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Ask Slashdot: When Is a Better Career Opportunity Worth a Pay Cut?

Keruo Do you work for work, or work for a living? (263 comments)

Going after a startup for innovative work might me interesting and rewarding but it might not neccessarily pay your mortgage.
There are many benefits in working with well established platform and performing maintenance coding.

Personally, I would never accept pay cut for "I'm bored with my current job".
You can always find more rewarding job with higher salary if you really want to.
Just remember you don't have to rush out, and don't let the door hit you in the ass when you leave.
World is actually annoyingly small place and you will end up bumping into your old colleagues and it's much better if you are in good terms with them.

I actually did this kind of move just recently.
I left my old job for a position in a much smaller company with old, almost ancient infrastructure.
One of the main reasons for leaving was the salary, the small company does not have capital/revenue of even /10 of the old company but they pay proper salary nevertheless.
I didn't double my salary by switching but taking into account the layoffs which were foreseeable in the old position, I'd might aswell say I did double up.

about 2 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Local Sync Options For Android Mobile To PC?

Keruo Duh? (146 comments)

Isn't it obvious to use rsync+ssh for syncing unix to unix?
I don't use that one myself, just first result from google which is free.

about 2 months ago

Surge In Litecoin Mining Leads To Graphics Card Shortage

Keruo Re:An Honest Question (213 comments)

Problem with bitcoin and other virtual currencies is pretty much same as real currencies as well.
It accumulates to certain individuals who instead of keeping the cash flowing and market running hoard it like Scrooge McDuck.
The imagined lack of availability with increased interest drives the price point up for those who participate at the market and this creates valuation bubble.
Bitcointalk has nice estimates of the distribution in this thread

about 4 months ago

Do Is Done

Keruo Do? (51 comments)

I never used Do, but for social project management/tasks I'd give asana a try.
I've been using their free version for few personal projects and it's great.

about 6 months ago

BlackBerry Founders May Try To Take Over the Company

Keruo Re:Bail Out (118 comments)

why not just let it go and retire

Not everything in life is about money, atleast when you have enough not to worry if you can pay the rent or maybe buy food tomorrow.
Having extra time and nothing to do can be really dulling and boring in numerous ways.
The company is their baby. They built it and they want to see it succeed.
Sometimes it's good to scale back and rethink the direction.

about 6 months ago

Official: Microsoft To Acquire Nokia Devices and Services Business

Keruo Re:Suddenly, the money is in hardware. (535 comments)

a solid hardware manufacturer in their back pocket. Next up?

Well, if you look what happened with Palm deal and Windows Mobile, it's not hard to guess what happens next..

about 8 months ago

Stop Fixing All Security Vulnerabilities, Say B-Sides Security Presenters

Keruo Re:djbdns (88 comments)

DNS is something which should be easy to document by providing bunch of examples.
There isn't that many ways to configure it if you consider the variations you can do.
For some reason djbdns does not do this, it gives vague hints and makes you read 50 man pages followed by 100 blog post and 200 websites with obsolete/slightly relevant info on what you're trying to accomplish and if the position of the moon is decent, your tinkering will eventually work.
When you reach the "oh it works" phase, you follow "if it works, don't f**king touch it!" mantra and you're good.

I've tried going through the djbdns code to implement some changes and it's really well written in the sense that you can get grasp of what's going on in there quite fast.
The code is simple in a way which reminds me of some early cisco code I've seen for stuff like switches and routers.
Maybe the "competition" is so bad at doing the same thing because over-engineering?

If the documentation of djbdns would be in par with the code quality, I'd call it superb software. Now it's "I need the features it provides so I deal with the issues and use it"

about 8 months ago

New Android App Encourages Users To Throw Device As High As Possible

Keruo Re:Desktop version? Pshaw. (156 comments)

We used to arrange throwing contests with Nokia 3310 and 3110s.
Best lengths were 30-40 meters and the phone broke into 3 pieces on landing, but worked fine once you put them back together.
Better not try that with modern phones, I don't think the build quality today would allow such abuse and still allow them to function.

about 9 months ago

Radical New Icebreaker Will Travel Through the Ice Sideways

Keruo Re:Waste of Time (62 comments)

Coming soon to the Far North: cruise ships.

I think you mean going? Largest cruise ships are built in Finland but it's not where they sail at.

about 9 months ago

Microsoft Will Have To Rename SkyDrive

Keruo Skype (274 comments)

What about Skype?
It's old and established name for a product but it's run by Microsoft now, are they forced to rebrand it too?

about 9 months ago

Generic TLDs Threaten Name Collisions and Information Leakage

Keruo Why not use real domains instead? (115 comments)

Why use some random .local when you can use intra.company.com subdomain for the internal lan.
It's much better to use a real domain which you actually own and will remember to renew.

about 9 months ago

Heml.is, New Encrypted Messaging Service From Brokep of the Pirate Bay

Keruo OS backdoors (144 comments)

What good will this do if they've backdoored your device and are reading the keyboard input and taking screenshots?

about 9 months ago

Switzerland Tops IPv6 Adoption Charts; US Lags At 4th

Keruo Re:Conclusions are misleading (155 comments)

Is this native allocations or users through tunnelbrokers?
Your IPv6 location might vary based on the country where your tunnelbroker is hosted.

