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Finger Pointing Over iPod Windows Virus

Jtoxification Re:OK, I have to ask (293 comments)

Not sure exactly what you are referring to. The virus infected iPoid? That's easy, somebody got sloppy.

So if I bought an iPod right now and got the virus, I'd be getting sloppy seconds?

Sloppy?! No, either Apple or a company who made a library that Apple licensed for use in the iPod software thought they could add in some neat features that could be used later to alter the media AND/OR the player and thought they were safe because no one else "knew about it." That's security by obfuscation and it never works; using it in practice is so beyond rational comprehension that calling it "sloppy" is, well ... you get the idea. That said, I have nothing against Apple and in fact my next computer will most likely be an Apple Macbook when the new Intel Quad Cores come out. (I just remembered I haven't yet submitted a resumé to Apple on their CS end of things ... )

more than 8 years ago



Jtoxification Jtoxification writes  |  more than 8 years ago

Jtoxification writes "We're all familiar (or maybe not) with the alarming number of research studies on the effects of radiation in cell phone technology and other forms of wireless communication, from increased allergy symptoms to DNA damage, and even decreases in fertility (See how many studies you can find on your favorite medical publication search engine). With the ever-increasing dependence on this technology in the business and consumer worlds, our exposure levels continue to rise, seemingly without taking more steps to address health concerns. It seems like nothing short of large-scale natural disaster could alter the transition to wireless technology.

Since I know many of us (myself included) would rather not part with their wireless gadgets, what viable solutions to these health risks do we have on the horizon?"




Jtoxification Jtoxification writes  |  more than 8 years ago Enough with the degredation of civil rights!
Freedom of speech, you cow-hole-fucking lickers of bulls' dicks!
oh, yeah, and IANAL, but IACS and IAAC and IAACWCAH! I'm sick of bureaucracy weeding its way into all we hold dear, so that we can't even fucking say whatever the fuck we feel like anymore without being afraid that someone's breathing down our necks about it, even when we're NOT working a pencil-dick job! It's not right!

And if you can figure out those last two acronyms, leave a comment with your answer and I'll tell you if you're close ;-p


Venting g++ library file screwup WTF ?!!!!

Jtoxification Jtoxification writes  |  about 9 years ago I got the following error in compiling some of my code, today ...

/home/scully/cs453/redo/lex.yy.cc:640: multiple definition of `i'
/tmp/ccDQ3NXY.o:/usr/lib/gcc-lib/i686-pc-linux-gnu/3.3.6/include/g++-v3/bits/sstream.tcc:104: first defined here


Bah. I'll just make it local. /End Rant.

But still, for shame. Bad programming style - that variable name's too heavily-used to be globally-declared in a system file ... and it's not static, namespaced, prefixed, or suffixed. That's pretty awful.

- My god, I've become way too obsessive-compulsive with my programming...


Games and Movies

Jtoxification Jtoxification writes  |  more than 10 years ago (I am such a geek for knowing this)
Games that were turned into movies: (feel free to add to the lists.)
* enjoyed the movie
? not seen
! not played

* Super Mario Bros,
* Tomb Raider #1 & 2,
! Final Fantasy (sigh ... I've played #3 and #6 about 1/10th of the way through),
Double Dragon,
* Mortal Kombat #1(But they could've done better)
Mortal Kombat #2
! Resident Evil :-( (sigh. The sequel movie gets a star from me, though.)
?! Wing Commander
Street Fighter (well I liked a few of the animated incarnations)
*! The Last Starfighter
? House of the Dead
* Tron(which came first, the original arcade or the original movie?)
* Pokemon (I'm silly, I know. But still this is another one that I wonder about which came first.)
? Doom
!* Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children (I've only just started playing the game (as of late July 06).)
The Internet only knows what else.

Games that are soon to become/were once soon to become/have become movies:
Doom (This bombed, but I *still* want to watch it.)
Deus Ex
Dungeon Siege
Alone in the Dark
Fear Effect
Thief: The Dark Project (True, or just rumor? This would be a great movie.)
Aliens vs. Predator (spawned from TWO movies, turned game and comic, and now on its way back to big screen)
The Internet only knows what else.

