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My Neighbor Totoro In Virtual Reality

Jordan1519 These scenes are pretty awesome (45 comments)

These scenes are pretty awesome, especially for anime fans. My girlfriend was a little apprehensive about trying out the rift, til I showed her the Boiler Room scene. I intend to let her see this one too, but I may wait for my dk2 to come in. The drift from the dk1 caused a fair bit of motion sickness for her after only a few minutes, and I don’t want to turn her off from VR completely. I know she’s a huge fan of Cowboy Bebop, so I suspect she’ll enjoy seeing that too.

about 8 months ago

A Different Kind of Linux Smartphone: Samsung To Sell Tizen-Based Model Z

Jordan1519 Tizen can run Android apps (105 comments)

Tizen can run Android apps with third party software installed. They are not emulated and run natively I believe.

about 8 months ago

Robots and Irradiated Parasites Enlisted In the Fight Against Malaria

Jordan1519 Sadly the Indiegogo campaign (84 comments)

Sadly the Indiegogo campaign is at only 14% of the $250,000 asked for ($34,000) with 5 days to go. Although unlike Kickstarter, Indiegogo campaigns get whatever money is raised even if they fail to hit the target.

about 8 months ago

Ask Slashdot: In What Other Occupations Are IT Skills and Background Useful?

Jordan1519 IT jobs are everywhere. (158 comments)

Well.. Nowdays I think people having less skills applying more in IT. IT is not just developing android java or any other networking job.. From the Data Entry jobs to a developer in Apple computers . All requires computer skills.

about 8 months ago

Google To Spend $1 Billion On Fleet of Satellites

Jordan1519 Would there be one launch per satellite? (170 comments)

Would there be one launch per satellite? I don't have the first clue about the price to do something like that but 1-3 bill sounds pretty low.

about 8 months ago



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