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The Case For Oracle

Kashif Shaikh Re:If they can do it to Google, they can do it to (341 comments)

I heard that Sun used to charge royaltees for mobile phones that licensed the J2ME platform - complaint or certified implementations. And this kinda proves this: From Q: Does deploying Java SE for embedded devices or purposes require a royalty? A: Yes. Sun's license for Java SE enables it to be freely used for general purpose desktops or servers. If Java SE is bundled as part of a dedicated solution that involves or controls hardware of some kind, then it's likely an embedded application and is subject to modest royalty payments. I believe Google java implementation is custom - not part of SE or ME - so they avoid having pay any royaltees to Oracle. This is why I think Oracle is pissed.

more than 4 years ago

Playing Music Slows Vista Network Performance?

Kashif Shaikh Re:Except... (748 comments)

The audio layer (audiodg.exe) was ripped from kernel and moved to user space in Vista. This required audio drivers to be re-written and in my case my Creative Audigy sucks a lot of CPU because the driver guys had bugs with incorrect usage of buffers.

This means playing sounds sucks 30-40% of my 1.2GhZ CPU! Playing videos with sound suck 100% CPU on Vista!

When I moved back to XP, playing sounds suck 5% of CPU and Playing videos /w sound suck 25-30% of CPU! Now what the fuck is vista doing? And who to blame? Microsoft or Creative?


more than 7 years ago


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