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In an Age of Cyber War, Where Are the Cyber Weapons?

KernelMuncher Re:Classified (94 comments)

Not only do they exist but they're almost assuredly being used right now. It's just that the virus writers are the best (CIA / NSA) money can buy so their work remains anonymous.

about 6 months ago

UCLA Architectural Program Teaches Design for Robot Homes

KernelMuncher what if microsoft ran all of this ? (35 comments)

If microsoft software ran all of these building changes it would bring a new meaning to the phrase "blue screen of death" - falling out of the building when a wall accidentally opens up or getting crushed by a moving toilet

about 6 months ago

Surrey Hit With Catnado

KernelMuncher Re:Hello I'm british (95 comments)

I thought it had to do with the common occurrence of cold fronts from Canada colliding with warm fronts from the Gulf of Mexico. That would occur right around Kansas / Oklahoma, the center of Tornado Alley.

about 6 months ago

AMC Theaters Allegedly Calls FBI to Interrogate a Google Glass Wearer

KernelMuncher Re: Lesson from this story...don't be a glass hole (1034 comments)

Absolutely agree here. After 15 minutes he should have said "enough of this harassment, arrest me now or let me go". Know your rights.

about 6 months ago

Man Shot To Death For Texting During Movie

KernelMuncher Re:was the movie Beyond this Horizon? (1431 comments)

The movie industry won't collapse, they'll just finally have the incentive to stream new movies into everyone's homes instead of movie theaters. .

about 7 months ago

Engineers: Traffic Studies Use Simulation Software, Not Lane Closings

KernelMuncher Re:In other words ... (265 comments)

It's keeping the topic in the public's view. The longer this scandal lasts, the more people hear about it and the more damage done to Christie's reputation. Fanning the flames . . .

about 7 months ago

Programmer Debunks Source Code Shown In Movies and TV Shows

KernelMuncher Re:Terminator (301 comments)

I remember seeing that ages ago when I was young and wondering what it was. Thanks for the info.

about 7 months ago

Headhunters Can't Tell Anything From Facebook Profiles

KernelMuncher Re:Color me shocked (209 comments)

I've got to disagree about your belief that young people can not be effective managers. The military routinely turns young college graduates into officers and gives them leadership responsibilities. That system has been successful in the United States for more than two hundred years.

The main difference between the military and the private sector is in the preparation. The military has a specialized training program (OCS) specifically tailored for leadership principles that all applicants must pass before becoming officers. That lasts for several months. And, for young officers, there's a great support system of experienced officers and NCO's who can give them advice.

Private corporations generally don't offer training and mentorship programs any more due to cost cutting measures. It's common to have people promoted to management positions with no training whatsoever. And the closest civilian equivalent, an MBA, seems to breed arrogance.

about 7 months ago

Red Light Camera Use Declined In 2013 For the First Time

KernelMuncher Re:money-making scheme (348 comments)

those North Korean traffic women are hot !

about 7 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Application Security Non-existent, Boss Doesn't Care. What To Do?

KernelMuncher advise & document (310 comments)

Have a written copy (email) of your exchanges with the boss. Advise him/her of the security risk and what consequences could occur if the software were compromised. If there's no response on the matter forward the communication to the legal department.

about 8 months ago

Lawsuits Seek To Turn Chimpanzees Into Legal Persons

KernelMuncher they've got it wrong (641 comments)

I'd rather have a law to turn some obnoxious humans into chimpanzees

about 8 months ago

R2-D2: Mall Cop

KernelMuncher same as now (139 comments)

at 5 feet and 300 lbs, it's not so different from normal security guards today who look like they'd get winded from standing up

about 8 months ago

62% of 16 To 24-Year-Olds Prefer Printed Books Over eBooks

KernelMuncher depends on the purpose of the book (331 comments)

For light reading I prefer ebooks but anything professional, I'd want a real book so I can underline passages and take notes in the margins. That all can be done with ebooks but not nearly as well as far as I'm concerned.

about 8 months ago

Only 25% of Yahoo Staff "Eat Their Own Dog Food"

KernelMuncher snooping (292 comments)

So does Yahoo just want to snoop on all their employees ? By making them use their own email client they could do exactly that.

about 8 months ago

Where Does America's Fear Come From?

KernelMuncher good economic times = the boredom to create fears (926 comments)

Post the Great Depression, the USA has had a pretty good run as far as a high standard of living for its residents. That's true even with the numerous recessions that have occurred over the decades. Everybody in the middle class has two cars, color TV's and big houses. America is the land of plenty.

I think all this economic prosperity has given Americans the luxury to sit around and dream up things to be afraid of. The populace isn't concerned with thoughts of their next meal or hyperinflation. Instead they deal with their boredom by manufacturing fears. Some of these topics are legitimately worth being concerned about (though likely not to the degree we've obsessed over them as a nation). Others were simply paranoia:

1950's = Communists
1960's = hippies
1970's = industrial toxins in environment give us cancer
1980's = Communists again under Regan
1990's = crack epidemic / drug wars
2000's = terrorists

about 9 months ago

Google: Our Robot Cars Are Better Drivers Than You

KernelMuncher gets rid of drunk driving (722 comments)

I see the biggest benefit to this technology not as saving us from a boring commute but in preventing drunk driving deaths. It's like having a designated driver for everyone. That would save 10's of thousands of lives per year.

about 9 months ago

Oakland Is Building a Big Data Center For Police Surveillance

KernelMuncher Re:$7M is a big data center? (92 comments)

It sounds more like "We're a government agency with funds to spend. What can we waste it on ?"

