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Japanese Publishers Lash Out At Amazon's Policies

Jumunquo User rating are not manipulated (112 comments)

Okay, I got a new hit on Google, it explains the rating system:

User ratings are not changed. Instead, this is a rating system internal to Amazon. Based on your internal Amazon rating, it will chose how to promote your book. I'm assuming this means advertising on other pages, items in the "featured" section, etc. In other words, Amazon is saying that they will more heavily promote books that make them more money.

To tell you the truth, I'm surprised they don't do that already. I always assumed featured items were paid advertisements (i.e. they get a commission if you click and make a purchase) and/or high-margin items. Anyone know if that's the case with Amazon in the U.S. already?

2 days ago

Robot Printer Brings Documents To Your Desk

Jumunquo Mad dash down the stairs (64 comments)

Our finance dept is on a different floor, and I say dept, but it used to be only several people, not all of which were always in the office. When they printed something sensitive, they'd immediately make a mad dash down the stairs to the printer room.

They have a printer on their floor now and they are happy, so yea, a robot is pretty overkill.

3 days ago

Japanese Publishers Lash Out At Amazon's Policies

Jumunquo Re:The world's most protectionist economy (112 comments)

I don't know if you realize, but your post is all over the place and at times refutes your own points.
1) You say it's not "patriotic duty," and then immediately explain how deep ingrained and important patriotism is to guiding Japanese behavior. Didn't you just agree with the point you were trying to refute?
2) Japan is very safe compared to California. Okay, I don't think anyone disagrees with you. Water is wet. Earth is round.
3) You explain that used books need to be kept expensive so that small publishers can make money easier ... except publishers don't get any money from used book sales. Maybe you meant new books? Also, this is what exactly they mean by protectionist, so you just proved the point.
4) Then you end with the statement - "Japan can do business in Japan however it chooses." See #2.

So as far as I can see, you totally agree with the first post in this thread, except that the first post says this is bad, and you say this is good.

3 days ago

Japanese Publishers Lash Out At Amazon's Policies

Jumunquo How are the ratings manipulated? (112 comments)

The summary says:
"Amazon has launched a new rating system in Japan which gives preference to publishers with larger ebook catalogs (and publishers that pay higher fees)."
This is the main point of the post and yet there are not even a mention of how this rating system manipulation works in the articles linked? Online search just shows sites copying the same line from each other and again w/o explanation. Does anyone know?

3 days ago

Researchers Made a Fake Social Network To Infiltrate China's Internet Censors

Jumunquo Re:How to organise a protest (49 comments)

What's the secret message for "remember to bring the anti-tank explosives?"

about two weeks ago

Solar Plant Sets Birds On Fire As They Fly Overhead

Jumunquo Can they just ... (521 comments)

...set up some streaming cameras. I'm sure the nerds on the Internet will write something to count them.

Or are they afraid the videos will go viral. WATCH BIRDS GET ROASTED OMG WTF LOL!!!!

about two weeks ago

Solar Plant Sets Birds On Fire As They Fly Overhead

Jumunquo So your solution is ... (521 comments)

to kill them before the power plant does?

about two weeks ago

Connected Collar Lets Your Cat Do the War-Driving

Jumunquo Re:Overstating cat's role? (110 comments)

Better than the bum but not as good as the undocumented at Home Depot and more expensive than both.

about three weeks ago

Senior RIKEN Scientist Involved In Stem Cell Scandal Commits Suicide

Jumunquo Clone him (127 comments)

And put his clone on trial.

about a month ago

Foxconn Replacing Workers With Robots

Jumunquo Re:That's Less Than $1 per Device (530 comments)

Your fellow Americans will turn around and nuke you instead to protect their iPhone addiction.

about 2 months ago

Following EU Ruling, BBC Article Excluded From Google Searches

Jumunquo New commenters - read the article! (239 comments)

"UPDATE 17:20, 3 July 2014
So there have been some interesting developments in my encounter with the EU's "Right to be Forgotten" rules.
It is now almost certain that the request for oblivion has come from someone who left a comment about the story.
So only Google searches including his or her name are now impossible.
Which means you can still find the article if you put in the name of Merrill's ousted boss, "Stan O'Neal"."

