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Intel Releases 5,000 Pages of Open-Source Haswell Documentation

KazW Dear Nvidia... (111 comments)

Please take notice, this is how to support GPU hardware correctly.

about 9 months ago

Stanford Study Flawed: Organic Produce May Be More Nutritious After All

KazW Re:Just eat and shuddup about organic already! (305 comments)

Incredibly well said, someone get this post some mod points!

... have probably never even set food on an actual farm before...

That made me chuckle.

about 2 years ago

Happy Birthday, Debian!

KazW Re:Better than Arch? (172 comments)

I use Arch on simple/embedded systems only, when using it for something more complex like a desktop, updates tend to break it quite frequently. I used Arch for 12 months on my desktop and for 9 of those months I had to live with bugs that I just didn't have the time to fix. Arch is great, but there's no QC, whereas with Debian you may not get the latest version, but at least your system will be stable.

To summarize, it's a trade off between stability and having the latest version of packages.

more than 2 years ago

Bill Would Force Patent Trolls To Pay Defendants' Legal Bills

KazW SHIELD? (167 comments)

I think we can make a good guess about which movies these congressmen may have watched recently...

more than 2 years ago

Linux 3.3 Released

KazW Re:Great timing (314 comments)

I have at least this many tabs open in Firefox across my tab groups, the "Don't load tabs until selected" option in the general tab is really quite awesome.

more than 2 years ago

Linux 3.3 Released

KazW Re:Great timing (314 comments)

The two replies above mine make a good point of explaining this, but your system design is extremely flawed. Also, it indicates to me that you've probably been setup for a failure since day 1 due to your project having an insufficient budget.

more than 2 years ago

Intel Gets Serious With Solar-powered CPU Tech

KazW Re:It's a Race (74 comments)

So many people are worried about how technological advances are ruining the environment. What many often forget is that technology is also the answer (unless you want to go back to a hunter-gather lifestyle and I hear that the drum/smoke-signal bandwidth really sucks, it's takes forever to download the latest movie.)

We're in a race - computational speed, new materials, new efficiencies versus the rate in which we're polluting the environment. Many things make me optimistic: photovoltaic paints for one - and now processing power so efficient that it can be solar powered. Wow. We may win this race after all. .

You insensitive clod! Smoke signals release carbon into the atmosphere!

more than 2 years ago

iOS Vs. Android: Which Has the Crashiest Apps?

KazW Re:Removable battery (358 comments)

Motorolas are horrible, I had a Milestone for five days before going back and getting an HTC Desire. I had the same problem with the phone completely locking up. So while your point is valid, I would argue that it only applies to certain manufactures, and I have seen iPhones completely lock up as well.

more than 2 years ago

Kinect For Windows Releasing On February 1

KazW Kinect "Gesture" idea (155 comments)

If a user shakes their fist rock-paper-scissors style at their screen, it opens the browser to their favourite porn site in private mode.

more than 2 years ago

Kinect For Windows Releasing On February 1

KazW Interesting, but useless (155 comments)

The Kinect has a user base of 18 million units world wide, let's assume only half of those are USB units, that's 9 million units. Instead of Microsoft allowing home users to use their XBox Kinect with Windows Metro apps, home users will be forced to buy a new Kinect to use it with Windows apps (commercial apps anyways, they can use apps made with the beta SDK).

With this move Microsoft has reduced the PC user base of Kinect to 0, eliminating a huge audience for developers. The reason given was that the XBox Kinect was subsidized by game sales, but if using that defence, why not just subsidize this Kinect through the new app store Windows 8 will have? This would let home users use their existing Kinect and keep Microsoft's bottom line doing well in the long term. This is just a very dumb move overall.

Foreword to pro-M$ trolls, I did RTFA and I know about the "near" feature of this new Kinect, but it still doesn't justify this move.

more than 2 years ago

Windows 8 To Include Built-in Reset, Refresh

KazW Re:Interesting, but.... (441 comments)

I forgot to add that the reason for re-installing is because you're installing from a known-to-be-clean source. Once viruses get into the image, what's the point?

It's not mentioned, but it'd be nice if you could save the image on an external drive that you could unplug from the system to keep the image safe. Before I switched to using Linux on my desktop, I did much the same thing with a Clonezilla image.

more than 2 years ago

Windows 8 To Include Built-in Reset, Refresh

KazW Interesting, but.... (441 comments)

How long until viruses inject themselves into this recovery image and get "refreshed" onto the new install?

more than 2 years ago

China Cuts 'Excessive Entertainment' From TV

KazW Re:Right because if one place does it it is ok (336 comments)

Seriously I get real tired of the America basing some people feel the need to do whenever anything about another country comes up...

