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Deaf Advocacy Groups To Verizon: Don't Kill Net Neutrality On Our Behalf

Karmashock Slimy (37 comments)

I was already determined not to do business with them. Now I'm really glad I've had that policy. They're scum.

22 minutes ago

The Daily Harassment of Women In the Game Industry

Karmashock Re:Pft (349 comments)

... okay... tell me a non-western country where any of this PC horseshit is given credence?

Show me a non-western country that is constantly obsessing about race, gender, etc and constantly struggling prove one group or the other is more of a victim then the other as they pathetically compete for grant money and public attention?

about half an hour ago

The Daily Harassment of Women In the Game Industry

Karmashock Re:This has nothing to do with sexism (349 comments)

Wrong. You're asking to be treated with MORE respect then a man.

Because the man gets cused out every day. The man gets abuse that is sent at him with the intention of breaking down his ego and making him crack. And if the man does crack... no one feels bad for him. To the contrary, he is held in contempt for being so weak.

That is equality.

Women don't want that. They want to be treated as like women AND be given the respect of men.

Women are not respected. Women are protected.

If you're benefiting from that protection then you can't claim equality.

You're either equal or you're not. You're either willing to deal with the same shit the men deal with every day or you expect SPECIAL treatment just for you.

And if you think you're entitled to it... then I'd like to know why and what you're willing to pay for it?

Because... men are quite happy to renew the old social arrangement.

Women will be protected from male society. We will protect you from our viciousness and brutality. And in return... you stay out of our business.

That was the old arrangement.

If you want in... that fine. But you will not be protected from viciousness and brutality if you enter our world. This is how it works.


36 minutes ago

The Daily Harassment of Women In the Game Industry

Karmashock Re:This has nothing to do with sexism (349 comments)

Then just ask for people to be nice without wrapping the whole discussion in some bullshit PC misogyny turd burrito.

43 minutes ago

The Daily Harassment of Women In the Game Industry

Karmashock Re:Pft (349 comments)

You're right, white men don't ever suffer insults or attacks on them simply for being white males.

Oh wait, you just did that. This sort of crap is what white men have to deal with. This suggestion that everyone in the world is a victim except us.

Everyone is deserving of all sorts of special considerations and we're deserving of nothing.

If we complain its just a sign of our racism or sexism.

Everyone is allowed to offer opinions about us. Tell us why we feel one way or another about anything. But if we try to say why someone else feels something then you say "You don't know what its like to not be a white man"...

Well that's interesting. White men are apparently the only group of people on earth not gifted with fucking telepathy.

People presume to tell us what we think and we're often not even allowed to say why we think something. How many times have white men been told that they don't even know how racist they are? That our racism or sexism is subconscious.

Which means not only are we not allowed to say what other people think but we're not even afforded the right to say what WE think.

And it is in this environment that you presume talk to us about all this PC bullshit?

And they wonder why we get upset. Its bullshit. This is a bullshit issue. Ladies can toughen up like the men or admit they want to be treated differently and get treated like girls.

Their choice. The big problem we keep running into over and over again is that people keep trying to eat their cake and have it too.

People keep asking for equality AND special treatment. No.

You're either equal or you're not.

People keep asking for rights but take no responsibility for themselves. No.

If you're not responsible for yourself then you're not entitled to the rights. An example would be children... they're not responsible and so they don't have adult level rights.

Just what is... If you want the one you've got to pay with the other just like everyone else.

I'm not asking for anything that I don't ask from myself.

Oh I know, I'm a privileged white male and I don't know how hard it is... It doesn't matter. That argument just says you need protection. Fine. Happily provided. But the instant you cash that check the equality argument goes out the window. You're a protected class at that point. Not an equal.

4 hours ago

Black Hat Presentation On Tor Cancelled, Developers Working on Bug Fix

Karmashock Re:What? (35 comments)

NSA and FBI don't want you to know they've broken TOR.

There are several ways you can break TOR. It's been talked about here for some time. They want computer criminals to think they're safe so long as they stay in tor and use bitcoins etc. They're not. Its trickier to track people down through tor but far from impossible.

6 hours ago

The Daily Harassment of Women In the Game Industry

Karmashock This has nothing to do with sexism (349 comments)

men say this stuff to other men all the time.

You don't think men call other men bitches, cunts, etc in games? The abuse is pretty common.

The difference here as usual is that women expect to be treated differently. They don't think that's what they want but it is actually what they want.