I think the money is likely to go into to some contractor's pocket who is friends with the politically connected. I can't see the value to society in any of their expenditures (other than as an example of what not to do).

about 9 months ago

Tesla Model S Catches Fire: Is This Tesla's 'Toyota' Moment?

KernelMuncher vs gasoline cars (388 comments)

obviously gasoline cars never catch on fire

about 10 months ago

Ballmer To Retire

KernelMuncher Re:In the next 12 months... (633 comments)

Better yet a giant statue of Ballmer with chairs all around it that people can pick up and fling at it

about a year ago

Washington Post Hacked, a Day After New York Times

KernelMuncher Re:maintenance updates during the day ? (98 comments)

Did the team go en masse to some new job like a hedge fund ? Or was this simply an expression of complete frustration ?

about a year ago



quantum cryptography creates the unbreakable message ?

KernelMuncher KernelMuncher writes  |  1 year,1 day

KernelMuncher (989766) writes "Dr. Nicolas Gisin is a Swiss quantum physicist who specializes in photon research. In 2001, Gisin co-founded a company called ID Quantique that now provides data security that is virtually impossible to breach to various banks and governments.

The primary quantum tool at work in ID Quantique's quantum communication scheme is known as "entanglement," a phenomena in which two particles — in this case individual photons — are placed in a correlated state. Under the rules of quantum mechanics, these two entangled photons are inextricably linked; a change to the state of one photon will affect the state of the other. Any tampering with the photon in transit would change the state of the entangled photon still in the sender's possession, raising a red flag. The sender could then simply discard the intercepted key and generate another.

Will this technique work ? Has quantum physics gone from abstract theory to everyday use ?"

Link to Original Source

NY to LA in 45 minutes?

KernelMuncher KernelMuncher writes  |  1 year,14 days

KernelMuncher (989766) writes "Tesla founder Elon Musk wants to revolutionize transportation yet again. The serial entrepreneur envisions a future where mag-lev trains in enormous pneumatic tubes whisk us from Los Angeles to New York in 45 minutes. Need to be in Beijing tomorrow? No problem. It's a two-hour ride away.

Called the Hyperloop, Musk described his transportation system as "a cross between a Concorde, a railgun and an air hockey table," at a conference earlier this year."

Link to Original Source

Australia Air Force uses math puzzle for job ad that was unsolvable

KernelMuncher KernelMuncher writes  |  about a year ago

KernelMuncher (989766) writes "Australia's Royal Air Force has been left red-faced after a job ad asked applicants to solve a complex math problem was revealed to be unsolvable. The service posted the puzzle in a bid to attract the country's best minds to its ranks. "If you have what it takes to be an engineer in the Air Force call the number below," it read above a complicated formula which candidates had to crack. But there was a slight difficulty. The problem had typos and ended up not giving potential operatives the correct contact information."
Link to Original Source

go to uni, earn a degree in drones

KernelMuncher KernelMuncher writes  |  about a year ago

KernelMuncher (989766) writes "Curricula and research projects related to drones are cropping up at both large universities and community colleges across the country. In a list of 81 publicly funded entities that have applied for a certificate of authorization to fly drones from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), more than a third are colleges. Schools — and their students — are jockeying for a position on the ground floor of a nascent industry that looks poised to generate jobs and research funding in the coming years. “We get a lot of inquiries from students saying, ‘I want to be a drone pilot,’” says Ken Polovitz, the assistant dean in the University of North Dakota’s John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences."
Link to Original Source

1 million Facebook likes and you get laid

KernelMuncher KernelMuncher writes  |  about a year and a half ago

KernelMuncher (989766) writes "A Norwegian man may be about to get lucky – all thanks to Facebook. Petter Kverneng persuaded his high school crush, Cathrine Johansen, to have sex with him if he got 1 million likes on Facebook, and social media users immediately rushed to his aid. The 20-year-old’s salacious stunt, which reportedly started as a prank, hit the million mark just hours after he posted his request."
Link to Original Source

MS Head of Server Software to Leave Company

KernelMuncher KernelMuncher writes  |  more than 3 years ago

KernelMuncher (989766) writes "Like rats leaving a sinking ship, Microsoft lost its 4th senior executive recently. Bob Muglia, head of the software maker’s server and tools division, will leave this summer because Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer decided the unit needed new leadership. However Muglia took over the division in October 2005 and the business’s revenue rose more than 50 percent under his watch. It accounted for 24 percent of Microsoft’s total sales in the year ended in June, making it the third-largest division. Has Ballmer just gone balmy with this firing ?"
Link to Original Source

IT job cuts expected

KernelMuncher KernelMuncher writes  |  more than 5 years ago

KernelMuncher (989766) writes "Almost half of large companies expected to cut IT spending

Many large companies, especially those in the financial services, utilities and telecommunications industries, have cut their technology budgets this year because of the economic slowdown.

In a report released Tuesday, Forrester Research found that 43% of large U.S. and European businesses it surveyed have cut their overall spending on technology products and services in 2008. Some companies, meanwhile, have put discretionary spending on hold and others are planning to negotiate lower rates for information-technology services."


KernelMuncher has no journal entries.

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