My IPv6 network at home through HE places me as US user from googles view point, and it's annoying that they keep suggesting me to use google.com rather than the localized one.
Native IPv6 at work on the other hand works just fine since the subnet links to our real location.

about a year ago

CenturyLink's Nationwide Outage Affects Millions

Keruo Re:Perfect (105 comments)

Maybe they were trying to implement security by air-gap and unplugged the wrong cord, accidentally achieving it.
Security by accident - now there's new sales pitch for their sales team to use.

about a year ago

Eric Schmidt: Google Glass Critics 'Afraid of Change,' Society Will Adapt

Keruo Re:Google Glass is the new Segway (331 comments)

You know, that would only end up in: "stop video recording, post to youtube, label 'This fool thinks he can voice control my google glasses lol'"

about a year ago

We Should Be Allowed To Unlock Everything We Own

Keruo What's the fuss about unlocking? (317 comments)

Can someone explain to me what the fuss is about unlocking?
If I understand it right, you are not allowed to unlock a phone which you are buying with monthly contract.
Well, makes sense to me, you haven't paid the device fully, it's not yours to hack.
Once you've paid the (24 month?) contract you're free to do what you want with the device.
If you don't like those terms why did you even buy the phone with contract rather than directly with cash?

about a year ago

The Data That Drove Yahoo's Telecommuting Ban

Keruo Re:Motivation (529 comments)

It is not a worthless metric for all roles. Phone/Net tech support for example. If they are not logged in, they are not working. Even there it's an easily gamed metric.

Perhaps Mayer checked those users who need corporate network to do their job then?
To me, this sounds like military-style management.
You are supposed to work as a team. If one of you goofs around instead doing their task, everyone suffers.
It's classic team-bonding strategy, and I don't see anything wrong with the approach.
She can prove wrongdoings happened but instead pointing fingers everyone gets punished. Now the group can work out itself who deserves to get soap-sock treatment.

about a year ago

What To Do When an Advised BIOS Upgrade Is Bad?

Keruo Re:Yes (467 comments)

Why on earth are you repurposing ~7-10 year old server hardware?
You really cannot trust such devices in production environment and repurposing for testing would fail because you might run into issues installing current software on that hardware as it's not officially supported.
Don't test with obsolete hardware.
If your plan was to run linux on them, why did you bother with BMC updates, just leave it unconfigured. Yes, it'll flash ugly orange error messages, but you know those are unneccessary and you'll remote manage the machine over ssh anyways.

Call Dell, explain them that you need new servers and you'd like to recycle your old ones.
They'll likely even give you some discount for the old machines rather than charge you for recycling them.
You get new hardware to work with, which is under warranty again, and it's most likely less power consuming and produces less heat so you'll save on the energy bill and cooling as well.

This is assuming you are the first owner of the devices though. If you bought them second hand, you're SOL.

about a year ago

Brookstone Rover 2.0 SpyTank Teardown

Keruo I'd urge anyone to look inside Roomba (64 comments)

I really recommend anyone with roomba to take their screwdriver and open the thing.
Once you do and compare the inner workings to the device linked in the article, you really start to understand the concept of product design.

To recap the differences for those who don't own one:
Roomba design shows massive modularity. Every component inside is relatively easy-to-swap module.
It's very easy to fix if something breaks down when everything is attached with 2-3 screws max.
Modules have fixed connectors which just slot in. You won't end up in situation like: "ooh, this 4-pin connector looks like that one, did I connect it right?"(see the pics linked - power connector and speaker for example)
You could probably 3D print matching spare modules if you made drawings for one.

Parts of the rover, like motors and gears are supposed to be modular, yet they don't really look like that to me, maybe I'm just misreading the images.
To me, it looks like "Made in China" - medium cost build. There's some build quality, it's not made from the cheapest material available, but it's not for daily use. Well, it's supposed to be a toy..
In the Rover, wifi and camera modules are most likely USB yet they use different cabling, why?
For hackable toy, those should be replaceable easily. Roomba doesn't have USB for wifi or camera either, but then again, it's a vacuum cleaner!

It’s one of those toys that is relegated to the closet shortly after its first set of batteries die.

Something from the article I'd have to agree with.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Open Source Remote Application Access?

Keruo Ulteo? (113 comments)

I haven't tried it myself, but stumbled on it few years ago.
Ulteo (download links) should provide you with seamless application integration regardless of the platform.
Downside: the webclient is java based

about a year ago


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