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Hacking Charisma

KatchooNJ Big Bang Theory (242 comments)

Didn't this not work for Sheldon?

about 6 months ago

Animal Drug Investigation Reveals Pet Medication Often Doesn't Work

KatchooNJ Kitty Thyroid medicine (279 comments)

Thankfully, I am 100% confident that my kitty's thyroid medicine does work; she has hyperthyroidism from a benign tumor on her thyroid. It was VERY obvious that it was having a positive effect when the vet put her on it and I saw her plump up and feel tons better. Vomiting was another symptom... and that ceased. Another symptom was that she was dropping weight, which was scary because she was always hungry despite getting skinnier and skinnier. In fact, once she was on the medicine, she got a bit chubby and we ended up having to lower her dosage. She then trimmed down to normal weight and we keep her on a managed dose; she needs to be on it forever. No doubt at all that this particular med works. Forget the name offhand, though.

about 8 months ago

IBM's PC Junior Turns 30, Too

KatchooNJ Re:Collecovision (178 comments)

You are right about the C-64 power supplies. I went through a few of them, myself. I remember ultimately getting a 3rd party model that was advertised in Compute or Compute's Gazette back in the day. They touted that it was far more reliable. I think it was pricey... I have a weird memory of it costing $35 back in the 80s. (My grandmother was kind enough to spring for it.) I still have it to this day and it still works like a charm, so I guess it was worth the money. :-) Solid and sturdy... unlike the stock ones that came with the system.

On the other hand, you won't get me to easily praise much about the ADAM. heh I remember the commercials for it made it look great, though. Dragon's Lair looked quite good on it for the time! And it did play Colecovision game cartridges, so that was always a good thing. :-)

about 8 months ago

IBM's PC Junior Turns 30, Too

KatchooNJ ADAM! (178 comments)

But it all comes in one box!

about 8 months ago

Apple Macintosh Turns 30

KatchooNJ Hipster alert! (154 comments)

That video from the link in the post is like a cavalcade of hipsters!

about 8 months ago

200 Dolphins Await Slaughter In Japan's Taiji Cove

KatchooNJ So long... (628 comments)

So long and thanks for all the..... GURGLE

about 8 months ago

Kim Dotcom Just Launched His New Music Service With His Own Album

KatchooNJ "Fortunately there's a thing called Auto-Tune" (69 comments)

"Fortunately there's a thing called Auto-Tune..." Never thought I'd hear someone say that sentence without joking about it.

about 8 months ago

After 22 Years, Walt Mossberg Writes Final WSJ Column

KatchooNJ Re:Doom (100 comments)

Space Invaders?

about 9 months ago

TxK, Tempest 2000 Remake for PS Vita Demoed

KatchooNJ Exciting news for me! Vita needs good games (41 comments)

Tempest 2000 and Aliens vs. Predator are the games worth having a Jaguar for. Tempest 2000 being THE better game of the two. Being a Vita owner, I am completely thrilled to hear this news. The Vita has some great titles, but MORE, MORE, MORE!

about a year ago

Queen's WWIII Speech Revealed

KatchooNJ Keep Calm... (147 comments)

Keep Calm and Die A Slow Painful Death

about a year ago

PC Sales See 'Longest Decline' In History

KatchooNJ I got yer fix! (385 comments)

Tablets now fall under the umbrella of being a PC. BAM! Problem fixed... no more PC sales decline.

about a year ago

Hands-On With Windows 8.1 Preview

KatchooNJ Re:the return of the Start button (505 comments)

Windows 180 would be a good title... to go along with their XBOX ONE EIGHTY! They spun quick on that DRM crap after the Internet bit their face off.

about a year ago

Pinball: a Resurgence In Retro Gaming From an Unlikely Place

KatchooNJ Re:Um...what's the "unlikely place"? (107 comments)

I think it is just worded wonky... I get the impression that they mean that PINBALL is the unlikely place in retro gaming that people would expect a resurgence.

about a year ago

Sony Reveals More PS4 and Dual Shock 4 Details

KatchooNJ Re:Analog face buttons? (242 comments)

Interesting. I guess I never realized that the PS3 controllers had this capability because I never played anything that apparently used this and also because there was no indication on the controller that they had analog button functions. I remember the old conrollers had that button that actually said, "ANALOG" on it, so there was no mistaking there.

about a year and a half ago

Sony Reveals More PS4 and Dual Shock 4 Details

KatchooNJ Analog face buttons? (242 comments)

Yeah, I guess you can call them seldom used... I never even knew the PS3 had controllers with those buttons. My PS3 controllers never had them.

about a year and a half ago

JMS and Wachowskis Teaming Up for New Netflix Funded Scifi Series

KatchooNJ Re:Uh oh... (268 comments)

In all fairness... most shows take a couple seasons to hit their stride. I still remember watching the first episode of Star Trek: TNG and thinking that it stunk and I completely gave up on the show at that point. I then rejoined the party in season 2 and ended up loving the series, for the most part.

Also, how many episodic things have the Wachowskis worked on? I can only think of the Matrix films. Maybe there are things out there I haven't seen yet.

about a year and a half ago

Don't Write Them Off: A Palm Retrospective

KatchooNJ Re:Still Carry a Palm (102 comments)

Ditto! My m515 is also not holding much of a charge any longer. Still love that little thing, even if it is pretty old-school, at this point. ;-) I love how the OS was very "zen" and elegant.

about a year and a half ago

Google Doodle Celebrates Birthday of Douglas Adams

KatchooNJ Imagine if he was 42 (104 comments)

Imagine if he was 42... that would have surely been wild.

about a year and a half ago



Sony PlayStation Orbis Not Going To Allow Legacy Games

KatchooNJ KatchooNJ writes  |  more than 2 years ago

KatchooNJ writes "It appears that the Sony PlayStation Orbis is not going to be fitted to allow for legacy gaming. It seems that Sony has been slowly moving away from this for cost reasons, even with the PS3's ability to play PS1 and PS2 games. Is this the biggest news or is it that there is more talk about trying to elbow out the used game market? Will gamers revolt and boycott?"
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