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Possible New Human Species Discovered In China

KermitJunior Re:Fascinating! (234 comments)

And when encyclopedias stopped being published... a big EMP and "poof" all the recorded evidence is gone....

more than 2 years ago

DARPA Researches Avatar Surrogates

KermitJunior Re:What can go wrong... (159 comments)

. Unfortunately machines will eventually be better than humans at killing other machines -and humans- than humans can physically be. And then men will become slaves, to other men, with machines. But it'd be pretty damn smart to make our machines before the other guy gets his, you know?

A) What name were you thinking? I was gonna go with Skynet.

B) Find someone name Sarah and make her give birth to John Conner.

more than 2 years ago

SCO vs. IBM Trial Back On Again

KermitJunior Re:Hollywood lied to me (232 comments)

Really? I kinda thought A4 was sufficiently mindbending that it actually made up for A3...

more than 2 years ago

Spanish Extremadura Moving 40,000 Desktops To Linux

KermitJunior Re:Europe is broke , Linux to the recue (137 comments)

Thank you, troll. Those numbers are COMPLETELY bogus and pulled out of thin air. 1) You don't know 8hrs... I've seen much less (like a 30 minute briefing and a sheet of "use this program for this task" chart. 2) You just randomly threw in upgrades to pad your numbers. 3) You assume rebuilding applications (and the number of applications) to, again, simply pad your numbers. Please get at least a few facts before trolling.

more than 2 years ago

Shareholder Fight Threatens Mandriva SA

KermitJunior Re:Linux vendor? (193 comments)

I think Steve Jobs beat you to that idea... it's called OS X.

about 3 years ago

A Right To Bear Virtual Arms?

KermitJunior Re:Why? (201 comments)

Or an Ice Cream Sandwich... but then Google showed up.

more than 3 years ago

Linux Kernel 3.1 RC 2 Released

KermitJunior Re:version inflation (209 comments)

seven years compiling... oh, you must be using gentoo.

more than 3 years ago

Scientists Postulate Extinct Hominid With 150 IQ

KermitJunior Re:Does a bigger brain really mean higher IQ? (568 comments)

Yes, whales have bigger brains than humans. That is why alien species made contact with them early on and the lack of communication with them in a few centuries will render all of our technology useless.

about 5 years ago

Skeptics Question OLPC's Focus With $75 Tablet

KermitJunior Re:Needed: DIY education software (159 comments)

It already has been proven. Three groups of kids. First group traditional education. Second is guided but loose (like a lot of decent homeschoolers - not all, mind you) and Third was kids who just had someone to ask questions of and list topics/projects. Guess which group scored better at the end of the testing? Yep... group three. With little more than the Google equivalent of a "teacher". You ever see how quickly school can suck the imagination, creativity and desire to learn out of a kid?

And before you ask... "Values for a New Millenium"b Dr. Robert Humphrey. Info is in the last part of the book.

Now, when he proved several techniques that took Inner City kids from drug addicts to straight A students... who do you think shut him down? Kids? No. Parents? No. School Board? You betcha. (And that isn't knocking all School Board people...) Read the book.

more than 5 years ago

Should You Be Paid For Being On Call?

KermitJunior Re:Well, then... (735 comments)

Probably the same type lawyer that charges a "Retainer Fee" that is for basically being on call. He then charges per hour for time spent working on your case with a discount, depending on the level of your retainer.

more than 5 years ago

Opera Closes China Loophole; Reinstates Censorship

KermitJunior Re:Torn (272 comments)

Somehow I doubt that publishing their "This is how we plan on subverting the Chinese gov't" is a good plan to publish.

more than 4 years ago

Would You Use a Free Netbook From Google?

KermitJunior Re:Duhhh (435 comments)

"Hardware can't be given away." Oh really? Let me introduce you to a new invention. Call the Cell Phone.

more than 5 years ago

What Desktop Search Engine For a Shared Volume?

KermitJunior How about... (232 comments)


more than 5 years ago

For Some Medical Workers, a Flu Shot Or Possible Job Loss

KermitJunior Re:Captain TwatObvious (541 comments)

"no serious text can get around scientific fact just to present and position their own product. (The faculty, after all, have to approve the referenced texts, and precious few of them desire to be perceived as corporate shills.)"

So you've either never been to college or you simply accepted what was put in front of you... more proof that higher education in America is going more towards the "teaching people WHAT to think" instead of "teaching people HOW to think."

Most of the faculty would never purposely be corporate shills, but they will easily perpetuate "facts" that are "accepted" even if not true. Eggs are good for you. No, they're not. Yes, they are. etc. Pick almost any topic and you'll see a pendulum both in the "facts" and what is taught.

more than 5 years ago

First Black Hole For Light Created On Earth

KermitJunior Oh whatever... (244 comments)

Tell me it has Ten Chevrons around it and THEN I'll be impressed.

more than 5 years ago



Discovering hidden information on your PC

KermitJunior KermitJunior writes  |  more than 7 years ago

KermitJunior (674269) writes "I was recently approached by a colleague at work who seems to think that his wife might be cheating on him or engaging in otherwise "not quite right" behavior. He has asked me to investigate his computer and find any "pictures, movies, emails, browser history, bank accounts, etc." that might clue him in to a "second identity." Aside from the standard file searches and poking around settings, does anyone in the slashdot crowd know of any free forensic software out there that might help in the search? (Like recovering deleted cache, etc?) The computer is running Win98, I think. I can slave to linux, too, if that will assist."


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