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Ask Slashdot: How Can I Protect My Android Devices From Hackers?

Jozza The Wick Re:Good fix (295 comments)

"Welcome to Repton 3", as well.

about 2 years ago

Modest Proposal For Stopping Hackers: Get Them Girlfriends

Jozza The Wick Re:This will NEVER work! (566 comments)

Having never heard of Jeri Ellsworth (yes, I know), and now having read about and GIS'ed her, I would take someone with the brains of Jeri Ellsworth and the looks of Jeri Ellsworth. Yummy!

more than 2 years ago

Who's Pirating Game of Thrones, and Why?

Jozza The Wick Re:Yes, you can do that. (1004 comments)

And, many viewers would be happy to pay a reasonable price to download the episodes legally and watch on day of release, if they don't have the appropriate cable subscription. They would much rather go the legal route if were available - and pay money to do so. But that's not being offered as an option. It's not an excuse for breaking the law, but HBO could stop trying to turn back the tide and instead benefit from it instead...

more than 2 years ago

General Motors: "Facebook Ads Aren't Worth It"

Jozza The Wick Re:Whaaaa???? (400 comments)

Maybe the smarter ones don't let on that they have an MBA...?

more than 2 years ago

Ubuntu Will Soon Ship On 5% of New PCs

Jozza The Wick Re:The best part... (441 comments)

Yep, I'm actually posting this from a Systen76 'Pangolin Performance' laptop. Highly recommended, good customer support (via a System 76 section on the 'Official' Ubuntu forums). Bought it with 8.04 installed, have since upgraded to 10.04.

more than 2 years ago

Operators: Nokia Would Sell Better With Android

Jozza The Wick Re:Wait a bit (439 comments)

Wow... did no-one tell her she can buy cases in whatever color she wanted?

more than 2 years ago

FreeBSD 9.0 Released

Jozza The Wick But, what can I do with it? (418 comments)

Can I listen to stuff on Youtube... log into Facebook & Gmail, run Java based applications or run virtual machines from a GUI-based player? I'm kind of a nerd, but once I get my computer how I like it, I stop playing with it and start using it... :D

more than 2 years ago

Linux-Powered Christmas Display Puts Rudolph To Shame

Jozza The Wick Re:easter mini-eggs (68 comments)

I got 'WOW an Opera user' pop up. Anything else? :)

more than 2 years ago

NASA Creates Super-Black Carbon Nanotube Coating

Jozza The Wick Space my ass... (132 comments)

They're gonna paint the new Stealth Fighter with it. Or, they already have a 99.999% version ready to go for the B-3 Opportunity...

more than 2 years ago

Apple Acknowledges iPhone 4S Battery Problems

Jozza The Wick Re:That's not a problem (315 comments)

Once you unlock Sleight of Hand Pro, you don't need the Dual Mag attachment any more, I find...

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: GNU/Linux Laptops?

Jozza The Wick Re:Not a troll but.... (708 comments)

I have a System76 laptop too. In fact I'm posting from one. Recommended, in terms of 'just works', 'out of the box'... I think too they are a little pricey though. Support is good. They have a dedicated, responsive end-user support team for their hardware.

more than 2 years ago

As a target for malware, my main computer is ...

Jozza The Wick Re:Missing option (429 comments)

Over 9000, obviously.

more than 2 years ago

New Video Brings Portal To Life

Jozza The Wick Re:elements from HL universe (137 comments)

I liked the companion cube at the end, though. And I agree with other posters, would have been nice to see *how* she figured out where the portal gun was from the writing on the wall. Maybe that comes in the full-length release...

about 3 years ago

3D Printing and the Replicator Economy

Jozza The Wick I suspect... (322 comments)

...that it'll take a while before the tea replicators produce something that is not entirely unlike tea

more than 3 years ago

Happy System Administrator Appreciation Day

Jozza The Wick Re:Are they worthy? (220 comments)

