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US To Standardize Car App/communication Device Components

Jsutton1027w Please, no more Java (173 comments)

I think we've all suffered enough at this point...

about a year and a half ago

CloudStack Goes Open Source

Jsutton1027w Re:Does Zynga use it? (17 comments)

Cloudstack is more of a management component; it's not a hypervisor. It supports multiple hypervisors and manages the resources that they host. The Cloudstack download page (http://cloudstack.org/download.html) indicates that they have an Amazon EC2 compatibility server. It describes it like this: "The CloudBridge provides an Amazon EC2 compatible API via both SOAP and REST web services. The EC2 API is translated to native CloudStack API calls by the CloudBridge. Clients can continue using existing EC2-compatible tools with the CloudBridge."

more than 3 years ago

Crowdsourcing Analysis of the Palin Email Trove

Jsutton1027w Re:They will never focus on Obama (284 comments)

I have no sympathy for Palin. She's manipulative, power hungry, and has show no evidence that she would be remotely capable of handling the role of the Presidency.

Really? What evidence do you have of her manipulation and/or power hungriness? I suppose the less-than-one-term senator that is now our president showed he was capable? What Obama has shown since taking office is that he doesn't have what it takes. He has shown a disdain for the constitution (in many ways). He has shown a disrespect for the role of the judicial branch (his Interior Department being held in contempt of court) when it sutes his interests. In addition, our country is in worse economic shape now than it was 2.5 years ago when he took the helm. I don't believe that presidents alone can improve the economy much, but they can sure as hell make it worse by the policies that they choose to promote and the bills that they sign into law (after our illustrious congress has done their duty of writing rules to complicate our lives). How's that hope and change working out for you?

more than 3 years ago

Star Trek's Warp Drive Not Impossible

Jsutton1027w Re:So which is it (541 comments)

Summary of the current article: Here's a tiny shred of scientific evidence that it may have happened before, therefore it is not impossible.

While I agree with your post overall, you're actually giving the article more credit than it deserves. The article says that "One reason this idea seems credible is that scientists think it may already have happened. Some models suggest that space-time expanded at a rate faster than light speed during a period of rapid inflation shortly after the Big Bang."

All the words that I italicized above indicate that this "evidence" is little more than conjecture. Oh, so if this thing happened before (which we're guessing since we can't figure out any other way to explain it...and we're smart folks, so we'll accept it as fact until someone comes up with a better "fact" to stick in our house of cards), then we might be able to reproduce it. The whole idea is laughable. I'm all for scientific research, but this just seems like someone's money being wasted on research that's going nowhere fast...I'm guessing it's my tax dollars being spent at warp speed.

more than 5 years ago

Will the Next Election Be Hacked?

Jsutton1027w Re:why liberals lose (904 comments)

How many times do I have to ask the same question...

Doesn't it make even more sense to buy them the soup (or whatever), then we can be _sure_ that they won't use the money in the wrong way?

more than 8 years ago


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