2) Not everyone on the Internet lives in America. Maybe they are interested in news about other countries, ever think of that? Stop trying to steer everything back to your country. There are plenty of discussions on /. about the shit that happens in America. Don't hijack others.

You do realize the GP didn't mention America at all in his comment, don't you? It was only you who mentioned America. In essence, you're doing exactly what you said shouldn't be done.

I'm Canadian, and I had a similar sentiment as the GP. I think _you_ should stop steering the discussion towards America.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Inexpensive VPS Provider?

KazW Re:i moved to host chopper, never looked back (375 comments)

after trying FDC, Slicehost, Swvps, & Linode, i finally found a hosting solution that had everything I needed for a good price.

A publicly posted support ticket they show one their site:



Charlie Sheen started a hosting company?

This hosting company is a good joke, I have mod points but couldn't mod you 'funny' since I wanted to post this, too bad.

P.S. All kidding aside, anyone willing to pay this "company" for services of any type would be brain dead.

more than 2 years ago

MIT Software Allows Queries On Encrypted Databases

KazW Re:Why? (68 comments)

comparison operations ( select * where salary > 60000) the encryption used maintains order. The encrypted value of 59,999 is less than the encrypted value of 60,000,

I've never understood this bit. If, without the encryption key, I can compare two pieces of data to see which plaintext is less than then other, that seems like a huge hole. For normalized data in the DB, if some of the plaintext is known or guessable, I can probably guess all the values (since normalized values are generally represented by small integers). Heck, if I have "less than", can't I find the plaintext result of subtracting one plaintext value from another, without the key? That's effectively the same as decrypting English text.

Incorrect. The GP was speaking about an integer comparison, not a string comparison. Integer sorting is useful for sorting data records, sorting data by the calculated result of text data wouldn't be so useful.

more than 2 years ago

The Sports Footage You Won't See Today On TV

KazW You insensitive clod! (277 comments)

I'm Canadian, Thanksgiving was last month!

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Self-Hosted Gmail Alternatives?

KazW Re:iRedMail+SOGo+Funambol (554 comments)

Forgot to add that iRedMail does virus scanning as well using ClamAV.

more than 3 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Self-Hosted Gmail Alternatives?

KazW iRedMail+SOGo+Funambol (554 comments)

I use iRedMail+SOGo+Funambol... iRedMail is a CentOS based email server that supports domain keys, multiple domains, spam assassin, sieve filtering, mailbox quotas, email aliases, mailing lists and an LDAP/MySQL hybrid backend (and many more features). SOGo is a very nice groupware suite with a calendar and can be hooked up to Thunderbird with Lightening for a desktop UI, SOGo can also pull from POP/IMAP accounts on other servers. You can also link SOGo to iRedMail's sieve server to make email filtering rules from the web UI, SOGo also supports multiple identities for one user and multiple domains. Funambol connects to SOGo and syncs everything to your iOS/Android/Windows Mobile devices, including email, contacts and calendar (you can also save photos and other media/stuff to Funambol, but I haven't used it). All of these services are easy to wrap up in SSL when using Apache as a proxy (SOGo and Funambol are their own HTTP servers, but are limiting if you want to run everything on one domain with SSL). This setup also works great on a VPS.

My only complaint is that iRedMail's use of LDAP isn't great and it can be a pain to configure other services like Samba, NFS/NIS and OpenVPN to use it's LDAP, but it's doable. iRedMail also has a nice web UI for basic operations like adding a domain and users, and there is a more advance admin UI available ($200/year), but if you can use phpLDAPadmin and Google, you don't need it.

As for security concerns, iRedMail is already setup to be secure as far as not being an open relay. As for securing the web UI, modify your Apache config and only let certain services use https (public), and set the admin stuff to use http (or https if you have 2 NICs) via only the local network.

The last step would be to get a cheap little VPS somewhere and set it up to be a backup MX.

more than 3 years ago

Should Colleges Ban Classroom Laptop Use?

KazW This is (804 comments)

Complete bullshit, I'm currently a CS student, and my netbook is absolutely invaluable to me, I use it to take notes and complete in class assignments. There are always going to be in class distractions, and a better rule to implement would be requiring student to mute cell phone ringers. More importantly, in special cases such as my own, it'd be illegal for me school to deny me the use of my computer or at least a computer when writing is required. I write incredibly slow, and as such have been labelled as having a learning disability since I was in high school. I can however type almost as fast as I can speak, and as such am granted a special allowance to use a computer in any situation where writing is required. I don't always take advantage of this, but it makes me comfortable knowing that I can call upon it if I feel I need to do so.

