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Ask Slashdot: Best SOHO Printer Choices?

Kadagan AU Re:My best advice: ***AVOID INKJETS*** !!! (381 comments)

I've never actually used it, but HP's new Officejet Pro X Series of ink based printers actually seem like a very good product! They print faster than most laser printers, lower cost per page (or so they claim), and from what I've seen you don't need to worry about ink drying out. They have minimal moving parts as well. I'm someone who has avoided ink for along time (have two color laser printers at home), but this is something worth looking at. They apparently are exclusive to CDW for now (according to our CDW rep in Feb.). Find one here

Our rep claimed the following:
- The ink wont smudge or run due to rapid drying pigment ink
- It prints 70 pages per minute which is in the Guinness book of world records (didn’t know they had a category for that)
- The cartridges will last for 9000 pages (black) and 6600 pages (color)
- It saves on power consumption because it doesn’t need to heat up like laser printers
- It has less parts that you will have to replace
- The biggest difference is it doesn’t have the ink cartridge that flies back and forth printing on the page. It has little ports that don’t move that apply the ink to the page

about a year ago

Valve Announces Linux-Based SteamOS

Kadagan AU Re:SteamOS and XBMC? (510 comments)

Even if Valve incorporates media playback and streaming, it will take a long time for it to become as complete and extensible as XBMC!

about a year ago

What's your favorite medium for Sci-Fi?

Kadagan AU Re:Movies (322 comments)

I picked movies for one practical reason. I've got a full time job plus a toddler, and I don't have enough time to regularly devote to most of these mediums. Earlier in my life I would have picked books or tv shows, but currently 2-3 hours is a great amount of time for me to spend. I do enjoy some audio books during my commute, but I watch movies more often.

1 year,11 days

How the UN Might Have Inadvertently Started a Cholera Epidemic In Haiti

Kadagan AU Scariest Worlds Ever.. (158 comments)

We're from the government, and we're here to help

1 year,29 days

AquaTop Immersive Display System: Get Your Hands Wet to Sink Some Files

Kadagan AU Slashdotted.. (52 comments)

I can't get to the original story, but for anyone looking for the videos, click here

about a year ago

Your preferred Linux distribution for 2013?

Kadagan AU No RHEL/CentOS? (627 comments)

No RHEL/CentOS? Gotta stay focused on the business world!

about a year ago

CouchDB: Roll Your Own, Or Go With a Service?

Kadagan AU What? (54 comments)

What's a CouchDB? This seems like a niche subject without any description..

about a year ago

Ouya Performance Not Particularly Exciting

Kadagan AU Re:Not even remotely true (305 comments)

Look at anything by gameloft!

about a year and a half ago

Giant Snails Invade Florida

Kadagan AU Re:That's why you cook them. (245 comments)

That's also why cannibals are suggested to eat their meals well done.

about a year and a half ago

TSA Log Shows Passengers Say the Darndest Things

Kadagan AU Re:Print version (427 comments)

Most of the comments are stupid, and it's understandable that the TSA wouldn't like them. There's one however that I don't fully understand the problem with:

An Atlanta passenger approached a flight attendant and asked her if she had ever been hijacked before.

Seems like a normal curious inquiry to me..

about a year and a half ago

Mojang Releases Minecraft: Pi Edition For the Raspberry Pi

Kadagan AU Re:What the hell kind of credit card do you have? (93 comments)

I agree completely! When I put my Pi in my wallet, it makes sitting very uncomfortable! I really had to force the wallet to even close! I believe this truly is false advertising.

about a year and a half ago

SCALE 11 is Coming to Los Angeles Feb. 22-24 (Video)

Kadagan AU Old News? (25 comments)

Shouldn't SCALE '13 be coming up this year?

about a year and a half ago

For personal printing, not work, I usually use ...

Kadagan AU I typically don't print often but.. (266 comments)

.. my wife is on a mission to print the internet! She does this via my color laser printer.

about a year and a half ago

Windows Software Coming To Android Via Wine

Kadagan AU RPi? (107 comments)

With WINE moving to an ARM architecture, it seems reasonable that it could be made to work on the Raspberry Pi as well. I understand that this wouldn't be able to run any resource intense programs, but being able to run some of the less hungry windows apps on a Pi could create some interesting possibilities! I would love to see more progress made in this direction!

about a year and a half ago

Turning the Belkin WeMo Into a Deathtrap

Kadagan AU Home Invasions? (146 comments)

How about turning off the lights of a house before the burglar or attacker invades? It could cause a lot more confusion and danger for the home owners.

about a year and a half ago

Solowheel is for People Who Think a Segway is Boring (Video)

Kadagan AU Re:I love this stuff (94 comments)

My bad.. I'm usually better than that, but was distracted by the shiny video! (which I didn't listen to, since I try to stay muted at work).. Missed most of the summary. Thanks!

about a year and a half ago

Solowheel is for People Who Think a Segway is Boring (Video)

Kadagan AU Re:I love this stuff (94 comments)

How much does a Solo Wheel cost? I tried to check on their site, but it was slashdotted.

about a year and a half ago

Machine Gun Fire From Military Helicopters Flying Over Downtown Miami

Kadagan AU Re:Provoking (1130 comments)

This is an outstanding post, with a great quote! I wish I hadn't squandered my mod points yesterday! Thanks for the link, much appreciated.

about a year and a half ago



Manufacturer Installed Backdoor Found in RuggedCom Devices

Kadagan AU Kadagan AU writes  |  more than 2 years ago

Kadagan AU writes "A Canadian company that makes equipment and software for critical industrial control systems planted a backdoor login account in its flagship operating system, according to a security researcher, potentially allowing attackers to access the devices online."
Link to Original Source




Kadagan AU Kadagan AU writes  |  more than 11 years ago Hey, you are reading this. Why not leave me a comment in response. Leave anything you like. I don't care what. You can use this space to say anything in the world. Thank you.




Kadagan AU Kadagan AU writes  |  more than 11 years ago I have a JOURNAL! Amazing! I'm proud of myself now. Hmm... what to write... what to write... This is the reason I never paid to get a LiveJournal or a DeadJournal or whatever any of those things are. Seems to me like this journal may almost be as interesting as watching my live web cam to see me mudding or playing starcraft/icewind dale/neverwinter nights/baldur's gate/diablo. Boy, aren't I an interesting person? I bet you're just overwhelmed by your urge to know me... to love me... everyone wants to love me (unless they're normal).


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