about 2 months ago

Windows 9 To Win Over Windows 7 Users, Disables Start Screen For Desktop

Jumunquo Re:Umm, ctrl+c/ctrl+v? (681 comments)

True dat. I categorize my apps. Whenever I install a new app, I will go to the start menu and move the shortcut it into the appropriate category folder. Then, I'll delete everything else, incl. the uninstall shortcut, help file shortcuts, and the folder that's holding those. I also use Classic Shell (free third party app) to make my menu like the Win2000/98 style that opens subfolders to the right and goes all the way to the top of the screen.

about 2 months ago

China Starts Outsourcing From ... the US

Jumunquo The real reason (274 comments)

"Tianjin Pipe, for instance, began building its Texas plant after the U.S. imposed sanctions against Chinese-made pipes in 2010, notes Thilo Hanemann, Rhodium's research director."
In reality, it's usually to get around tariffs, contract requirements, or for sales purposes. Chinese labor is still super-cheap compared to the U.S.

about 2 months ago

4K Monitors: Not Now, But Soon

Jumunquo Re:4k media? (186 comments)

Yup, despite Google showing it can be done, the cable companies only put in fiber wherever Google puts in fiber just to screw with them. Most ISPs have a 200-300GB cap per month on data, so you'd better not watch more than, like, five 4K movies a month. Media, yea, I hear ya, many Bluray sets now come with DVD AND Bluray discs, and I bet it's because a lot of people don't have Bluray players but want to their purchase to be future-proofed.

about 2 months ago

4K Monitors: Not Now, But Soon

Jumunquo Re:What?! (186 comments)

Personally, I'd rather get something like this for ~$350 on sale:
The pixels are already so small, people can't find the dead pixels, and it's AH-IPS, the highest quality panel, not TN, the cheapest.

about 2 months ago

4K Monitors: Not Now, But Soon

Jumunquo Re:Over 30yo+ you won't see the difference anyway. (186 comments)

If you watched something with high resolution and a clean picture, like Disney's "Frozen," on a high-quality display, like a Samsung 55", then you should be able to tell the difference b/w 720p and 1080p easily. For many things, it is hard to tell the difference at a reasonable distance. Monitors are different in that you're usually much closer to one. At 24", 720p monitors look like crap compared to 1080p. 4K, however, seems like overkill at anything below 30".

For gaming, I'm totally with you. For computer gamers, what's really popular are the 27" 2560x1440 monitors that can be overclocked, ideally to 120Hz and that do not have a scalar which reduces response time (which means it can only be run at 2560x1440 and has a single dual-dvi input). Many cheaper monitors will advertise sort of bogus or software-corrected response times that are not representative of real-world use, so it's important to read the reviews. For the more mainstream models, tftcentral is a very good resource. It's trickier if you import from Korea trying to get the magic 120Hz overclock.

about 2 months ago

4K Monitors: Not Now, But Soon

Jumunquo Re:display port (186 comments)

Totally agree. Nvidia 6xx has been out for a long time, and a 660 costs like $150. Anyone who buys a 4k monitor for $1000+ is not going to think twice about getting a matching video card. For gamers, in all likelihood, they probably already have one. The article claims a hardware barrier that is simply not an issue.

The real issue here is the price point. 2560x1440 27" monitors have been around for a long time, but it wasn't until it dropped under $400 that gamers started chomping them up. When they get low enough in price, then the graphics card cost can become an issue for non-gamers who are just using integrated graphics. There's also the issue of whether 2560x1440 at 27" is good enough, esp. for gamers, because given the distance from keyboard to monitor, going bigger than 27" doesn't seem that great, and at 27", 2560x1440 is already so small that most people can't find the dead pixels unless you fill the screen w/ white.

about 2 months ago

Nokia Extorted For Millions Over Stolen Encryption Keys

Jumunquo Re:No funny business (89 comments)

Regarding keeping the code, you'd have to hide it really well such that only you can retrieve it. You should encrypt or otherwise scramble it for starters. It's not that hard. Criminals are usually caught because they're either stupid, or because easy money is addictive, so they keep doing it, and eventually, something happens outside their calculations (and they tend to get more careless over time too).

about 2 months ago


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