When the facebook addicts see a failing grade, or get kicked out for their low GPA, they'll get the message. Depriving students of these indispensable learning tools would be a crime against academia.

more than 3 years ago



RaspberryPi Model B now gets 512MB

KazW KazW writes  |  about 2 years ago

KazW (1136177) writes "From
"One of the most common suggestions we’ve heard since launch is that we should produce a more expensive “Model C” version of Raspberry Pi with extra RAM. This would be useful for people who want to use the Pi as a general-purpose computer, with multiple large applications running concurrently, and would enable some interesting embedded use cases (particularly using Java) which are slightly too heavyweight to fit comfortably in 256MB."

Although I think this is good news, this could lead to some fragmentation within the community since some boards have more memory than others."

Link to Original Source

Should there be an open source tax break?

KazW KazW writes  |  more than 3 years ago

KazW (1136177) writes "This is just an idea I was toying with, but then I started wondering about the deeper intricacies of it all... It started with a simple premise: Developing open source gives back to the masses, just like paying taxes, so should developing open source be tax exempt or be partially deductible? This question lead to the following questions:
  • Should companies who invest in the development (not deployment) of open source software be given a tax break/credit?
  • If a country was to offer this to corporations, how would it be best implemented? (tax break based on programmer income or lines of code?)
  • If that government implemented this, and transitioned to using all or mostly open source systems, could this help fund the tax cut?
  • How much of a break would be needed for a western country to make it's code shops be more competitive with eastern code shops?
  • How much could this help the current economic situation faced by most western countries?

Best Tech Universities?

KazW KazW writes  |  more than 4 years ago

KazW (1136177) writes "After being laid off from my IT job a couple months ago, due to the recession, I decided that I should upgrade my high school and go to university (I had gotten my GED so I could work when I was 18), since I'm still young (20 years old), I figured that this shouldn't be too hard. I'm not done my upgrading yet, but I will be in the fall, so I've decided that I should start looking into what universities I should apply to. Off the top of my head, 3 "techy" universities instantly came to mind: MIT, Berkley and Waterloo; I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, so University of Calgary and University of Alberta are my local options. What I'm looking for is for some student/industry/general opinions and information on what universities and programs I can look at, I won't be making my decision solely based on the responses to this article, but I hope to use it as an additional resource for my research.

My goal is to get a Ph.D in Computer Science. I'd like to focus on robotics, artificial intelligence and possibly bio-informatics, but any information about any tech related universities and their programs is welcomed and appreciated."

Google and Wikipedia "pollute" our oceans

KazW KazW writes  |  more than 4 years ago

KazW (1136177) writes "I was following the progress of my ThinkGeek order on Google Maps when I got bored and started to zoom in/out to other locations and other such musings. I've used the Wikipedia integration feature before, and found out some pretty interesting history and facts about my local transit system(we all get bored at times). This time however, some Wikipedia icons caught my eye because they were placed out in the pacific, they varied from North Korean villages to convention centers to court houses. One of the more interesting and entertaining Wikipedia articles "polluting" the Google Maps' North Pacific Ocean was for "Olympus Mons... the tallest known volcano and mountain in the Solar System. It is located on the planet Mars at approximately 18N 133W / 18, -133."

It actually makes for some interesting, random fact learning and can give you a chuckle or two... Just take a look at Google Maps and see for yourself."

Microsoft to submit code to Linux kernel

KazW KazW writes  |  more than 5 years ago

KazW (1136177) writes "According to an article posted at Port25 yesterday, Microsoft will apparently be submitting a Linux kernel device driver under full GPL v2 that will allow their Hyper-V virtualization solution to run Linux with high performance. I think hell might have froze over, just at the beginning of this year I used what Microsoft had published on their site and was unable to hack their provided code to work on CentOS as opposed to SUSE. I am no real kernel hacker, but I am proficient at maintaining a Linux system; but this announcement means that any distribution would be able to run on Hyper-V, without any real hassle. I was most shocked that they will be providing the code under full GPL v2 and not under the community shunned "Microsoft Public License", which is OSI approved, but it is still thought throughout the community that it's some sort of trap. With the submission of the code under the GPL, could this mean Microsoft will start to be more respected in the Open Source community? Probably not, because of the unnatural hate too much of the community has towards "M$", but this is still an interesting story and it's worth a look.

Small Excerpt:
"Microsoft just submitted source code for the Hyper-V Linux Integration Components to the Linux Kernel Community Under GPL v2.
Let me summarize:

* Yes, our device driver code was released directly to the Linux Kernel
* We released the code under GPL v2
* We are working with Greg Kroah-Hartman so it is ready for the next release of the Linux Kernel, version 2.6.32
* We will continue to update the driver code to enhance interoperability on an ongoing basis, but it's our hope that other developers in the community will find the code useful and worthy of collaboration.
We're not talking a few hundred lines of code here; we're talking about roughly 20,000 lines of code.""

Link to Original Source


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