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The Soda Situation - Succulent Drinks w/o the Sweets?

Kaith Rustaz Splenda Bad. Stevia Good. (467 comments)

I spent a lot of time trying different sweeteners, and started using Splenda. The ad hype says "Mad from Sugar". Had to be safe right? Wrong. There have been a growing number of concerns about Splenda's real safety, and what it does to your body. Since I stopped using it, I feel alot better. I avoid anything with NutraSweet in it as well, that hole, I don't like holes in my brain thing, lol. I've switched to Stevia (available at most health food stores). It's alot sweeter than sugar, so you use alot less. No calories of note and minimal problems associated with it.
I'm in the process of putting an article together on sweetners. Heres a link to the raw info I've pulled together so far:
* Think that sweetener is safe? Think again.
* What's this thing called Stevia?

more than 8 years ago


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