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The Real Story of Hacking Together the Commodore C128

JoshDM My dad bought me this as my first computer. (179 comments)

I was in 5th or 6th grade, and I woke up to a new computer in my room. The printer immediately broke and I noticed the desk was half up-side down. My dad had assembled it and the desk in the dark, during the night, while I was asleep (I'm a heavy sleeper). He was no technician, but I appreciated the effort. I traded c64 games with kids at school and stacks of 5.25 floppies via mail. Commodore games were fantastic; much better than NES. Junior year of High School, I finally had the initiative to figure out what my dad had done to the printer, and it turned out to be a simple problem that I fixed. I used 80 column mode to type and print essays for school for the next two years. Much praise to my old man. Granted, first year of college and he helped me acquire a 386 with Windows 3.0, which I had for three years, then built my own. I'll never forget my C=128. Thanks, dad!

about 9 months ago

New Moon Found Orbiting Neptune

JoshDM That's no moon... (120 comments)

... almost 12 hours till someone said it? Really?

about a year ago

Science Fiction and Fantasy Author Richard Matheson Dead At 87

JoshDM Re:Stir of Echoes The Sixth Sense (57 comments)

Thanks, Slashdot for parsing out > Stir of Echoes GREATER THAN(x3) Sixth Sense.

about a year ago

Science Fiction and Fantasy Author Richard Matheson Dead At 87

JoshDM Stir of Echoes The Sixth Sense (57 comments)

The Kevin Bacon film was an adaptation, but it was so similar to The Sixth Sense and came out around the same time... it's like how Equilibrium was better than The Matrix.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: How Best To Set Up a Parent's PC?

JoshDM I just put a TV on Mom's desk (418 comments)

And programmed an oversized remote, which I turned sideways. She thinks QVC is "Amazon".

about a year and a half ago

San Diego Drops Red-Light Cameras

JoshDM Increase the Yellow Light time by 1 second (330 comments)

Running a red light is indicative of not having enough time to notice that the light is changing. By extending the amount of time the yellow signal is on, the more likely a speeder will notice the light is changing.

about a year and a half ago

Interviews: Ask Blendtec Founder Tom Dickson What Won't Blend?

JoshDM Re:How Crazy Is This World? (118 comments)

Anonymous Coward doesn't know the difference between one question and three questions ...

Did all the guerilla marketing result in increased profits?

about a year and a half ago

UK Cookie Consent Banners Draw Complaints

JoshDM Mod Parent +1 Insightful (108 comments)

Dear Mom, I would give you all my moderator points if I had them. Now please stop using the computer. -Josh

about a year and a half ago

Harvard Develops Drug-Filled, Injectable Sponge That Expands Inside the Body

JoshDM Mod parent funny! (24 comments)

He double-dipped the chip!

about 2 years ago

Apple Orders Memory Game Developers To Stop Using 'Memory' In Names

JoshDM Dammit, Ravenburger! (409 comments)

You make some interesting and cool (read: unique) boardgames, and now you have to go pull this crap. What the hell.

If you have to do it, just have it only apply to apps that are categorized as Games.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Catch Photoshop Plagiarism?

JoshDM Lazy Catch: put secret Metadata into File Info. (284 comments)

When you open the file, go into File -> File Info. Type a number you know like a phone number into the City entry of the Origin section.

Then check this on all files entered. That one is a simple cheat catch against the lazy. It won't stop someone copying layers to a new file.

about 2 years ago

On Daylight Savings Time:

JoshDM Why can't we just set a half hour and END IT? (475 comments)

I'd just like to go a half hour in the direction we're heading, averaging it out, then call quits to Daylight Savings Time.

The expense of eliminating DST would probably save a lot of money and hassle in the long run.

about 2 years ago



JAI Image-IO Mem Leak fixed, but submit is missing

JoshDM JoshDM writes  |  more than 3 years ago

JoshDM writes "The JPedal team over at IDRSolutions discovered a memory leak when processing JPEG2000 (J2K) images. Further research revealed it to be a problem with the J2K image reading class. They've resolved it and want to submit a patch to make it available, but apparently the Image-IO repository hosted on java-net isn't taking commits. They're hosting a repaired JAR on their own site while they wait to hear from anyone (read: Oracle) who can accept the patch."
Link to Original Source

Give Comic Books to Kids for Halloween

JoshDM JoshDM writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Squashua writes "For the last few years, I've given out comic books to kids for Halloween instead of candy. It's been a hit (mostly, except for some eight-year-old prima-donna girls), and I'm trying to convince others to also join in the fun. So this year, I've started a movement, Comics4Halloween, to get the word out. You can print out a flyer with the top ten reasons for giving comics (they're sugar free!), and bring it to your local comic store. There are also links to articles for tips on obtaining the comics (buy from the quarter bin; negotiate a discount from the retailer for buying in bulk; offer to advertise your local shop when you hand out the books; use your judgment in selecting books so you don't end up like Gordon Lee, etc.).

Please help spread the word. I have no agenda other than to get comic books into the hands of kids for Halloween."

