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Who Needs NASA? Exoplanet Detected Using a DSLR

K10W Re:Ditch the DSLR (108 comments)

The gp displays the standard ignorance of a novice photographer, who doesn't even know that he knows nothing about photography because his hardware allows him to take pictures he deems "good". There's a reason there are professional photographers out there that get paid well and use "pro" equipment, but until gp tries to take pictures outside the limited scope of a P&S, he won't realize how limited he is. Should he use a pro-sumer or better grade camera, he may be disappointed in his pictures not being "better" than the P&S, that's not a fault of the equipment but more his failure to understand how to use that equipment to get great pictures. And even then, great pictures don't just happen automatically, it is luck or many tries, and sometimes significant post-processing before a great picture is realized. To be fair, sometimes that is also achievable with a P&S.

Truth to this but lighting is the magic ingredient. PS skills especially well done work frequency sep and subtle accurate changes only go so far if it is poorly lit. I don't just mean artificially lit stuff but same goes for available light although admittedly I tend to use monoblocks in portraiture. Not a quality thing more for the control I have over all light sources and "on tap" perfect light any time of day.

about two weeks ago

Eizo Debuts Monitor With 1:1 Aspect Ratio

K10W they know thie market (330 comments)

I'm a big fan of eizo monitors and they tend to produce stuff they know there is a niche for. This seems perfect for mfd use for a lot of different applications. I'm mainly familiar with the coloredge cx and cg series but most of their range ticks all the boxes for many people. I tend to design/edit/grade on a 27" screen and use a 20" just for tool panels and common controls I use whilst wanting to see adjustments large screen. I can utilise the screen realestate on the bigger screen for just workspace/pasteboard/footage and so on and declutter but have instant access to controls at the same time this way.

Thing with this kind of setup is the bigger the primary screen the better and the other screen doesn't matter so much and I'd rather have a CX271 or CG277 and 1 or 2 smaller screens than shrink the primary display to fit slightly bigger secondary/tertiary monitors onto my desk. Side monitors in portrait orientation doesn't always work well either so this seems like a good idea and that is just for my personal needs so I'd consider it but there are probably many more uses.

about three weeks ago

New MRI Studies Show SSRIs Bring Rapid Changes to Brain Function

K10W Re:mostly clarity (138 comments)

prescribing benzos with ssri/ssnri is done in Europe but not for those reasons. The suicide risk increase has been found significant but the cause isn't fully understood and most will be cautious prescribing fluoxetine, paroxetine and the like to young adults/teenagers. That theory is far from proven and there are others more fitting and the risk found are lower than expected for that theory of "motivation". Also other classes such as treatment with TCAs and some SSNRI/SSRI don't have the same (if any) risk increase for the same therapeutic action/relief of symptoms.

about 3 months ago

Some Core I7 5960X + X99 Motherboards Mysteriously Burning Up

K10W Re:Not just one mobo (102 comments)

I kind of do my own non-profit buisness of building computers for everyone I know or am related to. So I've got a small business account with newegg and do about $25k in computers a year. Asus was my board of choice for years, but about 3yrs ago they just went to shit. I've no idea why but suddenly I had massive failures, massive compatibility issues, etc... When a computer I build actually catches fire, that worries me. Asus was decent about the RMAs... which actually worried me more. A MB manufacturer will rarely take a return with scorch marks on it unless they know there's an issue. When the RMA boards I got back from them started blowing caps as well, I knew something was terribly wrong.

Also on my banned list: Gigabyte - I had several Gigabyte MB and Gigabyte Video cards. They would not work with each other and Gigabyte claimed it was a capability issue and not their problem, despite having put their names on both the card and the board! This was purely a customer service issue, they should have shipped me a different card to make things right.

Zotac - For 2yrs I shipped the same video card back to them over and over again. They just kept replacing it with defective cards. Some came to me dirty, or with blown components. You can't just dig around in the RMA'd parts bin and ship some other broken piece of crap back to me. I'm currently awaiting about the 4th RMA on that card and my warranty will run out. At least they're paying for the shipping.

Anyways, I'm done building computers for people. Components are just too unreliable now. I don't need to be spending half my life in the UPS shipping office.

