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Who's On WhatsApp, and Why?

Kiaser Zohsay Re:Developing Countries (280 comments)

My family started using it as a cross platform alternative to per-message SMS. Apple devices have iMessage that will use WiFi when available and SMS otherwise, but we have a mix of Apple and Android devices. We live in a rural enough area of the southeastern US that there are still places that we get no cell signal but WiFi is available, so its handy for that. We now have an unlimited SMS plan, but we still use WhatsApp for run of the mill messages.

about 2 months ago

NSA Collects 200 Million Text Messages Per Day

Kiaser Zohsay Re:What is the signal/noise ratio? (287 comments)

Awww, little Bobby Tables is all grown up now. I couldn't be more proud.

about 3 months ago

Regex Golf, xkcd, and Peter Norvig

Kiaser Zohsay I want this on my business cards (172 comments)

This started Peter Norvig, the well-known computer scientist, director of research at Google and wearer of brightly colored shirts, thinking about the problem.

Now I got to get me some brightly colored shirts.

about 3 months ago

How long do your computer mice last?

Kiaser Zohsay Re: meeses (361 comments)

The Anykeys that I used back in the day were prone to spontaneously jumping into programming mode while you were typing, leading to somewhat random keyboard mappings. I did stick with a Dell 101 until I got a desktop machine with no PS2 ports. I've got a Lenovo one now that's passable, but not great.

about 4 months ago

I typically visit a doctor (for medical reasons) ...

Kiaser Zohsay Re:I only go... (415 comments)

I get those, but not at the doctor's office. My workplace participates in a "wellness" program that comes to our office once a year to draw blood for testing, check BP, height and weight. Same deal for flu shots.

about 6 months ago

Charles Carreon Finally Surrenders To the Oatmeal

Kiaser Zohsay Re:Impressive... (173 comments)

No, this is the right bear. "Bare in mind" is something else altogether. Sort of like "situationally stupid".

about 7 months ago

Epic: A Privacy-Focused Web Browser

Kiaser Zohsay Private Browsing (223 comments)

I have said for years that Private Browsing in Firefox is what Incognito Mode wants to be when it grows up. Looks like that is about to happen.

about 7 months ago

What's your favorite medium for Sci-Fi?

Kiaser Zohsay Re:I am torn (322 comments)

Serenity was definitely a continuation of the series, so you probably did miss out on some of the "texture" by not seeing the episodes first. If you ever do, make sure to watch them in order, either on DVD or Netflix.

about 7 months ago

My SSID Is...

Kiaser Zohsay Re:Scare SSIDs (458 comments)

Just "Honeypot". Bonus points if your pass phrase is a Winnie the Pooh reference.

about 8 months ago

NRA Launches Pro-Lead Website

Kiaser Zohsay Re:non sequitur (780 comments)

Guns don't kill people, bullets kill people. -- Chris Rock

The rise of lead levels in my ammunition is strongly correlated to the fall of crime rates in my neighborhood. -- Every redneck ever.

about 8 months ago

My NSA-induced paranoia level:

Kiaser Zohsay Re:Missing option (290 comments)

They know my secret identity.

about 9 months ago

Compared to my 1st computer's memory ...

Kiaser Zohsay Re:Missing alternative (587 comments)

Apple //e with 128KB -> Lenovo S20 with 6GB. 6GB / 128KB = 49152 by my quick calculations.

about 9 months ago

If a Network Is Broken, Break It More

Kiaser Zohsay Re:broke (124 comments)

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. BUT, broke is highly subjective.

about 9 months ago

My credits by name in (released) software:

Kiaser Zohsay Re:Applications or projects? (190 comments)

I want a business card that lists my title as "Open Source Janitor".

about 10 months ago

Matt Smith Leaves "Doctor Who"

Kiaser Zohsay Re:Watch the age trend (375 comments)

The zeroth doctor? How very Asimovian! Unfortunately, that is very likely the reason they won't go that way. It will be something no one would have guessed, or they would have kept a tighter lid on it.

about 10 months ago

Most precise measuring tool I've used ...

Kiaser Zohsay Re:Obvious missing option: picoseconds (328 comments)

Actually, the poll mixes and matches incorrectly. The poll caption is "Most precise measuring tool I've used ..." but then all of the options describe accuracy, which is of course different. Precision describes the difference between the measurement of the quantity being observed and the next closest possible measurement. Accuracy describes the difference between the measurement and the actual value of the quantity being observed. A deli scale might be precise to a tenth of an ounce (or a milligram, if that's where you live), but when the clerk has his thumb on it the accuracy is no where near that.

about 10 months ago


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