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Netflix Gets What It Pays For: Comcast Streaming Speeds Skyrocket

Kenja Re:I Pay (322 comments)

No, you pay Comcast for internet access at UP TO X speed. It's all in your contract, they promise nothing.

3 days ago

Climate Scientist: Climate Engineering Might Be the Answer To Warming

Kenja Sulfuric Acid. (341 comments)

While it's not a solution most people want to consider, pumping sulfuric acid into the atmosphere would counter act the green house effect. But it's sort of the "old lady who swallowed the fly" issue since we then would need to figure out what to do about all the acid rain.

4 days ago

Inside the Stolen Smartphone Black Market In London

Kenja Re:Changing IMEI is illegal (109 comments)

But that would mean the people stealing phones where doing things that were illegal, and that would be BREAKING THE LAW!

4 days ago

Bachelor's Degree: An Unnecessary Path To a Tech Job

Kenja It's just a badge... (286 comments)

Look at it this way. The HR person will have two stacks of resumes. One for people with a degree and one for people without. Odds are the only time they'll delve into the non-degree pile is if they find no one in main stack to fill the position. This isn't to say you MUST have a degree to get a job. I lack one and have been employed for a long time. But I'm realizing that as my age gets up there, it will be desirable to get one for my next job.

4 days ago

Evidence Aside, FBI Says Russians Out To Steal Ideas From US Tech Firms

Kenja I've worked with many Russians... (132 comments)

what they'll do is take the design, and implement a very cheap poorly implemented knock off. No real threat in my opinion...

about two weeks ago

SF Evictions Surging From Crackdown On Airbnb Rentals

Kenja Read your lease... (319 comments)

Do people really not read these things. No subletting is a common clause.


about two weeks ago

New US Atomic Clock Goes Live

Kenja Re:How, exactly, do we know? (127 comments)

It is the reference. Time is relative, we use these atomic clocks to set standards for comparison.

about two weeks ago

An SSD for Your Current Computer May Save the Cost of a New One (Video)

Kenja Re:SSDs... for Macs (353 comments)

Ah yes... I remember those. I had to buy an external Mac drive for the company I was with at the time and couldn't for the life of me think of a reason the "Mac" version cost more money. So I got the "PC" version and when it arrived, it was preformatted for Macintosh. Fun times.

about two weeks ago

.NET Native Compilation Preview Released

Kenja So no more .net redistributable? (217 comments)

This can only be a good thing as every game I install these days also installs the redistribution files for .net.

about two weeks ago

Bunnie Huang's Novena Open Source Laptop Launches Via Crowd Supply

Kenja Re:Missing the point (88 comments)

Yea, it's a neat project, and I am somewhat tempted to back the project. I just wouldn't call the end result a laptop in the general sense.

about two weeks ago

Bunnie Huang's Novena Open Source Laptop Launches Via Crowd Supply

Kenja Time to change the rallying cry... (88 comments)

Free as in a 200 year old single malt scotch. Beer just doesn't cut it at these prices.

about two weeks ago

The 3D Economy — What Happens When Everyone Prints Their Own Shoes?

Kenja Economics of scale... (400 comments)

It will always be cheaper to have a thousand of something made then one, allowing a profit margin for reselling the thousand at a price lower then a person can make the one.

about three weeks ago

Russians Take Ukraine's Last Land Base In Crimea

Kenja Re:I dont get it (551 comments)

It's the same reason you give your wallet to the mugger with the gun and the crazy eyes.

about three weeks ago

Back To the Moon — In Four Years

Kenja Re:I can barely make ends meet (292 comments)

So why did you have kids you can't afford and why is that our problem?

about a month ago

$30K Worth of Multimeters Must Be Destroyed Because They're Yellow

Kenja To be fair... (653 comments)

Those look a LOT like a Fluke multimeter, in more ways then just the color. I find it hard to believe that isn't intentional.

about a month ago

"The Fat Man" George Sanger Answers Your Questions About Music and Games

Kenja Re:Why are you so fat? (20 comments)

Because 'George “The Average Weight” Sanger' sounds silly.

about a month and a half ago

Whole Foods: America's Temple of Pseudoscience

Kenja Re:Troll (794 comments)

Lets assume you're right. How does their grasp of science effect the freshness of their kale? Cause I really don't care about the former when compared to the later.

about 2 months ago

Whole Foods: America's Temple of Pseudoscience

Kenja Why single out Whole Foods? (794 comments)

Go to Safeway or any other supermarket and take a look around. Or do you really think that post cereals promote heart health? Hell, it took a law suite to stop "vitamin" water from claiming health benefits from their sugar water.

about 2 months ago

Google Fighting Distracted Driver Laws

Kenja Bill specifically about Glass is a bad idea... (226 comments)

However general legislation against using digital devices can be done right. The issue we start to run into is things like do touch screens built into the dashboard count or windscreen HUDs like what BMW has in the works.

about 2 months ago


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