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Some Critics Suggest Apple Boycott Over Chinese Working Conditions

Juju It's not only bad for business, it's illegal! (744 comments)

Not only will corporations try to maximize profits, they are forced to do so by law! The board's only accountability is toward it's shareholders. If they decide to give away money to improve the workers' conditions, they expose themselves to be sued by the shareholders...

more than 2 years ago

Preserving Virtual Worlds

Juju MESS and MAME (122 comments)

I thought that's what MAME [www.mamedev.org] and MESS [www.mess.org] are for. Preserving old games on all kind of hardware...

more than 4 years ago

Bill Gates's The Road Ahead, 15 Years Later

Juju Re:Microsoft best innovation. (280 comments)

Amen to that.

I am a software developer, and I don't like VS, but I use it because even if it lacks features, it works for me since I use it at work and know how to use it. I am currently starting a "big" open source project, and getting it to work on Linux is difficult. Not the code, just the whole project management thingy. And this is not because it is harder per se, but just because I am used to VS, and not KDevelop. I am learning CMake and it's going fast, but still not fast enough for me to be comfortable with Linux as my main dev platform...
It's getting there, but it takes a real effort to adapt. And this is not a shortcoming on KDevelop's side, just an artifact of using MS for work and being used to it...

more than 4 years ago

Wii Hardware Upgrade Won't Happen Soon

Juju Re:I'd like one change (325 comments)

They should offer higher resolutions with HDMI and they could probably keep it compatible and do some better texturing/upscaling like what was done for PS2 emulation on the PS3 (or PS one on the PS2.)
There is no reason to remain on low def analog!

about 5 years ago

Mozilla Thunderbird Gets Firefox-style Tabs

Juju Re:Thunderbird Wishlist (203 comments)

This is not how opensource works!
There is no they, only people who decide to spend some time on their pet project...

I am pretty sure there is a bunch of paid people that are busy implementing all those required basic features for Thunderbird 1.5 or beyond.

I think it is likely that the person who implemented the tabs would not have spent his time implementing filtering of imap messages anyway. This is opensource, not a closed development team where adding one feature will always be at the expense of another one!

more than 9 years ago


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