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How Does Heartbleed Alter the 'Open Source Is Safer' Discussion?

Karlt1 Re:we don't know what happened AT ALL (512 comments)

Maybe you're thinking of Apple's "goto fail" SSL exploit where we really don't know who or what or when and probably never will because it's not likely Apple is going to release their RCS logs.

Well we know the when and we know the what .



Amazon's Fire TV: Is It Worth Game Developers' Time?

Karlt1 Re:Useless outside of the USA (88 comments)

I have not found this answer yet (have not tried too hard, though): can it mount nfs and smb shares and play back from NAS; or is this 'streaming (from wan) only'?

if its streaming only, then I have 0 interest in this. streaming is nice but the must-have is to be able to properly mount and play smb and nfs content and also not care about how the content was encoded (some hardware playback devices only play certain settings-enabled content; if the encoder was using 'odd' parameters, quite a lot of hardware players will have problems).

if this can fully replace my win7 box or linux box using vlc, that's great. to play amazon prime HD, an atom cpu is not going to cut it (I get lots of pauses) and a core 2 duo is the very minimum to play HD over amazon; and even then, the laptop fan spins very loud during playback.

a nice fanless hardware player would be welcome but only if it can fully replace my software based player.

No, but it does support Plex. Install the Plex Server on your computer and it will automatically transcode your library on the fly to a format that any supported device supports. It also automatically finds meta-data.

about two weeks ago

Apple Reportedly In Talks With Comcast For Separate Apple Streaming Path

Karlt1 Re: Rent-seeking? (150 comments)

If not it would look like monopoly abuse, using their dominant position to cut margins to levels others couldn't sustain and paying for exclusive access to customers.

Response 1: What monopoly?
Response 2: You mean how Google uses it's monopoly on search to fund Android and give it away for free - reducing the margin to 0?

about three weeks ago

Controversial Torrent Streaming App 'Popcorn Time' Shuts Down, Then Gets Reborn

Karlt1 Re: Entitled Asshole (199 comments)

Why do you think that you have the right to a movie that another company spent millions of dollars to produce?

And what does patent law have to do with movies?

about 1 month ago

Controversial Torrent Streaming App 'Popcorn Time' Shuts Down, Then Gets Reborn

Karlt1 Re: Entitled Asshole (199 comments)

Okay. If you want reasonable just wait for three to four months for the movie to come out on video on demand and pay $5.

about a month ago

Google Blocking Asus's Android-Windows "Duet"?

Karlt1 Re:Can Apple be Far Behind? (194 comments)

It should certainly be possible to put that in a MacBook Air to allow it to run iOS 7 and onward, so we can have both low power tablet and high power OSX in one small package.

There is no need to have an A7 in the Macbook Air to run iOS apps.

There is already a fully functional version of iOS 7 that runs on x86 based Macs and there has been since the app store was introduced. In fact I doubt that there is a single app in existence for iOS that hasn't at one point been run natively on an x86 based Mac.

When a developer runs an iOS app on the iPhone simulator for the Mac, they are not running on an emulator, the app is compiled as an x86 binary and linked against an x86 build of the iOS libraries.

about a month ago

Google Blocking Asus's Android-Windows "Duet"?

Karlt1 Re:Google more restrictive than Microsoft (194 comments)

The one that wrote the article either has no clue what he was writing about or he's getting paid to be dumb. Basically, you want to use Google's services? You gotta do it the way *they* want you to do it. It's their services and their terms.

" if Google did not act, we faced a Draconian future, a future where one man, one company, one device, one carrier would be our only choice. So if you believe in openness, if you believe in choice, if you believe in innovation from everyone, then welcome to Android. Now letâ(TM)s get started.â

Andy Rubin......

about a month ago

Austin Has Highest Salaries For Tech Workers, After Factoring In Cost of Living

Karlt1 Re: Denver? Atlanta? (285 comments)

Don't know about Denver, but Atlanta is definitely a great place for tech workers. There is no shortage of jobs there.

about a month ago

Firefox OS Will Become the Mobile OS To Beat

Karlt1 How is this cheap? (205 comments)

The ZTE Open is $69 - $79 unsubsidized.