And I'm okay with treating women better. However, if that's the new rule, then women need to acknowledge it. That's the only price. If women so much as acknowledge that men are treating them with kid gloves it short circuits most of the PC equality arguments.

As it should.

If women don't want that and want to be treated equal... then fine... but that means not complaining when you're treated like a man. Which is going to mean getting cussed out by people that will LAUGH at you when you cry. People that will show you ZERO pity when you break down. People that will if anything hold you in contempt for being so weak.

Are you prepared for that ladies? If so... game on.

If not... completely fine. But then we're playing by the old rules of male/female relations. Which means you're just a girl.

We've seen this PC crap try to gain purchase in the tech community for years. Linus Thorvald recently got told to be nicer women and that he shouldn't cus out people that he thinks are doing a crappy job.

He told her that she wasn't tolerating his culture and his way of doing things... and that he wasn't going to change anything.

I'll hold the same position here for the same reasons. If the girls want to be treated like girls then that's fine. If they want to be treated like men, that's fine. But stop trying to eat your man cake and have your girl perks too. Its either/or.

6 hours ago

Why Are the World's Scientists Continuing To Take Chances With Smallpox?

Karmashock I'd keep it on file (147 comments)

I'd avoid weaponizing it. I think the science labs that weaponize viruses on the argument that they need to know how to counter weaponized viruses is a little bunk. But I do think the viruses should be kept on file. Keep them in deep dark vaults... but keep them. I don't know if we'll ever need them for some reason but if we do they're there.

As to the worry that scientists might misuse them. I didn't say I'd let the scientists play with them. Just keep them. Seal them away somewhere and require a public hearing to release them to any lab.

Possibly include a 24 hour armed guard to accompany the virus if its released to a lab. The expense of such a guard should discourage casual research.

9 hours ago

Experiment Shows People Exposed To East German Socialism Cheat More

Karmashock Re:let me correct that for you. (507 comments)

By this logic Sharia law isn't a failed legal system or governmental model because there are people that are still trying to put it in place and many people still see it as a threat.

This is despite the fact that it has destroyed every culture that has followed its tenants closely and no society that has employed it has thrived.

Your standard for a "failed" ideology is whether or not it still have believers or not.

That's fine. However that is not my definition.

My definition is any ideology that has demonstrably failed to deliver on its promises.

For example, if my ideology promises to make you immortal and you die despite doing everything it asks... I'd call that a failed ideology.

Or if you prefer, when I say an ideology is failed... I just mean its wrong.

That doesn't mean people stop believing in it any more then believing the world is flat was impossible despite the world not being flat.

Now I know what you're going to say here because I suspect you're a believer in socialism and possibly communism. You're going to say that past incarnations of your ideal social model have never been properly realized. That they were corrupted etc.

Well, that's fine. My concern is that people like you might always say that in any situation where your ideology fails to deliver using the circular logic that because it didn't succeed it mustn't have been applied properly.

That is my concern.

I'd also point out that there are a lot of other ideologies that you probably think are bad that could use the same argument to argue for their adoption.

For example, total free market capitalism as a counter point to socialism and communism could argue that its never been properly implemented. That its always been corrupted by government interference, etc.

Now, I am not especially a believer in either of these systems. Grasp that. My own idealized society is something different enough from whatever most people are familiar with that I have no hope getting anyone to respect or consider my ideas... ever. And thus alienated from the issue, my perspective is more objective in some senses because I've no hope of anything I care about actually happening.

Your socialism and communism ideology in my view has high aspirations and good intentions. But that's not an uncommon virtue in idealized social models. Most of them have good intentions. However, in my opinion, neither system has lived up to its promises.

I also worry about such systems over time. They strike me as being inherently unsustainable social models that grant too much power to power elites in government, concentrating nearly all resources in government departments largely at the whim of bureaucrats, and there seems to be no merit based link between power and ability.

I like that such systems take care of the poor. But I worry further that that mission becomes a tool for power. In ancient Rome the "mob" was used by senators to gain power. You give the masses something they want and you can do whatever you want. Give the people free food... and you can get legions of slaves or soldiers or endless money etc etc.

I worry that the helping of the poor becomes a means to power rather then an end unto itself.

And it is for these reasons that I am very skeptical about the wholesomeness of those ideologies. I think they are ultimately shallow and unwise. Too blinded by their seeming of virtue to examine the sinews of their nature.