I've found msi make the list too, lot of others find the same. Seems common across wide range of experiences of rig builders and no guaranteed reliable manufacturers now IMO. I just use handful of UK stores with great support whop replace no questions asked for free and honour the warranties for products; the 3 main places I use cover everything without specifics for 12month but do 3 to 5 year on certain products. I always always use psu's that are reliable and tested by good sources. Takes a week of reading around before purchase and always pay more than a crap one but it is worth it IMO but even with more positive than negative experiences I'd be foolish to trust in something completely. Consumer products just aren't made to be failproof, redundant failsafes and seriously over-engineered are things that do not mix with commercial products with sane pricetags for items with limited life before they become obsolete. Failure will always be part of the chain if you make enough machines for you/others. All you can do is insulate yourself from how likely it is by picking tested combos and good warranty scheme for if it did come to crunch

Even free shipping back as places have various policies from courier to pick up defective one when they deliver your replacement, email prepay post label to print out or post prepay box to ship back in (failure to do so gets you billed to stop scams). My advice to friends/family is only use someone with good returns policy who wont palm the problem off on the oem as none seem to give a toss with all products unless it is major known issue.

FWIW the last 2 rigs I made for me (msi mobo with i3 2120 xfx gtx460 and asus w/ i7 4790k gigabyte gtx770 both with corsair ram (I have less issues with gskill tbh)) are fine. Shockingly the msi mobo one going strong for 4 years nearly despite how many rma's in the first week of life on the mobo alone. I received numerous new boards (due to way it was returned I know it was not the same one shipped back out) and all had issues with DOA/, faulty or refusing to play nice with other components despite listed on msi and component manufacturers sites as tested confirmed compatible when it wasn't. Never had bad luck like that on single part in building rigs since mid 90's for myself/ family/ friends/ their friends etc etc. I'd tried other new components and tested working older parts to make sure it was the board (and its replacments), it was. The asus board just worked right off the bat and was a dream and I've had very few problems with asus but I'd still not hold them as reliable despite my own experience as like I say failure is part of the cycle of everything, just lower chances on the good stuff but still significant. I'd not steer clear of new msi products despite issues either, apart from gpus that is and that is not reliability based but their crumby chip binning and my particular needs.

about 3 months ago

Low-Carb Diet Trumps Low-Fat Diet In Major New Study

K10W Re:What they don't tell you (588 comments)

There's a difference between denying the diet of our evolutionary ancestors, and having a problem with the way animals are treated in modern farms. I'm surprised by how often I have to point this out.

It is pretty easy these days, to buy meat from local farms which treat the animals in more humane ways, yet still many of the vegan types say that isn't sufficient that NO animals should be sacrificed, even humanely, for human consumption.

wtf has someone elses dietary choices got to do with you? You know what, I come across more over zealous meat eaters than I do vegans and their bs tires me. Vast majority of vegans (I'm not one) I know don't give a shit what others eat and it is personal ethical choice and they are tolerant of others who don't share their view. Hell 2 of them even cook meat for their kids since they are not old enough to make informed decision.

Over zealous meat eaters banging on about what others eat, leave peoples personal choices the them. As for the local farm comment most I know are opposed on ethical point because creature is "killed" for a purpose they think is avoidable, such friends know killing is still part the chain and your view seems simplistic and childish, obviously there is still unavoidable death in insects killed in farming, transport etc and reducing arguments either side to such black & white simplistic one line arguments gets nowhere.

Jeez it's worse than listening to the ram it down your throat atheists bang on about God, I don't believe in divine creator myself but don't attack everyone of faith much as most of those leave my different belief alone, it's called growing the fuck up.

about 3 months ago

DNA Project 'to Make UK World Genetic Research Leader'

K10W Re:First steps (65 comments)

There's a big difference between mapping the genomes of cancer patients and developing individualized treatments, akin to the difference between being able to read a novel and being the editor. As it is, we can't even understand most of the human genome, but I suppose this is a step in the right direction.

Bearing in mind Cameron is an oaf I wouldn't be surprised if it was being rolled out for either similar behind the scenes purpose not too far off what you state, or another tory get rich[er] quick scheme. After all a lot of the gov investment and involvement in fair bit of projects has been a shill reasons with high vested interest, shares and so on in such things being the driving force and even willingness to damage the stated aim if it means more money.

about 4 months ago

Dealing With 'Advertising Pollution'

K10W Re:Good point (418 comments)

I have adblock.

Have you tried to use Youtube without adblock? It's broken - the page looks like garbage, and the video is about the size of a postage stamp.

I really don't know what else I am supposed to do other than completely avoid youtube, which is really hard to do :(

I'd go try that out a gain and experiment what is messing your settings up since I didn't realise youtube had ads until this story. I use adblock plus and it works but make sure you have disable unintrusive ads. Fwiw I use some other things which could affect it like noscript and ghostery. Yeah the latter two are very similar but I use in particular way, such as slashdot is whitelisted in noscript but the trackers are blocked by ghostery.