Huawei has three unsubsidized phones for $79 before rebates.


What's the advantage of the FFOS phone over the cheap Android phones?

about a month ago

Android Beats iOS As the Top Tablet OS

Karlt1 Re:ANDROID != LINUX (487 comments)

Do you deny that Android apps can run on an Android stack on QNX or Windows?

Not if the Android app uses the NDK and targets arm.....

For instance Firefox doesn't (or at least when it first was released) support Android on x86.

about a month and a half ago

Android Beats iOS As the Top Tablet OS

Karlt1 Re:ANDROID != LINUX (487 comments)

Celebrate Google's success with Android

Android's success != Google's success when many of the tablets being sold (i.e. the very cheap ones) use no Google services.

about a month and a half ago

Apple Launches CarPlay At Geneva Show

Karlt1 Re: This sounds like accidents waiting to happen (264 comments)

Now frankly, as a stockholder, I'd prefer that he'd work on getting Apple's diminishing marketshare issues resolved first before the Jobs Reality Distortion Effect finally wears off before spending time on green issues otherwise the green issues are kinda moot... but that's just me.

Right because chasing market share by lowering prices has worked so well for PC makers and Android manufacturers.

about a month and a half ago

Apple's Messages Offers Free Texting With a Side of iPhone Lock-In

Karlt1 Re:Isn't there, though? (179 comments)

And then they turned their phone off. Do you expect Firefox to still be refreshing your tabs while your computer is powered off and dismantled?

They may have turned their phone off, but that doesn't mean that they turned off their iPod Touch, iPad, or Mac that are all capable of receiving iMessages.

about a month and a half ago

Do We Really Have a Shortage of STEM Workers?

Karlt1 Re:I thought this had been settled long ago. (491 comments)

Mod parent up!

This is exactly what is going on. There isn't a shortage of STEM workers at all. There is a shortage of STEM workers willing to work for minimum wage. What companies want is H1-B factories. Cheap foreign labor. I don't know who will buy their products when nobody has a high enough paying job to afford them though.

I see hundreds of listings in the area where I live for qualified developers with a salary between $80 - $105,000, I've personally never had to look for more than two weeks to find another job. No it's not in California and the cost of living is not that high here.

about 2 months ago

Ask Slashdot: When Is a Better Career Opportunity Worth a Pay Cut?

Karlt1 Re:Run. (263 comments)

"Career opportunities" don't come with pay cuts. They come with pay raises. Run

Not true, for example if you're making good money as a "Senior COBOL developer" and all you do is maintenance work, it may make sense to take a slight pay cut to move into a newer technology and get architecture experience.

about 2 months ago

Nokia Announces Nokia X Android Smartphone

Karlt1 Re:Why now? (105 comments)

Dalvic is a JIT system, so no, there's no significant slowness caused by apps being shipped in bytecode form.

Just because Java proponents have been saying that for 20 years doesn't make it true.

about 2 months ago

"Microsoft Killed My Pappy"

Karlt1 Re: Antitrust, are you kidding? (742 comments)

No. There will always be people who use Microsoft (for reasonable values of always), just as there will always be people who can't properly use the BLOCKQUOTE tag on Slashdot :-) Your inference falsely assumes that all the people in the world will eventually get a clue :-)


about 2 months ago

"Microsoft Killed My Pappy"

Karlt1 Re: Antitrust, are you kidding? (742 comments)

Nice Red Herring. The fact remains that anyone running Microsoft Server / IIS7 who eventually gets a clue immediately migrates to Linux / LAMP.

So you're saying that no one will use the Microsoft stack in 3 years? 5 years? Seven years?

about 2 months ago

Amazon To Put Android In Set-top Box To Compete With Apple, Roku

Karlt1 Re: Roku has Amazon Video Channel already, so why? (104 comments)

The ability to use a phone other than an iPhone. Currently, Apple has a monopoly on phones compatible with Amazon video.

That's a weird business decision on the part of Amazon. Amazon Instant works on the Android based Fire. Why they decide not to support other Android devices is anyone's guess.

about 2 months ago


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