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Suddenly Visible: Illicit Drugs As Part of Silicon Valley Culture

Jules IV Biaised article and subject (511 comments)

Timothy Hayes died from an heroïne overdose, likely injected by an escort. Its murder first degree and not an executive that was hooked or had any narcotic issue. If I were his family, I'd rather be very angry about anyone linking his death to a suddent increase of narcotic abuse in the IT world...

about 6 months ago

NASA's "Opportunity" Rover Finds New Evidence For Once-Habitable Mars

Jules IV Same Old Song (40 comments)

Mars supported life when it was 'alive': its core was still active, shielding the planet from gamma rays and other radiations. Now it is a useless piece of red dust and rocks, no seismic activity, no earthquakes, no magnetic activity. Its a dead end... We'll find some other proofs of early life on the surface, might find some late fossils hidden under the surface, raise a flag and move on to deal with our terrestrial challenges, as usual!

about a year and a half ago

Watchmen Movie Trailer Is Out

Jules IV Dont drink the milk (266 comments)

Watchmen needed to be a 12episode tv show, with insight, not a movie from Hollywood.Seeing those CGI effects in the trailer makes me bitter. I really understand Alan Moore's decision not to be part of the movie, and not supporting the script. This is outrageous. Come this novel is magic at work! Who else would have envisioned the US being involved in Afghanistan and Vietnam(Irak) in 1986? This book is the Bible of everyone of us who has ever felt different from the mainstream media, and official history. Its the alpha and the omega, it really defines the very best that can come out of human imagination and litteracy:borderless. Why giving it to the brainless guy who did the odeous fascist adaptation of the 300 comic? SABOTAGE! We will not tolerate this, ALAN MOORE IS A MAGICIAN, and we will not fall for the work of some pervert and ignorant director/producer. I just wish (and I know)this movie will not be a hit(by Hollywood standards), just like V 4 Vendetta or From Hell, because they lack the deepness and insight of the original author's scripts.

more than 6 years ago



Converting sea water to navy jet-fuel

Jules IV Jules IV writes  |  more than 2 years ago

Jules IV writes "Navy scientists and researchers say they are close to a breakthrough toward turning seawater into jet fuel.
The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory is working to extract the carbon dioxide and produce hydrogen gas from the seawater. The key is then converting the carbon dioxide and hydrogen into hydrocarbons that can then be used to develop JP-5 fuel stock."

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Solar-Powered Laser

Jules IV Jules IV writes  |  more than 7 years ago MIT's Technology Review writes about a new kind of efficient, solar-powered laser has been developed by researchers at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, in Japan. They hope to use the laser to help them realize their goal of developing a magnesium combustion engine. The idea, says Takashi Yabe, a professor of mechanical engineering and science at the Tokyo Institute, is to make a powerful laser capable of combusting the magnesium content of seawater. In the process, large amounts of heat and hydrogen are given off.

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