By whitelisting in either ghostery or noscript and setting selective permissions in the other I effectively have simple way of managing different permissions for same tracker/script etc for different sites for instance blocking Google analytics on most sites but enabling where it is favourable on a select few sites. It also means even whitelisted domains have filtering of some things still.

about 5 months ago

Ode To Sound Blaster: Are Discrete Audio Cards Still Worth the Investment?

K10W Re:No. (502 comments)

No doubt that gold plated connectors don't oxidize, but does the oxidation cause real issues with sound quality, in any meaningful measurement? How much oxidation would be required before a noticable degradation in signal would occur?

I really don't know at what point it'd be an issue and personally couldn't even guess. Worst I've seen oxide buildup was NiMH powered old portable units for small setups or backups; line in recorders and portable phantom power supplies for mics. That was just the battery contacts on them not the xlr's sockets, I'd guess because batteries had been used under 20min fresh off the charger so still degassing which speeds up the buildup and done over long time on regular basis. They worked but getting rid of weak points is just good practice I guess and when people depending on the result best not taking chances and it is one less thing to worry about when you need to troubleshoot problems.

Metal migration seems more of the issue though as I'd been warned about that in some stuff but never seen it myself. All the 1/4" jacks and xlr's I've seen have been none GP types so the oxides can't be significant problem in average situations or it'd be more common seeing the GP stuff. Most the places it is used will be for marketing reasons like with silver cable with the skin effect myths. Of course there is some truth to it but it doesn't really affect audio and marketing kind of draws wrong conclusions to sell snakeoil essentially.

about 5 months ago

Ode To Sound Blaster: Are Discrete Audio Cards Still Worth the Investment?

K10W Re:No. (502 comments)

Why do you lump Klipsch in with Monster Cables? The founder of Klipsch is renown for debunking many crap claims made by many speaker makers similar to the nonsense claims that Monster makes. Perhaps you mean "No highs. No lows. It's Bose"? K-horns, for example, have always been solid speakers.

exactly what I thought. Don't get me started on bose but klipsch have done a lot of good and fair amount of their good stuff is cheap too.

about 5 months ago

Ode To Sound Blaster: Are Discrete Audio Cards Still Worth the Investment?

K10W Re:No. (502 comments)

Only if you use the gold plated cables.

actually they can have their place in studios although I have rarely seen it. Gp terminations makes no difference to signal of course and thickness of some is crap so it wears fast when plugging/unplugging on regular basis. However on the stuff that stays hooked up for long periods it has 2 purposes,first the GP doesn't matter BUT mixing GP and none plated does since mix metals leads to various issues so if the breakout boxes or whatever are GP then so are the terminations. Most studio gear I see doesn't though which leads me to the second, that stuff could do with a squirt of Deoxit every 1 or 2 years. I've seen visible oxide buildup on stuff and it's still worked but good housekeeping dictates you should. Fwiw I don't work in a studio but have done bits with in such environments for friends who do ( 3 of the 4 are elec.engineers so know the score here where as I studied biochem so clearly out of my area although I do bits of audio on hobbyist level at most).

about 5 months ago

Ode To Sound Blaster: Are Discrete Audio Cards Still Worth the Investment?

K10W Re:No. (502 comments)

The /. writeup sounds like audiophile wank to me. I would be surprised if this Soundblaster could justify its price in a proper double blind study on real world data (music, games, movies, etc...) vs. the built in audio on your mobo.

That will be because it is audiophile wank. Dedicated cards have their place in some situations I admit the only potential truth in it is used to make totally wrong conclusion. Some boards have bad design with regards to signal path so you may get issues including interference with low impedance headphones (I noticed this on one machine with msi z77a g45) or the integrated doesn't have power to drive higher impedance ones (nor will most cards). Desktop amps exist for that reason or a cheap card like the xonar dgx (with uni drivers not official ones) may fix it as it did for me. The higher end discrete cards are BS along with all the marketing bollocks that go with them and are pretty much the same, any difference in sound comes down to a prefered sound from using different op amps usually.

