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Internet Hunting

Kenneth Re:Someone's gonna die (892 comments)

What if someone is out in the range adjusting some equipment, and the thing that was supposed to disconnect the Internet death trigger malfunctioned...

That mysterious and magical device is known as a human. There is always someone there whenever firing can go on, and I stroungly suspect that the firearm is removed from the device that fires it whenever anything is to be adjusted downrange. In other words the same precautions that are taken on a regular firing range.

This is not a totally automated device. Someone has to be there to reload, clear jams, oversee the firing mechanism to assure there are no human casualties. It is NOT done with a device, it is done by a human being who is also likely the one going downrange, and will be protecting his own butt.

Also note that this isn't like a magic 8 ball, or a webcam that you can control. It is something that only one person gets to use at a time. Time on it must be scheduled, and a membership be purchased. It is not by any means a point and shoot situation.

more than 10 years ago


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