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Gaming Platform of Choice - Console

KajiCo Re:How can it be cheaper? (390 comments)

2 to 3 years is not affordable to me. Especially when it's not 1 thing you're upgrading but a plethora of things. My Xbox is all the way back from 2001, and it runs Halo 2, and Half Life 2 well enough for me to play online and in multiplayer mode, while my dual 1ghz PC with 1.5gb of ram, and the latest ATI video card I could buy at the time that cost me well over $1200 couldn't even run anything new that was coming out 6 months down the line, not to mention that my CRT 17" cost me another $200 and I couldn't even crank anything higher than 1120 X 768. Sorry, but my money goes to consoles, they just last longer. I'm glad you can afford to change machines ever 2 to 3 years to support your gaming habits, I can't afford to do that, especially when it could be invested in more important things.

about 8 years ago


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