As for sounding better if it wasn't double blind then placebo makes a hell of a difference and this has been proven many times. What has been found is driving high impedance phones properly can make difference in sound, so equal volume but 100% maxed out on one setup and 50% total volume on the other may actually result in different performance as as SOME devices distort more and have issues operating at highest end such as 95%-100% max output. Also slight volume increases are often percieved as "better" sounding, people will often score THE SAME headphones as higher than what they presume is another pair in blind tests just because they have been slightly turned up.

about 5 months ago

Police Recording Confirms NYPD Flew At a Drone and Never Feared Crashing

K10W Re:Yay big government! (310 comments)

Government, police, etc will always be corrupt. Always. People are people. The only defense is to give them just barely enough resources to do their job, with no excess or space for overreach. It's all about taxes - taxes are the only practical weapon the common voter has against government overreach, and the Constitution was written with this fundamental truth firmly in mind.

Of course, of all of Congress there are but a handful of congresscritters who actually are for less government spending, and usually the voter's choice is merely between which group of supporters the tax money will go to. That's a cultural problem in the US, and we can't begin to fix it until every call for lower taxes stops being dismissed with "you anarchist and probable racist, why do you want 0 government".

Fixing the problem starts with popular acceptance of the idea that one can say we're sending too much without being some extremist calling for the end of government. Less does not mean none - spread the word!

that wont fix anything, think a little bigger than national boundaries for the proof. Plenty of the worlds police turn to corruption to make a living because they have barely enough resources to do their job. The corruption doesn't stem from resources per se, just the way the corruption manifests changes whether it is on the side taxation/bribes/using resources to acting as a semi pmc or militia for various groups like in some developing countries to common thing in US and Europe of arrests for filling quotas to hit plotical projected figures and thus future funds as well as too much interests in getting fat of privatised prison system, sadly the UK is now going the same way.

about 5 months ago

MP Says 'Failed' Piracy Warnings Should Escalate To Fines & Jail

K10W Re:Totally clueless (135 comments)

The problem there is they might try start forcing more people in such prisons in order to make money for the government, claim "we are fixing this country" and everyone will cheer.

Do you not have private prisons in the UK? If not, I suppose it's only a matter of time. We have them in the US, and some judges are already rotting in prison for exactly the sort of thing you were imagining. They were sentencing juveniles with petty offenses to long term detention, in exchange for multi-million dollar kickbacks from the private detention facility. When imprisoning people becomes a profitable enterprise, abuse is guaranteed to follow.

Yeah Chris Grayling is indeed pushing DoJ that way, have friends involved in this mess who are leaving careers because of whole fiasco. They are trying to do that to the whole system not just 1 or 2 private prisons and judges here wont get put in such prisons for it since it'll be the system that is bent not just a few backhanders and dodgy practices which the met already specialises in getting away with to fluff arrest records to meet the projected figures the politicians want for that year. Basically everyone but the 1%club get shafted and they wreck our whole justice infrastructure, waste extraordinary sums on converting to a profit system that clearly wont work and can't be changed back once broken. I'm a reasonable guy who respects most but I don't consider tories sentient life nor valuable in any way for a reason

about 6 months ago

$3000 GeForce GTX TITAN Z Tested, Less Performance Than $1500 R9 295X2

K10W Re:Wrong premise (151 comments)

These cards should have been tested from the perspective of high performance computing or scientific application.

5 insightful for complete BS? The nvidia quadro exists for that reason (or some applications tesla). GTX is FOR GAMES and totally unoptimised for cruching other data from 3d modelling/rendering, cad, vid encoding, compositing, scientific models/simulation etc etc. Price for price comparisons find the like of k2000 instead of gtx 780 would be better for none game. GTX work in some none game applications better but generally workstation cards beat them in most areas and software.

IIRC adobe premiere pro plays nicely and maybe better than workstation cards when talking price to price ratio in the budget end but workstation budget cards are not cheap. In fact the high end workstation cards make running 3 titans in SLI look cheap!

ATI firepro cards are similar but more toward specific 3D and CAD hence I never looked at them since quadro suits my needs better and are not meant to be ATI equivalent to quadro although they probably perform similar in many applications. I'd rather game on a £800 GTX than a £4200 workstation card aimed at DCC/CAD

about 6 months ago

The Sci-Fi Myth of Killer Machines

K10W Re:Way to long to read. (222 comments)

I tried, honestly, but it's all bullshit. Assumptions. Without caring for reality. We now have robots that can decide to kill. Do we really want those? See what happened when you had drones shoot missiles at people? A lot of weddings got bombed. That is what happens when you take emotion out by relinking b&w video to an 'operator ' that pulls the trigger. Now imagine to take emotion out completely, because that is the direction we are heading. Especially, but not alone, the US. And the all other nations will have to follow. And as of now these systems exist and are being used in the field, as tests. Robots that decide who gets shot. Great fucking idea. Not.

actually many of the human rights people are arguing FOR AI for this very reason since it is logical and unemotional and less likely to hit civilians when used as shields and so on unlike humans who can conveniently leave out the civilians present when they put in the fire request with command.

