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Once Vehicles Are Connected To the Internet of Things, Who Guards Your Privacy?

KDiPietro Privacy? What about my safety? (130 comments)

Given that we know automobiles are insecure and that demonstrations exist where an outside party has taken over control of a vehicle, who is going to protect our safety?

about 3 months ago

Google Hangouts Gets Google Voice Integration And Free VoIP Calls

KDiPietro But will it be convenient? (162 comments)

It would be nice if Google allowed their hangout membership to use this service with an ATA adapter. I'm guessing that isn't going to happen.

about 3 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What Are the Best Games To Have In Your Collection?

KDiPietro Descent II - Must have. (382 comments)

Now running the Linux distro of your choice.

about 4 months ago

Suddenly Visible: Illicit Drugs As Part of Silicon Valley Culture

KDiPietro Here's an idea. (511 comments)

How about if everyone simply agrees to stop telling everyone else how they should best live their lives - before everyone else starts thinking they have a right to tell you how to live yours. Yes, I know, land of the free apparently means we have the freedom to tell everyone else how to live.

about 5 months ago


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