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Darwin Evolving Into A Tricky Exhibit

Johnny Vector Re:The Dumbing-Down Of America, part XXVII (1364 comments)

What do we really expect when people are fed a steady diet of superstition on TV? What are some of the most popular youth TV shows - Buffy, Charmed, Supernatural, etc.

Have you ever actually watched Buffy? Yeah, there are zombies and demons and reavers^W^W, but the people fighting them use science. You experiment, test, see what works. Just because it takes place in a Jossian universe doesn't make it any less logical.

Course, your main point still holds. More pseudosicence claptrap on TV every week, the worst being credulous woo-woo shows on places like Discovery Channel what ought to know better. Just let's keep that tar brush where it belongs.

more than 8 years ago


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