Strike drones are bad comparison for genuine battlefield AI capable of making informed kills since their errors are mostly human operator whether it is lack of attention from boredom from working long shifts in sanitised environment to disregard for innocents to genuine mistaken IDs which are made on more human factors than logic.

about 6 months ago

'Godfather of Ecstasy,' Chemist Sasha Shulgin Dies Aged 88

K10W Re:And thousands of candy ravers ... (164 comments)

I've never so much as tried marijuana or any other illegal drugs, any painkillers, nicotine, etc. The only drug I have experience with is alcohol.

Now, in my later years, my thoughts regarding intoxicants have changed. It's very interesting to m to read conversations like this--the experiences are so very far from my own. Even coming across these situations (e.g., talking about different kind of MDMA you see on a regular basis!) is far outside my ken. I had thought the Silk Road might be interesting to try--good thing I missed out, given what went down there.

I wonder if LSD will ever been legal within my lifetime. I kind of doubt it.

there is a fair bit of legitimacy coming back to LSD. I always considered it a potential ground breaking area of therapeutics. The whole street drug thing, Tim Leary and all the rest of that nonsense got a knee jerk reaction which led to it being dropped for therapeutic evaluation and Sandoz wouldn't touch it anymore with all the publicity and so on. It's more complex than this but still I feel we threw out a VERY promising class of therapeutic agents/method AND assistance in deep insights into cognition and so on.

Things are changing now and big inroads into an area of therapeutics are possible with human studies being authorised recently. MDMA is already producing good results in otherwise untreatable battle related PTSD as well as other things. LSD has so much to offer us I hope to see it legitimized for therapeutic use in my life if we get the research on how to use it effectively.

My biggest doubt is more the funding since developing therapeutics isn't where the money is, oncology gets more of the cash and other areas just left dry. That is the way the global pharma industry is I am afraid.

about 6 months ago

Mozilla Ditches Firefox's New-Tab Monetization Plans

K10W Re:That's not who we are at Mozilla (195 comments)

laugh... but you would have gone ahead with it if you could have gotten it past the "community".

We need a new Firefox, someone "pure" again.

palemoon does a good job for me

about 7 months ago

Brain Injury Turns Man Into Math Genius

K10W some truth in the bullshit pile? (208 comments)

from personal experience there may be some slight truths in it although most the stuff I've seen on him (came across before this article) looks like he's full of shit. I have diagnosed aspergers, I am high functioning but have savant traits and way above average IQ and it initially became apparent as a small child. I was born at 27weeks @ 2lb1oz and in hospital for 6months at birth, due to mistake of junior nurse who did something she wasn't qualified to do (feed me) my lungs got filled with milk (the tube was supposed to go in the other tube ;) ) and I stopped breathing for 7 to 8min. There is record of all this and parents confirmed they were told there would likely be damage to my brain due to way above the oft quoted 4min barrier as well as optic damage from the oxygen given.

So it seems the accident may have been the trigger for it although a lot more at play. The traits seem to run in minor form through one side of family all of whom are educated to high degree in maths/engineering/science and work in such fields as well as extensive hobbies within them but I am unusual in it is very exaggerated in me.

I am able to visualise mathematical and scientific theories in a way but it isn't as he describes. It is more like the same appearing object to sense organ but the conceptual object linked to it tends to have the physics etc of it linked in so I notice things naturally just seeing stuff that many wont without deeper thought. I found my studies easier due to this but it isn't special since anyone can train to do it it just doesn't seem to happen naturally in many cases. The seemingly intuitive nature is just deep familiarity and many many people have that.

about 7 months ago

How To Find Nearby Dark Skies, No Matter Where You Are

K10W Re:I have experienced very dark skies (55 comments)

Heck, I dont even own a tripod.

You'd be surprised what you can mcguyver in a pinch, I'd still take your camera but curl up a jacket or something and rest cam on it on an angle, set to timer mode I've made do with that method when all I had on me was a compact. Could make 15sec stack a little trickier admittedly. Or pick up one of those $5 tabletop pods for compacts, don't take much weight but don't really need to. Rest it on a fence post, chair, car roof etc and it'll do the trick

about 7 months ago


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