No. Find a manager or someone senior you like / likes you and start to explain this sort of thing to them one small piece at a time. Couch it in terms of value to the business. Explain that you could make some cheap changes and improve efficiency. Put together a powerpoint if you have to. Find a mentor in management, and say you have a proposal to make some improvements. Try and get them behind you and start to push for change. Show the value to the business in what you're proposing. Estimate the cost of a downtime / slow network and compare to that the cost of your suggestions. Either push for change with some convincing arguments (which it seems you have a lot of) or look for a new job. Don't waste your effort on a blog. Try to change the situation instead.

more than 3 years ago

Using Old Linksys Routers to Control BBQ Smokers

Jozza The Wick My bigger problem is that... (118 comments)

I'm still using my WRT54G to in my home network. What am I missing? I don't do much intra-network data transfer, and my bottleneck is my cable connection rather than the router itself... it is worth upgrading?

more than 3 years ago

Skype Protocol Has Been Reverse Engineered

Jozza The Wick Re:How about a real open protocol? (231 comments)

Actually, no I didn't. My parents managed to do it by themselves. Because they wanted to skype with my sister and see my niece. Grandchildren are great motivators, I'm finding! I know they wouldn't have managed it just to see my ugly mug :) I still can't believe my dad managed to set it up since he regularly confuses Windows, the internet and Internet Explorer. But he did. And I live an ocean away from them. And I'd need to switch my sister, my parents, my brother-in-law's parents and anyone else my parents and sister talk to. For no real incremental benefit for them. So again, no real compelling reason for them to switch. Hence the need for an open source client so at least I communicate with them... perhaps set up for them next time I'm back there, if it works well enough for me...

more than 3 years ago

Skype Protocol Has Been Reverse Engineered

Jozza The Wick Re:How about a real open protocol? (231 comments)

You think my sister or my not-very-computer-saavy parents are going to do that so I can continue to video chat with my niece in the UK? No. Understandably so (although of course I'd love them too), they have lots of other demands on their time. Plus, no motivation from their end. Why should they go through all that hassle (for them), just to maintain the status quo? No, what we really need is a open source client that can talk to native Skype clients. So this isn't a waste at all, for those using Skype with non-techy friends & family... It's the critical mass effect.

more than 3 years ago

Massive LinkedIn IPO Raises Dotcom Bubble Concerns

Jozza The Wick Re:Well It Sure Set the Bar for Creepy (169 comments)

Surely you should just ignore their request, then? I the occasional request like that but just ignore it. I actually have added friends regardless of what field they're in. In fact you might be missing out since they may be able to help you get insider access to other companies, even if they're programmers themselves. Or, you may be able to help them out. Basically, I added anyone I would feel comfortable asking to forward a resume for me (or someone else in my network). That's a high proportiion of people I've worked with closely, but not everyone.

One of my former colleages asked me to forward a resume for a collegue of his, the classic 'friend of a friend' thing. Since I trusted his judgement, I felt comfortable doing so. Another friend has recently graduated college, so I told her to look through my network and let me know who she'd be interested in talking to as she decides how / where to start her career, and then made the introductions (after asking my connections if it was ok, of course)

I check in every couple of weeks - I get the profile change updates and will occasionally send messages to people in my network if I see something interesting that they've done.

Basically, I'm trying to build up my karma so than when I next am looking for a job I'll it'll come back around :) Plus, I am helping out my friends.

more than 3 years ago



UK paper closing admid 'phone hacking' allegations

Jozza The Wick Jozza The Wick writes  |  more than 3 years ago

Jozza The Wick (1805012) writes "The BBC reports that the News of the World, a UK newspaper owned by News International, is to close after police report they have the names of over 4000 people who may have had their phone voicemails 'hacked'. The list includes families of victims of the 7/7 attacks, familes of bereaved service personnel , as well as the murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler."
Link to Original Source


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