In 2013

Johnny Loves Linux Moral of the story: (193 comments)

Don't install apps from back alleyways:

At the very bottom of the list was Google Play itself, with the lowest percentage of malware in the gathered samples: 0.1 percent. F-Secure also noted that “the Play Store is most likely to promptly remove nefarious applications, so malware encountered there tends to have a short shelf life.” While that’s great news for most Android users, it

Why would anybody shop for apps on their android phone/tablet like a crack addict looking for their next hit is beyond me. Are people really that naive?

about 9 months ago

Low-Protein Diet May Extend Lifespan

Johnny Loves Linux Was the study sponsored by the sugar industry? (459 comments)

Seriously, I don't see how the study could be right. My experience is that I lost 63 lbs. in 4 months by eating a low carb, high protein, high vegetable diet. The fastest and physically easy technique was to just ditch the sugar drinks, candy, fries stuff.

about 9 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What Software Can You Not Live Without?

Johnny Loves Linux Debian Linux testing (531 comments)

CRAN, and PYPI. I pretty much have everything I need with the 3 repositories.

about 10 months ago

Microsoft Circles the Wagons To Defeat ODF In the UK

Johnny Loves Linux Re:OOXML not included in old Office either (89 comments)

failure to include OOXML 'will cause problems for citizens and businesses who use office suites which don't support ODF, including many people who do not use a recent version of Microsoft Office'

Yes, this will cause problems for the citizens of Redmond, WA who work for Microsoft, and the business called Microsoft, Inc if OOXML is not approved.

about 10 months ago

South Carolina Education Committee Removes Evolution From Standards

Johnny Loves Linux If you want to understand these people (665 comments)

I would strongly encourage you to watch this trailer for one of their movies: http://trailers.apple.com/trai... You may find the trailer disturbing, but it's important to watch it in it's entirety. What I deduce from this trailer:

  1. Christians are a people apart. Either you are a Christian or you are not.
  2. Being a Christian is more important than being a human being. Read that sentence again slowly.
  3. Christians are the minority.
  4. Christians are under constant attack "by society".
  5. Christians are afraid of death.
  6. Christians will be saved from death by their god.
  7. You can either be an educated human being capable of reason or you can be a Christian enpowered by faith. You cannot be both.
  8. The fundamental axiom of Christians is that there is a god. This axiom cannot be contested.
  9. This is subtle: Everyone believes in god until they fall into error. You cannot start with the axiom that god does not exist. Parse that again: No one can begin with the axiom that god does not exist, because if such a person existed their existence would contest the fundamental axiom of Christians. This cannot be tolerated. Therefore all such people must have started with the Christian axiom and then fallen into error.

From these deductions I conclude that since the theory of evolution does not require a god, only a mechanism for mutation, that this contests their fundamental axiom which if proven false implies nothing can save Christians from death, and thus Christians allow their fear of death to rule them. Since this kind of nonsense does not occur in Europe or in those states which don't have a voting majority of fundamentalist Christians I conclude further that this mental illness is not an attribute of Christianity but only of bizarre fundamentalist sects instead.

about 10 months ago

Pwnie Awards 2013 Winners: Barnaby Jack, Edward Snowden, Hakin9, Evad3rs

Johnny Loves Linux Check out the acronym (41 comments)

It's in the link above provided by anonymous coward, but just focus on the acronym for the title for the paper: DARPA Inference Cheking Kludge Scanning And you'll see the double down joke played on Hackin9.

about a year ago

Microsoft Stock Drops 11% In a Day

Johnny Loves Linux Re:Windows Phone sales (467 comments)

I was under the impression that the only Windows Phone sales were from Nokia, and they (Nokia) aren't doing too well last I heard. Is there a web site with stats on the windows phone sales vs. Android vs. Iphone? I would be curious to see if they (Microsoft) are doing any better.

about a year ago

Set Your Watches For the End of Windows XP

Johnny Loves Linux Re:Is this the point in time.. (712 comments)

I've always been curious about those reports. Because those are the **public** reports. What about the **private** reports?

about a year and a half ago

SendGrid Fires Employee After Firestorm Over Inappropriate Jokes

Johnny Loves Linux Wow, there's a lot of women haters here (1145 comments)

Folks, I've been looking at the postings and it's clear to me that as a group your biased. Here are the facts of the matter:

  • 2 men made inappropriate sexist comments at PyCon.
  • Those comments offended a woman.

Which fact are you people not clear on? Those guys are NOT victims. They ARE the perpetrators. They're being fired is a direct consequence of their BEHAVIOR.

Here's a simple diagnostic that you can take to help you decide if you have a difficult time or are simply unable to understand when a comment is inappropriate:

Here's Atriusofbricia sig line: "I was raised on the command line, bitch."

Do you see the problem with it? If the answer is yes, then you're capable of understanding when a statement is demeaning to women.

If the answer is no, then you may have a problem empathizing with women. I strongly encourage you to give some thought as to why you're having trouble relating to women.

about a year and a half ago


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