Games that could make instant classic movies provided that their base elements were striclty adhered to:
Final Fantasy Series (Update: See? At least in Advent Children as an epilogue, it's true, though the dialogue could've been better ...)
Ultima Series
Chronotrigger (Stephen Speilburg? Please ?)
Deus Ex
Thief (Stephen Speilburg? Please ?)
Fallout Series
Max Payne (Quentin Tarantino? Please?) -- Sin City, close enough, and with Quentin's help. The point is, once again, I was right. And they're making a sequel!
Vampire: The Masquerade
Conker's Bad Fur Day
Grand Theft Auto Vice City

Games that would at least make for interesting movies nonetheless:
Joust (it'd also make an interesting UT2k4 mod)
Centipede (and so would this)
The Journeyman Project
Dungeon Keeper : (Imagine it as a parody of the new reality restaurant business tv show, "Hell's Kitchen")
Warcraft & Starcraft
Doom (Fine, fine, Doom, if done correctly...
Quake series (Any of the original Lovecraftian tribute, the Strogg storyline, or the Time Masters.)
Toejam and Earl
System Shock
Magic Carpet
Yuri's Revenge
Crusader: no regret, Crusader: no remorse
Commandos: Suspense in the Deus Ex and Thief style
Unreal Tournament 2004: (Stephen Speilburg+Quentin Tarantino+LucasArts ? Please oh please ?)
Baldur's Gate and/or the two D&D arcades (I will NOT talk about D&D's movie failures, but the cartoon was nostalgically fun)
Sonic the Hedgehog -- but it'd need better story and dialogue ... the cartoon is just too childish, ugh, *retch*

Games that are like movies aleady made:
Abuse (and Frabs, known as free abuse): a total Alien/Aliens inspired game port
Need for Speed: Torque, Fast and Furious 1 and 2
Duke Nukem3d: (Army of Darkness and Evil Dead 1 & 2: Bruce Campbell IS Duke Nukem.)
Everquest and other games like it: Legend

Anyone else have a good recommendation or connection ?


Most useful tools in Windows (*nix has everything already)

Jtoxification Jtoxification writes  |  more than 10 years ago Textpad:
Text editing, with custom syntax highlighting, tool/program/batch file/macro adding and calling, color-highlighted code2html, caps-formatting, sort, tables, join lines, regular expression searching across single and multiple files, clipboard-viewer, and more ...

Aida32: A better msinfo32
... and even has memory read/write benchmarking, report-making in various formats, including html, and every piece of info you would want to know about your computer.

Process Explorer:A far better task manager-
it shows all processes, handles, files, and resources, ordered in tree-view by which programs/processes opened them, and it's recursive in that you can go up a level until you see all open processes at once, which can be sorted to taste. The best part is that you can destroy any open handle ... no more "the file is currently in use" BS.

The BEST free system tweaker out there. The newest version has more features than 5.11, but has donation-wared their setup-help wizards; 5.11 still has the wizards to help you set up if you're new to cacheman -- otherwise, if you have no use for setup wizards, get the latest version.

Spybot: Search & Destroy:
It finds and destroys all spyware. It is the best. It does what it was created to do. You can't do better than that. :-)

Analog X's Pcalc: The Programmer's Calculator.
This thing rocks. It's a window that takes C/C++ style mathematics (including bitwise arithmetic as well as functions defined in math.h), evaluates them, and prints them in all the formats programmers are used to viewing them (float,hex,octal,integer,binary,char...)!

Regex Coach:
The interactive regular expression evaluator. Having trouble with a particularly tricky regular expression search/find/edit/replace ? This is by-and-large, one of the most useful tools in viewing the results (intended and unintended) of your most intricate expressions in realtime, saving you a lot of headaches!

There are, of course more ... but this is a post about links to (in my opinion) the most useful utilities. (They only had a Utilities journal topic for Apple, so I figured OS-X is good to go already, especially since I've only been able to use it on the Demo G5 station at my school's bookstore, and you can get all the best utilities you need from *nix/*BSD already when configuring your installation, so they need not even be mentioned :-) but that might make for a good "part 2" I suppose ... especially since I'm certainly not done (feel free to add your own best utilities )... I didn't talk about other tweaks like file searchers, encryption & security, etc, or defragmenting, not even compiling (Although I will mention Blooshed's Dev-C++ 5.0 compiler for now, but it uses a windows port of gcc 3.2, anyway :-D , going back to the whole *nix thing.)

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