Link to Original Source

JoshDM JoshDM writes  |  more than 6 years ago

JoshDM writes "I'm going to my Hotmail account and all of a sudden I'm redirected to And it's Windows doing something. HAve to accept a new certificate and everything. I wonder if they bought too?"

JoshDM JoshDM writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Squashua writes "When I first bought a house and started giving out candy, I found that I ate more than I gave out, so I sought alternatives. As a comic geek, I figured that the $.25 bins would be a great place to start, and I've decided to share my knowledge and experience. I have considered other alternatives such as handing out completely encapsualted RPGs, Cheapass Games packages, HeroClix and other miniatures, or free PC games burned to CDs. Does anyone have any other suggestions or ideas?"

JoshDM JoshDM writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Environmentally Inept writes "I'm constantly hearing people screaming that the sky is falling, and it sure is getting hot out there, but all I hear are ways to reduce future emissions (all car technologies). Is someone developing an atmosphere scrubber to reduce existing methane and CO2 levels? Anyone growing some super-trees or bio-engineered plankton they can distribute? We have enormous landfills, and Florida is developing this plasma array thing to eat the garbage; is it a load of hooey? Where's that super-steam trash destroyer we heard about (if only I could find the link) that will reduces garbage to it's component elements like carbon? Where's the Peltier air conditioner? Why not create gigantic ones? Where's the development; is it happening? Is it funded?"



Rerouting Continental Rainfall to solve Drought problems

JoshDM JoshDM writes  |  more than 2 years ago

I live in South Florida, where it can rain several times a day, yet it feels as though none of this water is captured for consumption or usage elsewhere, and the news is always reporting Lake Okeechobee to be at perpetually low levels. I recently visited some midwestern US states during the current drought and thought if we could somehow reroute this seeming overabundance of rainfall northward, it could be put to some use. My mind wandered to some sort of large water pipe system, possibly built over (above) the swampland, with artificial trees branching skyward to aid in capturing rainfall and submitting it to the system, which would eventually empty into a reservoir. Slashdot, what ideas can we crowdsource, or are there already solutions in place that the general public knows nothing of?


What Free Applications should I load to a Windows PC?

JoshDM JoshDM writes  |  about 5 years ago As a computer programmer, I've been tasked by my family to "fix" their computers. The one swamped with virii from browsing the wrong websites, the one with the legit copy of Windows that failed Windows Genuine Advantage, the one who never upgraded his o/s but wants "the wireless", etc. The Tweaking Companion has been an invaluable tool to me, and after any cleanup and upgrades (software and firmware), and any user-specific requests, I give my users Firefox with Adblock Plus (Google Chrome is also an option), and OpenOffice if they don't already use a MS Office suite. Now we have clean and working computers, are there any other applications I should be installing, or tasks I should follow?

I'm asking about free (non-shareware), legal applications, entertaining, useful, and non-complicated. Moving them off Windows is not an option.


Why must I change my password every month?

JoshDM JoshDM writes  |  more than 6 years ago

I am a programmer at a very large corporate company where I have a number of usernames and passwords. I have a user for the company intranet web experience, the company mainframe, my department's LAN and e-mail system, and a number of other usernames and passwords for various other items (the OLD e-mail system to access systems that haven't been ported to the NEW system yet, the dev, test and production databases, our department's wiki, my Flexible Spending Account through the company, access to our health and benefits division, etc.).

It's a lot to keep track of. *to be continued*


Wii Ports - What would YOU like to see?

JoshDM JoshDM writes  |  more than 7 years ago I've recently purchased a Wii to replace my aging GameCube (over a PS3 or 360, though one of those will become an option once I upgrade to an HDTV - I'm not a technology snob). I am quite impressed with the Wiimote control scheme. It makes Wii Sports a lot of fun (the non-gaming wife played bowling till 2:30 AM), and using it in Rayman like a light gun is quite intuitive. Excite Truck is a little shaky, but otherwise the Wiimote brings up a number of application possibilities previously unavailable.

The Wii's Virtual Console (VC) - a repository for buying classic games - is interesting, but I realize most of what's been released to the VC is available elsewhere (ROMs, collections, etc.) To me it doesn't make sense to buy VC games, and none (so far) seem to have Wii-exclusive content.

I'd like to see adaptations or remakes of older popular games with proper Wiimote (and Nunchuk) control added. For example, using the Wiimote scheme for the PC classic "Rocket Jockey", or even "Jet Moto" would be a natual fit.

What obscure games would you like to see adapted?


What do Nerds give for Halloween?

JoshDM JoshDM writes  |  more than 6 years ago

For the last few years, I've given comics books to kids for Halloween. Ain't it Cool News even published my guide for doing so. I wonder what other geeks give people for Halloween; CDs with free PC games on them? Cheapass Games packs? Heroclix?

From the article:

I have given out comics from my house for the last 4 years, and only once has a child complained. Most of the time I get happy kids who start requesting certain heroes like the X-Men or Batman or Spider-Man. Once I handed a kid a recent, slightly-bent, issue of JLA and his eyes lit up and he proclaimed, "Cool! Old-fashioned comic books!" I didn't know whether to smile or take it back and kick him off of my porch. I let him keep it. You'll get that sometimes. Don't let them make you feel too old.

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