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Russia Wants To Establish a Permanent Moon Base

Kierthos Re:Annex? (313 comments)

Yeah... you know, back when Ukraine broke off from Russia, they made a deal with Russia over Ukraine's nukes. Basically, when Ukraine declared independence, they had what amounted to the third largest nuclear stockpile in the world.

In exchange for turning over all their nukes to Russia, Russia agreed not to interfere with Ukraine's territorial integrity. (Translation: If you voluntarily turn over your nukes, we won't mess with your new country.)

Fast forward from then (1994) to now, and oh look, Russia ignored that treaty in seizing the Crimea region. So color me particular unwilling to believe that if Russia gets a moon base that they won't try and ignore that treaty if it suits them.

about a week ago

Stephen Colbert To Be Letterman's Successor

Kierthos Re:A Lose - Lose situation (193 comments)

I don't know when it airs where you are, but here, The Colbert Report airs at 11:30 pm, and Late Night with David Letterman normally starts at 11:35 pm.

I suspect there's going to be some changes in viewership numbers and demographics when Colbert takes over the show, but it's not going to be from going on the air a whole five minutes later.

about a week ago

Australia Declares Homeopathy Nonsense, Urges Doctors to Inform Patients

Kierthos Re:The spokesman for the AHA said... (408 comments)

Homeopathy provides, at the very least, the strong psychological effect of placebo.

The very most it provides is also the placebo effect. Well, I take that back. If you're using the standard 30C dilution with water (which at this point, stands 0% change of containing the original substance), you're staying hydrated.

about two weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: Should I Get Google Glass?

Kierthos It's a trap! (421 comments)

I can't see shelling out $1500 for the privilege of what amounts to beta-testing Google Glass. Honestly, Google should be paying the testers, not the other way around. It's not like they're low on cash.

about a month ago

L.A. Building's Lights Interfere With Cellular Network, FCC Says

Kierthos Re: including imprisonment? (158 comments)

Obviously, instead of imprisoning any of the current executives (because we can't have that), the building manager will be thrown in prison, because clearly, it's his fault.

about 2 months ago

California Bill Proposes Mandatory Kill-Switch On Phones and Tablets

Kierthos Re:It's their own fault (341 comments)

That's an astounding level of ignorance. Congratulations.

about 2 months ago

NYPD Is Beta-Testing Google Glass

Kierthos Re:Usenet Slashdot and Dice (158 comments)

Ye flipping gods... I just went and looked at the beta site.

Whoever signed off on that design needs to have their head examined.

about 2 months ago

Why Games Should Be In the Public Domain

Kierthos Re:Yeah, right ... (360 comments)

Yeah, Mickey Mouse will potentially enter the public domain in (I think) 2018. Because the terrorists win if that happens, look for Disney to push for another copyright extension either right after midterm elections this year, or after the 2016 elections.

about 2 months ago

Mystery of FBI Documents Posted To US Press In 1971 Solved

Kierthos Re:And, in the 21st century... (108 comments)

Didn't the NSA just recently clam up about whether or not they were surveilling Congress?

about 3 months ago

US Customs Destroys Virtuoso's Flutes Because They Were "Agricultural Items"

Kierthos Re:Eventually people will look up... (894 comments)

Oh no! Phil Robertson was suspended from a TV show for nine days! The horror!

about 4 months ago

FSF Responds To Microsoft's Privacy and Encryption Announcement

Kierthos Re:Who cares? (174 comments)

Right. Because No Such Agency would never be able to find a way to read data encrypted by an open source program. Why, that's a magical band-aid for everything!

about 4 months ago

With Burning Teslas In the News Ford Recalls Almost 140,000 Escapes

Kierthos Re:"Spontaneous"? (293 comments)

I was under the impression that gasoline vapor ignites easily. Gasoline itself doesn't. (I mean, didn't Mythbusters try this in an episode? They tried to light a gas trail on fire with a lit cigarette, and it didn't work for beans...)

about 5 months ago

EU Plastic Bag Debate Highlights a Wider Global Problem

Kierthos Re:England (470 comments)

ALDI also charges a refundable fee for grocery cart use. It's a quarter to get a cart, and if you return the cart (don't leave it in the parking lot) you get your quarter back. Pretty smart move.

about 5 months ago

Sex Offender Gets New Hearing After Hearing Officer Rants Against Arial Font

Kierthos Re:stupid coments, but.... (312 comments)

Because judges don't want to try and read briefs written in Wingdings because the plaintiff or defendant feels like being a jackass.

about 5 months ago

Driver Arrested In Ohio For Secret Car Compartment Full of Nothing

Kierthos Re:Not the only state with this law (670 comments)

1) There are actually several homeless shelters in Columbia, SC.

2) If you're referring to that thing the city council passed a few months back, that shelter is about 10-12 miles outside Columbia city limits. I don't believe it's open yet, either. Certainly, the homeless people a couple blocks away from the Judicial Center (read: courthouse) don't seem to be worrying too much about it. Yet.

about 5 months ago

Imagining the Post-Antibiotic Future

Kierthos Re:What will researchers do next (453 comments)

I could be very snarky and say that religion is the willing suspension of rational thinking. And I just did. (A talking burning bush? It must be God, it said so. It's not possibly a massive amount of hallucinogens.)

about 5 months ago

GOCE Satellite Is Falling To Earth But Nobody Knows Where It Will Land

Kierthos Quick! (122 comments)

Someone get Scott Manley to figure it out using KSP.

about 5 months ago

Surface Pro 2 Gets Significant Battery Boost

Kierthos Re:Bring back my old Nokia (157 comments)

One of the reasons I don't have a smart phone is that I don't have to charge my current phone every day. It's more like once a week. (Another of the reasons I don't have a smart phone is that I still have a 'dumb' phone that works fine. If/when it breaks, I'll think about moving to a smart phone, but I don't jump at getting new tech just because it comes out.)

about 6 months ago

Whistleblowing IT Director Fired By FL State Attorney

Kierthos Re: Do good ... (569 comments)

Er, no. Just because it has the word socialism in it does not mean that National Socialism is actually a form of socialism. It's a form of fascism, and they don't get along with socialism. (Or communism, or liberal democracy.) You may have noticed that the Nazis ended up fighting the Russian communists. (Okay, to be fair, it wasn't just because of competing ideologies. Both Hitler and Stalin knew that the peace treaty they signed wasn't worth the paper it was printed on, but Hitler wanted time to deal with the rest of Europe, and Stalin had all kinds of shit going on back in Russia, so they pretended that they weren't going to go to war, even though both sides knew it was inevitable.)

about 9 months ago

George Zimmerman Acquitted In Death of Trayvon Martin

Kierthos Re: not 'self defense' (1737 comments)

I happen to actually live and work in the South full-time. I am white. My room-mate is black. Trust me, there's still a ton of racism here.

Just because they aren't marching in full Klan regalia as often doesn't mean it went away.

about 9 months ago


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