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What the Mobile Patent Fight Is All About

Josejx Re:how are these touch interfaces new? (222 comments)

My Powerbook G4 running linux can detect more than one finger. I use a 2 finger tap for right click, three for middle click and use "gestures" for scrolling in which I press with one finger and slide the second to simulate a scroll wheel. The G4 I'm using was released 6 years ago.

more than 4 years ago

DHS Ponders "Improving" Terrorism Alert System

Josejx Re:*sigh* (320 comments)

I think you need to read a bit more closely. A quote from the Article:
"He described how the critical thermal maximum for many frog species has been determined by contemporary research experiments: as the water is heated by about 2F per minute, the frog becomes increasingly active as it tries to escape, and eventually jumps out if the container allows it."

Seems to indicate that they tried it.

more than 5 years ago

Even Faster Web Sites

Josejx Re:Slow sites lose me (171 comments)

I'm in this boat too, except my machine is an old G4 laptop. I don't visit VGChartz anymore and I've cut way back on my slashdot reading because the site locks up Firefox (3.5.1 on PowerPC) for long enough that I get those "Script is taking too long to complete" errors. Noscript helps and is probably the only reason why I still come to slashdot. :(

more than 5 years ago

Nintendo and the Decline of Hardcore Gaming

Josejx Re:My first gaming experience. (438 comments)

You mean Mario Galaxy, Wii Play (Duck Hunt+) and Metroid Prime 3? To be honest, I think Nintendo is the only one who has stuck to what they're good at: Making good games.

more than 5 years ago

Disassembling the US Nintendo DSi

Josejx Re:0.3 Megapixels... (102 comments)

I'm pretty sure this isn't true, simply because the output from the cameras is displayed on the screen when you raise or lower the Wii Remote sensitivity.

more than 5 years ago

Open Source Victories of 2008

Josejx AMD Anyone? (378 comments)

I can't believe nobody mentioned AMD open sourcing all of the Radeon documentation. That's some of the biggest open source news this year imho.

about 6 years ago

NASA Mars Rovers Hit 5-Year Anniversary

Josejx Re:2nd greatest NASA accomplishment? (147 comments)

I'd probably argue that the Pioneer craft edge out the rovers, but the rovers are an easy third. :)

about 6 years ago

Guitar Hero World Tour Equipment Problems, Subscription Possibilities?

Josejx Re:WT drums on PS3 issue? (146 comments)

It's the same situation on the Wii. Guitar Hero: WT is incompatible with the Rock Band Wii drum kit. It's absolutely ridiculous for both platforms to not support these controllers, and reeks of a money grab by Activision.

For what it's worth, I've had less fun with Guitar Hero: WT than Rock Band Wii, gimped as it is. Hopefully Rock Band 2 Wii is at least as good as the previous installment, and DLC works as promised.

more than 6 years ago


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