10 hours ago

Dealing With 'Advertising Pollution'

Karmashock Re:BEST thing we have going (381 comments)

As regards anti virus programs, my big problem with them is that they're invariably blacklisting programs which is silly because its easier to keep track of legitimate code then illegitimate code.

That is, better anti virus should rely on WHITE lists.

A company like Symantec could easily catalog all good code and provide an automated mechanism for major vendors to update known good code signatures.

As such, anything not signed and cataloged would be labeled "unknown."

The average user would be encouraged to avoid all unknown code as defined by the anti viral.

This is actually more similar to how biological immune systems work. They don't just look for known viruses. They also on principle attack anything they don't know.

Computer systems should have something of this hybrid response. By all means, identify known bad code and isolate it. But also discourage all but experts from running anything but known good code. Hackers, malware makers, etc can then do whatever they want... their code won't be executed because it won't match known good code.

Doubtless there will be loopholes but I think this would hugely improve security.

10 hours ago

Dealing With 'Advertising Pollution'

Karmashock Re:As the "Man of Steel" said to Lois Lane... apk (381 comments)

Unrelated question... what do you think of running your own DNS service?

That would seem to be a superior way to handle this situation. Your host file is very large and user machines are not well disposed to make use of it.

Furthermore, consider that we could use something like this for more then just redirecting bad websites. We could also use it to find good websites.

Consider further the whole "domain" system is limited and there is a lot of demand for certain names. But those names are nothing but DNS association with IP numbers. If you have your own DNS then all the domain names open up again. I could direct "" to my own website or whatever if I wanted to do that.

The point is that you could create distinct internet communities. Sort of like the deep web but with no attempt to encrypt anything.

It seems like your file is so large that simply making it part of a DNS server would make more sense.

Your thoughts?

10 hours ago

Experiment Shows People Exposed To East German Socialism Cheat More

Karmashock Re:let me correct that for you. (507 comments)

... you do realize that there is such a thing as a failed ideology right? There are political models that have been tried that have not been successful.

Citing those examples in history is valid.


Dealing With 'Advertising Pollution'

Karmashock Re:Don't put words in my mouth #3 of 3... apk (381 comments)

You've given me a lot to think about. I it will take awhile to properly process all your information and attempt to implement it my own way.

Thank you for being patient and informative.


Experiment Shows People Exposed To East German Socialism Cheat More

Karmashock Re:let me correct that for you. (507 comments)

You do know that every failed ideology will make the same claim when its failures are held up to the light of day.

You cite the time they had power and every time they'll say "oh but we didn't, some splinter faction of people we don't agree with took over and corrupted our perfect ideology"...

Its always the way. Cite anything... and the supporters will disavow past failures blaming it on misinterpretations and corruptions of their perfect vision.


MIT's Ted Postol Presents More Evidence On Iron Dome Failures

Karmashock Re:On topic, the argument makes no sense (385 comments)

A key feature of iron dome is that it calculates the trajectory of incoming rockets. If rockets are going to land in an area that is unpopulated then Iron dome does not intercept it.

It only intercepts when a rocket is going to land in an area that is populated. Its goal is therefore to protect those specific areas. If iron dome causes a rocket to not land in one of those areas but rather explode in a non-populated area then that is a success since the goal of iron dome is to protect populated areas.


Dealing With 'Advertising Pollution'

Karmashock Re:Don't put words in my mouth #2 of 3... apk (381 comments)

I too am I a big believer in layered security. I also believe in doing things differently.

I do a lot of things that only I do to enhance my own security. I've written a few simple programs to do a few things in my systems and because they're so simple I don't really feel comfortable sharing them. But they make my systems distinct. I've had infections try to gain control of my systems and they can't because my systems are non-standard.

I also always change my defaults. All my port numbers are different as a simple example. I don't use standard port numbers for any service I host. And then I like to use unusual/unpopular software to host those services. That means attackers, malware, etc simply aren't written for my systems. The hackers I encounter probe my systems. I log the probes... but they don't touch my services. They can't even detect them. They're unusual, often proprietary, secret, and unique.

I'm a big fan of taking lots of simple programs and bits of technology I understand and combining them in elaborate scripting programs to form much more sophisticated programs.

For example, made a very powerful backup script using volume shadow copy, a program to verify and compare files between directories, a compression program, and just plan old copy.

