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Linus Blasts SCO's Header Claims

Kai_MH Maybe... (599 comments)

...the SCO stole the code from Linux, copyrighted it with System V or whatever, and is now accusing Linux of stealing it?

more than 11 years ago


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The SCO and my next project

Kai_MH Kai_MH writes  |  more than 11 years ago First off, who wants to bet that the SCO is being payed by Microsoft to sue IBM and Red Hat? I mean, really... the SCO never cared about this. They used to have a decent Linux distro themselves. So, why would they target the leading Unix seller, and the top Linux Server/Home Distro? Yeah. That's what I thought.

Now... onwards to my project! I've got this old '80s Portable Radio/TV... and I've been considering ordering a mini-ITX board. Soooo, I'm thinking that I'll completely gut the Radio/TV (leave the TV) and drop in the ITX mobo... cut out a drive bay for a DVD-ROM, and hook the bad boy up. Thoughts?


Just pondering...

Kai_MH Kai_MH writes  |  more than 11 years ago What to put in my wooden case for my senior project... I'm thinking about waiting for the Athlon64... But I can't decide. Crap. GTG.


Maybe I was Wrong

Kai_MH Kai_MH writes  |  more than 11 years ago I must've been in a bad mood or something... My apologies to the muslims out there. It's not the entire Middle East that needs to be blown up... it's the Governments and the Islamic Leaders. They're the ones who cause this anti-westernism and whatnot. It's not cool. You make us hate you because of it. But still, there is no God, Allah, or any 'Higher Being'.


Yeah, there's still more to be said.

Kai_MH Kai_MH writes  |  more than 11 years ago I hope that all of you who protest this war or who are against it (and especially the Muslims. [ALL OF YOU.]) burn in the deepest and worst places of Hell, if you believe in such a place, or perhaps your own equivalent.

I'm an atheist, and don't share any of the "Christian" or "Religious" morals that this world seems to follow. I do what I can do to achieve what needs to be done. Lying, Cheating, Stealing... Whatever. Many of you don't see what war brings you. It gives the world a renewed sense of nationalism, and gives them new ideals of government that allow the world to further development.

For the time people, there will be no peace. Not until people have realized the truths of life and existence. That there is no God, Hell, Heaven, Afterlife, etc. They need to understand that some things are necessary evils, and other things aren't evil, but necessary. Such as the Muslim threat. Most people don't know the Muslim relgion, but I have heavily researched it since September 11th, and they firmly believe that they will one day conquer this world and all religions on it... Something must be done about the Muslims... Killed, preferably. They're all... for the lack of a better word, FUCKERS.

If what I say offends you, I offer no apology. I am a speaker of the future, a prophet, if you will. And my words bear the truth of what needs to be done.


And now, a piece on War.

Kai_MH Kai_MH writes  |  more than 11 years ago Since I just added my first journal entry, I might as well write down some thoughts on this war as well.

I understand that War Protests most often occur during times of war. You don't protest war when there is no threat of war. If you do, you're an idiot. But, anyways... What the fuck is wrong with people? Can't they understand that Saddam Hussein is an evil sociopath who won't back down? He isn't interested in protecting Iraq, only his own ass and funds. You could have a damned H-bomb pointed up his ass and he'd still be defiant. The world needs to be rid of this fucker. He used chemical weapons on his own people. What the hell does that say to you? "He needs a psychiatrist?" NO. YOU need a psychiatrist!

As for Bush... His reasons for this war aren't good enough. We've seen no solid proof that they have Weapons of Mass Destruction, nor that they are funding terrorism. The need to remove Saddam is enough for me, but obviously it isn't for other nations. Bush is an ass for some of the things that he's done, but I think his motives are just and will better the world (unless he has some secret agenda, of course)...

The French suck. The supporters of the French suck. WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU VETO THE ACTION TO USE MILITARY FORCE TO DISARM A SOCIOPATH WHO KILLS, TORTURES AND RAPES HIS OWN PEOPLE? You people are a bunch of LOSERS. You've damned yourselves to the lowest levels of hell. You're more worried about the money you get from Iraq, and you want to disprove the appearance that you are America's laptop. You know you suck, as you have never won a war against the likes of Britain or the U.S..

I think I've said my peace.


The Scifi Channel Sucks

Kai_MH Kai_MH writes  |  more than 11 years ago I can't believe that a channel like the Scifi Channel would cancel one of the most beloved television shows currently airing. The series has continued to pull in awards from the Saturn Awards, among other groups. It isn't often that you have this many fans working together to try and save a series... Scifi needs to hold on to Farscape and see what it can evolve in to. Look at how long Star Trek has been around (sure, it sucks now, but atleast it is still around... Farscape is(was) still in its infancy...). If anyone's reading this, please go and support Farscape.

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