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Google I/O 2014 Begins [updated]

JonahsDad Re:metrics? (49 comments)

This is just a guess, but still a reasonable one:

Google+ Photos has facial recognition (Find My Face). So if google runs their facial recognition software on all photos where the user has set up their phone to automatically upload photos to Google+ and also agreed to the Find My Face feature (or some similar agreement that people generally just click through), that would give them a pretty good approximation of these numbers.

about 3 months ago

How Much Data Plan Bandwidth Is Wasted By DRM?

JonahsDad PlayLater? (200 comments)

Until they get big enough and are sued by everyone suing Aereo, does what you're asking for.

Records Netflix and Hulu, adding information stating that your account was used to do the recording (so that if something shows up on P2P, you'll get implicated fairly quickly). For movies/shows my kids watch repeatedly, I've found it nicer to just save a copy on my NAS and then stream it to the TV via Plex. The kids know exactly how to do this and typically check Plex before going to Netflix.

about 5 months ago

U.S. Court: Chinese Search Engine's Censorship Is 'Free Speech'

JonahsDad Re:14th Amendment (284 comments)

Like a "map" a "search engine" should not be biased

I would argue that the whole point of a search engine is to be biased. Google chooses to make their bias "what we think you really wanted plus some ads to earn us money". Baidu makes their bias "The results the Chinese government would prefer that you see".

Of course, these are my approximations of what their biases are and do not necessarily reflect their actual biases.

about 6 months ago

Edward Snowden's Lawyer Claims Harassment From Heathrow Border Agent

JonahsDad Re:not surprising (261 comments)

and is surprised when that results in an border interrogation?

Nowhere in TFA did it state that she was surprised. I fully expect that at least half the point of mentioning it was to see how she'd be treated.

about 7 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What Online News Is Worth Paying For?

JonahsDad Re:None (361 comments)

For my local newpaper's website (10 article limit per month), I've set up Chrome to clear all cookies on close. Every now and then I have to close and reopen Chrome to read more articles, but not that often.

about 7 months ago

Ask Slashdot: How Do You Convince an ISP To Bury Cable In Your Neighborhood?

JonahsDad As an alternative... (324 comments)

You could get your subdivision covenants changed to not require all utilities to be underground. Worth weighing the costs of each approach (both monetary and non-monetary).

about 8 months ago

Emacs Needs To Move To GitHub, Says ESR

JonahsDad Re:Git, not Github (252 comments)

Funny enough, the article now has all "Github" items crossed out and replaced by "git"

about 8 months ago

Apple Files Patent For Digital Wallet and Virtual Currency

JonahsDad Re:No longer "on a computer". (84 comments)

Oh, I admit to both not reading the TFA and attempting to go just for funny. (Note my use of the word "attempting")

about a year ago

Apple Files Patent For Digital Wallet and Virtual Currency

JonahsDad No longer "on a computer". (84 comments)

Most of this appears to already appears to happen on my android phone (NFC payment via Google Wallet). So apparently something you can already do is now novel if you do it "on an iPhone"?

about a year ago
top Resets All Passwords Following Security Breach

JonahsDad Re:sounds similar to... (35 comments)

I'm a (and linode) customer and haven't received jack from them.

They're being a bit slow about it. Just received my email.

about a year ago

Baseball Software Can't Score What Jean Segura Did Friday

JonahsDad Re:Why is it a software problem or gap? (223 comments)

So instead of being on first, he should have gotten second then I guess by reading that. Thanks for the clarification.

Based on the latest update, this is very accurate. Rule 7.01 (see above for link) states that

Rule 7.01 Comment: If a runner legally acquires title to a base, and the pitcher assumes his pitching position, the runner may not return to a previously occupied base.

Which the update article states should be interpreted as: Segura shouldn't have been allowed to go back to first, specifically because Segura was on second when the play started. Therefore, at the end of the play, Segura isn't entitled to first base.

One could also argue that the comments about Segura being out of the baseline are accurate, given that he shouldn't have been allowed to go back to first.

This all assumes that the new article has the correct rules interpretation. MLB hasn't stated their official position yet.

about a year ago

Baseball Software Can't Score What Jean Segura Did Friday

JonahsDad Re:Why is it a software problem or gap? (223 comments)

It was stupid officiating by the umpires why would somebody assume that the score keepers or software would need to account for this? They should have correctly called them both out because they were both tagged presumably.

Both were tagged when both were standing on second at the same time. By rule (7.03), the trailing runner is out.

about a year ago

Baseball Software Can't Score What Jean Segura Did Friday

JonahsDad Re:Aren't you out automatically if u go off basepa (223 comments)

The way a baseball infield is designed , the home team dugout is aligned on the right side of the field with first and second base, the visiting team is aligned on the left side of the field with second and third base.

In MLB, there is no requirement for home vs away dugouts. The Brewers' home dugout is by first base.

about a year ago

Trader Pleads Guilty To Illegal Purchase of Nearly $1B In Apple Stock

JonahsDad Trading Places (174 comments)

I was going to suggest that the trader stick to frozen concentrated orange juice, but I see that it was down that day too, so it wouldn't have worked.

about a year and a half ago

Senator Feinstein: We Need Video Game Control

JonahsDad Re:Feinstein is an idiot. (424 comments)

Best comment in the entire thread!

about a year and a half ago

al-Qaeda's 22 Tips and Tricks To Dodge Drones

JonahsDad Re:Oblig xkcd (303 comments)

I'm pretty sure that any robot apocalypse that resulted in high human casualties would also create high numbers of zombies. Now the big question is when the robot apocalypse causes the zombie apocalypse, which side comes out ahead?

about a year and a half ago

AT&T: Don't Want a Data Plan for That Smartphone? Too Bad.

JonahsDad Re:I picked up an unlocked iPhone4s last month... (798 comments)

T-mobile is horrible because the minutes expire after a year and it costs roughly 20 cents/min.

This is mostly incorrect. I am currently on my second smartphone on a T-mobile pay-as-you-go plan. I buy minutes $100 at a time, making them $0.10 a minute. Text messages also $0.10 (picture messages $0.25). Once you've spent $100, minutes expire after 1 year. However, if you buy more minutes, that restarts the 1 year timeline on all of your minutes. Right now, my pay-as-you-go plan costs me about $10 a month.

The reason T-mobile might be a terrible option: Coverage. I don't have a problem, but some of my coworkers live in more rural areas and have tried T-mobile and not been happy.

about a year and a half ago

John McAfee Launches Blog, Offers $25K Reward For "Real Killers"

JonahsDad Re:Real killers? (377 comments)

O.J. was/is still in jail. However, the whereabouts of the person or persons who killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman is currently unknown.

about 2 years ago

Getting Small UAVs To Imitate Human Pilots Flying Through Dense Forests

JonahsDad Re:Coming Soon... (56 comments)

Nice to know you guys have a proper sense of humor. Of course, given that your video predates my comment by a couple of months, I should probably have been modded redundant. I'll give myself a break since the link wasn't directly accessible from any of the links in TFS.

about 2 years ago



WIAA sues newspaper for football game webcast.

JonahsDad JonahsDad writes  |  more than 5 years ago

JonahsDad (1332091) writes "The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association is suing Gannett for a live webcast of a high school football playoff game on November 8th. This article is from the Appleton Post-Crescent, the same newspaper that did the webcast."


JonahsDad has no journal entries.

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