I create a Volume shadow copy of a database, then I verify directories are identical (Volume Shadow copy bugs and does not copy properly sometimes.), then I use a compression program to compress the directory into an archive (I have an archive that is kept in non-solid form that is updated so that only portions of the archive that need to change are changed), then use some simple scripts to calculate the time of day/day of month/year, etc... which determines backup location using a Grandfather, Father, Son backup scheme. Then the script pushes the files around my network. To lose anything 4 separate machines on my network would have to crash at once.

The only thing it doesn't have which I'm still working on is block level copies.

Anyway, the above allows me to do very sophisticated things. I've tried many commercial backup programs and none of them are even close to as configurable or reliable.

I've got detailed logs and statistics of all the activity as well as dead man switch fail safes that cry in the event that something doesn't happen.

Its very sophisticated.

So understand, I appreciate having a layered defense. I am likewise multifaceted. I do not have the same respect for efficiency you might. I praise adaptability over speed or efficiency. But those are simply our divergent biases.


MIT's Ted Postol Presents More Evidence On Iron Dome Failures

Karmashock On topic, the argument makes no sense (385 comments)

The professor is saying that if the warhead is no destroyed the intercept fails. That's nonsense. If you knock it off course or cause it to fall off target then it succeeded.

Furthermore, the statistics seem to suggest that SOMETHING is stopping the missiles because we have fairly reliable figures on the number of missiles fired and the number of missiles that landed in populated areas. We also have stats from previous bombardments... comparing the two we can see a huge difference. So why is that? Is the suggestion that the israelis are lying? Its possible. But there's no evidence of that to hang an argument upon. And even if they were doing it for the sake of argument there is no data to define the extent of that deceit. Its all theoretical.


Dealing With 'Advertising Pollution'

Karmashock Re:It's an easy fix (stop dns clientside cache) (381 comments)

I've been a big fan of using the host file for security for many years. Though, I've always done it through spybot.

Obviously that list is much more limited and you question the integrity of the people that compile it. That's possible. But you're preaching to the choir as regards host files.

That said, obviously a comprehensive host file is not a panacea. You need many layers to block things out.

For example, I use an addon called Flashblock. I use it because I don't want flash videos to auto run when I load websites. That said, I don't actually want to prevent them from running at all. I just want them to wait until I intentionally trigger them. For example, I might open five tabs on youtube each with a different youtube video. Without flashblock they'll all run at once the instant their pages load. This would then require me to go to each page and pause each video one at a time EVERY SINGLE TIME I open several such pages at once.

Because I have flash block, I can open them all at once and not worry about any of them because none of the videos will play until I trigger them.

That's just an example.

Another example is cookie monster which passively denies all cookies unless specified otherwise. It has an icon I can click in the status bar that lets me grant cookie permissions to a website or revoke it. Generally I forbid cookie access to all websites unless the site is non-functional without cookies. And then I only enable the cookies I have to enable to make the site functional. Its a very easy addon to use and I can effortlessly enable or disable cookie access on any site very quickly.

Then there's NoScript... which I use to disable javascript on most websites. Even on sites I do enable it on, I don't enable the scripts that I don't need. For example, Google Analytics is never enabled.

So there you go. I'm sure you have accomplished some of this natively in Opera but I'm pretty sure you don't have noscript or flash block natively running in opera. I personally am a big fan of addons. yes, my browser does sometimes use excessive amounts of ram. It tends to use somewhere between 1 and 2 gigabytes of ram. But I have lots of ram and it just doesn't matter.


Dealing With 'Advertising Pollution'

Karmashock Re:Nothing to "monkey with": You didn't do it righ (381 comments)

I didn't cut down your writing style. I pointed out it was bizarre.

adjective \bÉ(TM)-ËzÃr\

: very unusual or strange
Full Definition of BIZARRE
: strikingly out of the ordinary: as
a : odd, extravagant, or eccentric in style or mode
b : involving sensational contrasts or incongruities
â" biÂzarreÂly adverb
â" biÂzarreÂness noun

Your grammatical structure is bizarre and difficult to read which is my subjective opinion of it and frankly I doubt many would disagree.

That said, I've stuck with it and have not insulted you for it. I have done my best to translate it into intelligible script.

Again, I thank you for your help with this matter and will deal with it later when I have the attention span to go changing system settings.


Dealing With 'Advertising Pollution'

Karmashock Re:Read this closely... apk (381 comments)

I'll monkey with it later... thanks for you input and seriously make an effort to be less abrasive. Its unlikely to make people receptive if you keep rubbing salt in people's eyes.



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