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Ask Slashdot: Making a Tablet Run Only One Application?

Kantara iPad? (260 comments)

The closest you could get on an iPad is with 10.7 server w/ Profile Manager. You could remove the vast majority of the standard apps and force down Full Screen web clips that you could even change on the fly for all your devices. You could even set the devices to connect to specific wireless connections even with WPA Passwords. The only down side is some access to 'Settings'.

more than 2 years ago

Apple's $1 Billion Data Center Mystery

Kantara Re:Cloud (244 comments)

Microsoft is the only one giving you choice, but on slashdot they're supposedly always the bad guy.

You haven't been watch television lately have you. If you were, you'd see the Microsoft 'To the Cloud' commercials ad nauseam. They are right there with all the others wanting the same thing. To the 'Mainframe' with all of them.

more than 4 years ago

Microsoft's Touted iPad Rival Courier Becomes Less Than Vapor

Kantara Re:What the iPad should've been? (401 comments)

While Apple doesn't provide an option, I do want to point out that there is an 'optional' stylus via http://tenonedesign.com/sketch.php called Pogo Sketch. They also sell an app for drawing. While not the same app there is an article quote that is interesting about drawing vs wacom here http://mobile.venturebeat.com/2010/04/05/jim-lee-ipad/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Venturebeat+(VentureBeat)

“fun and frustrating at the same time cuz half the time yer going this would be so easy to do by hand or wacom [a pen tablet device],

more than 4 years ago

Streaming the Inauguration In a School?

Kantara What we are doing (201 comments)

We got stuck in a similar issue with our schools. The cafetorium is scheduled for lunch at that time and doesn't have cable anyway. It also serves two different schools that are linked by the cafetorium. The only places that cable exists are in the libraries that can only sit about 30-50 kids each (grade level sizes are 130-150 per grade level and we are talking about 6 grade levels). Some grades wanted to watch live while others wanted to watch later in the day. I solved it with the new web server I was setting up. I am going to stream CSPAN over our network to classrooms with projectors. I am using Quicktime Broadcaster along with QTSS (This is what we're using. You might find an alternative that fits your system better). Quicktime Broadcaster will also record the event at the same time and we will have it available shortly afterwards as a streaming video. I chose CSPAN specifically because of their rebroadcasting rules. This allows us not only to broadcast it but also rebroadcast it for the high school the following week for class use since they have mid terms during the event. The sad thing is that these schools were going to have cable installed in each classroom but the school board at the time worried about students/teachers watching tv all day. On top of that, the newly negotiated cable franchisee they signed just last year included wording that the school/town needed to pay for any new cable installation beyond the one they already have installed. Since we just found out that are state isn't giving $421,000 of the expected subsidy we budgeted in for this fiscal school year, we are sort of in a budget freeze. Work with what you got!

about 6 years ago

Mac OS X Root Escalation Through AppleScript

Kantara Re:ARDAgent is Apple Remote Desktop (359 comments)

Under normal circumstances, users don't need access to terminal at all. Instead of trying to mess with ARD, you could just either deny terminal as an app in Workgroup Manager (If it's a bound client) or just simply move the terminal app to the local admin's Applications folder. This prevents Repair Permissions from 'fixing' anything and still allows ARD to do it's job.

more than 6 years ago



50 foot robotic spider... 'nuff said

Kantara Kantara writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Kantara (246758) writes "CNN has a video on a 50 foot robotic spider currently in Liverpool, England. Unfortunately it's not a government war machine, instead it is created for street performance. While that would normally kill the story right there, there are some things to note. It is made from metal and wood and is able to move a 2 mph. It takes 12 operators to move all the different parts and cost 1.9 million to make. Some of us might twitch in fear of this, though our inner mad scientist might want strap a few lasers on this a take it for a ride."
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Duke's problems not iPhone, T'was Cisco-based

Kantara Kantara writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Kantara (246758) writes "Update on the iPhone and Duke's networking issues. Duke put out an update on what was going on with their network and the real culprit. From the artice:

Cisco worked closely with Duke and Apple to identify the source of this problem, which was caused by a Cisco-based network issue. Cisco has provided a fix that has been applied to Duke's network and there have been no recurrences of the problem since.

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