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Ask Slashdot: How To Ask College To Change Intro To Computing?

KaInDaWg Re:Just pass the course and move on (337 comments)

I disagree, I work for the DoD as an Information Assurance Officer. The 8570 requires that all network administrators will have at least a Security+ and all System Admins will have at least an A+ or Net+. You need to have the baseline certs to be considered for any IT related position in the DoD. I have my CCNP/CCDP and CCNA Security certs now and they have helped greatly in both salary and opportunities in the DoD. Now I just need to finish my CISSP....

more than 2 years ago

After 60 Years, a Room-Temperature Maser

KaInDaWg Re:Cold Fusion? (102 comments)

You Mad Bro?

more than 2 years ago

Fundamentalist Schools Using "Nessie" To Disprove Evolution

KaInDaWg Re:Was Jesus riding Nessie? (936 comments)

I'm still waiting for intelligence to evolve....

more than 2 years ago

In America, 46% of People Hold a Creationist View of Human Origins

KaInDaWg Re:Who answers these polls? (1359 comments)

Bullshit! I've been a Atheist is a foxhole.


more than 2 years ago

All Video Games Cause Aggressive Behavior, Say Two US Congressmen

KaInDaWg Re:Like War (483 comments)

Ron Paul.

more than 2 years ago

Mexican Gov't Shuts Down Zetas' Secret Cell Network

KaInDaWg Re:Wow (300 comments)

Stealth submarines, solar powered call communications networks, encrypted communications. They are equipped like a damn government.

In Mexico they are the government.

more than 3 years ago

How Game Makers Like EA Mine for Tax Breaks

KaInDaWg Re:econ 101 for slashdot (123 comments)

Is that before or after Hollywood's accounting?

more than 3 years ago

Intel Encounters Another Problem with RAMBUS

KaInDaWg i820 motherboard (147 comments)

I was thinken about getten the asus p3c-d motherboard (2 intel 800mhz cpus overclocked to 1ghz each can anyone say supercomputer)anyway if i was to use sdram with it insted of rdram (with the asus dr2 dimm riser)and not use the ecc would there be any problems? P.S. dont flame me for goin with intel you dont see any dual amd k7 motherboards out there do ya.

more than 14 years ago


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