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New Computer Model Predicts Impact of Yellowstone Volcano Eruption

Kiffer Re:Do they know more than they let on? (121 comments)

isnt this what happened in pompeii?

No. Pompeii was destroyed by a pyroclastic flow, which is only a danger in the immediate vicinity of the eruption. The danger from Yellowstone is that it could blanket much of the continent with ash.

Well... my understanding is that Pompeii was covered in hot falling ash over a period of about 6 hours, Herculaneum was hit by pyroclastic flows.


about 5 months ago

Male Scent Molecules May Be Compromising Biomedical Research

Kiffer Re:Also, this means... (274 comments)

State Dependent Memory.

If you learn to play while drunk you improve your skills while drunk but not while sober.
In order to be good while sober you need to learn while sober.
The fun part is that you learn lots of things while in different states.
You learn to do something only while heavily caffeinated/drunk/high? Then it only comes to you easily while you are caffeinated, drunk or high...
Caffeine and coding.
Drink and darts.

about 8 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Re-Learning How To Interview As a Developer?

Kiffer Re: Basci inerview tips (218 comments)

... if someone tells you something is broken don't tell them that it was working earlier, say "I'll find out what's happening and get back to you ASAP" and maybe something like "... I should have been notified if it was a server crash, hopefully it's not too serious and we can get everything back in order a soon as possible, to minimise the downtime".

Never tell someone who comes to you with a problem that there is/was no problem.

about 10 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What To Do With Misdirected Email?

Kiffer Re:Any of you with the same problem had funny ones (388 comments)

And finally, I might have missed a good networking opportunity and party when I decided not to print out the invitation and go to a reunion for some M.Scs that had graduated before my parents had even met....

I just wonder what the legal implications would be if I "played along" for a while. Could I have plausible deniability by pretending to be a little obtuse and thinking that the e-mails really were meant for me...

Always go to things you are invited to!
Do not pretend to be the person though :)

1 year,16 days

Ask Slashdot: What To Do With Misdirected Email?

Kiffer Re:This happens to me a lot... (388 comments)

Always, always respond to them.
Always be nice about it.
Well... last year I got yet another misaddressed email, and as usual I responded to it and the situation snowballed and some lovely people had a whip around and flew me from Ireland to Boston to go to the party to which they had accidentally invited me...
Luckily I had a visa waiver still in place and had some spare vacation days...
One of the craziest things to ever happen to me... I'm hard pressed to think of anything crazier. I met one of the fellows with the same name as me, ate some good food, met some great people...
Thanks guys!

I was logged in! honest I was!
The trip to Boston was great, I don't think I've ever felt so lucky or grateful...
I see lots of people here saying things like "if it's not for you it's spam" and "log in to the service, change their password and change the email address"...
To be honest I think these are jerk ass moves.
If it's an honest mistake then you should try to help the person out.
If it's important then you would want them to help you.
Sure it's not a mistake you might make but you make other mistakes in life and it's handy when people catch them before the shit hits the fan...
and not in a "Ha Ha! you made a mistake and now I can make you look bad" kind of way but in a "uh oh, this guy dropped his wallet with the only pictures of someone important, I'd better get it back to him"...
There is always something that you'll need help with.

1 year,16 days

Weapons Systems That Kill According To Algorithms Are Coming. What To Do?

Kiffer Re:We could not make them (514 comments)

Fewer people needed, fewer people killed and less resource with each iteration.

Each cuise missile costs US$1,410,000
The battle ship to launch it from cost money and resources too...
The cost of taking out that building with a cruise missile is say 1.5 million dollars.

1 building.
And the missile can't decide just before it blows up "oh crap our intelligence was bad! This is a school!" but a team of humans can.

1 year,19 days

Should a Teenage Entrepreneur Sell Out To Facebook?

Kiffer Re:Retire at 20 (358 comments)

set for life means not having to work a job.

Not having to work does not mean not working, it means that you have the freedom to take risk-free risks...
Let's say he takes the money plays with some of it (new car, puts aside money for a degree) and puts most of it in some sort of investment, and ends up with 100k a year after tax.
He's 19, he can now go out secure in the knowledge that any project he takes on will not ruin him.
Start a new company, go looking for venture capital, spend the year networking, new company fails?
Damn... oh well looks like he still has a solid enough income to just try again.
Spend the Summer chasing tail coming up with a new idea, try again in the winter, fail.
Try again in spring, oh this time it worked, made another load of cash.

Set for life does not, should not mean never working again, it means having such an amazing safety net that even when you fail you are still able to live well enough to try again with out the danger of losing you home, having trouble affording food, ending up back in your parents basement in your 30s.

more than 2 years ago

The Science of Humor

Kiffer Re:Yet another piece of junk science ... (344 comments)

Clearly you don't read enough bash.org


  I swear to god
  I've just heard a duck tell a joke
  there was as group of ducks on a pond near where i live
  one of the ducks was quacking away looking straight at a group of like 10 ducks
  then he stopped and all the other ducks went mental

more than 3 years ago

Kepler Finds Bizarre Systems

Kiffer Re:No pictures? (120 comments)

I assumed the OP meant a nice informative diagram rather than an actual image of the planets... the pretty artists rendition of a star and a planet doesn't do the complexity of the orbit any justice.

more than 3 years ago

Stunts, Idiocy, and Hero Hacks

Kiffer Re:dont use print links (208 comments)

That's a very good point...
People *should* link to the main article, but then the main article should be on one page, not spread over 5 pages and surrounded by massive piles of crud... also the print page still has adverts on it, so there is still some advertising revenue from your visit.

more than 4 years ago

Japan To Launch Solar Sail Spacecraft "Ikaros"

Kiffer Re:Icarus? (138 comments)

Of it can refer to the physically impenetrable Walls of Troy which were only breached through cunning trickery...
Much like when she takes all your condoms and secretly pokes holes in them through the packaging so that she can have your baby... actually that's more likely to happen the other way round but anyway.

more than 3 years ago

Why Are There No Popular Ultima Online-Like MMOs?

Kiffer Re:Looting (480 comments)

And what was this game called?

more than 4 years ago

Irish Astronomers Investigate Sky Explosion

Kiffer Re:To whoever tagged story as uk (157 comments)

From An mBunreacht Na hÉireann, The Constitution of Ireland

Airteagal 4
Éire is ainm don Stát nó, sa Sacs-Bhéarla, Ireland.

Article 4
The name of the State is Éire, or, in the English language, Ireland.

more than 5 years ago

Open Source FPS Game Alien Arena 2009 Released

Kiffer Re:Windows installer totally broken (142 comments)

It also wants to Enhance My Browsing Experience by installing a browser tool bar... yippy

more than 5 years ago

Unsolicited Offer For My Personal Domain Name?

Kiffer Re:On the condition... (542 comments)

Well... He could state clearly that he is using it for his personal email as it is his name... and that he would sell it to them for a reasonable amount, but that for the first year(or more?) they would forward any/all mail sent to XYZ@DOMAIN.com (what ever address he has been using)...

This would allow him to receive any mail from people/companies that are slow to update their contact lists.

I'd say; reply and say you've been using it for personal mail for X number of years, you've never heard of them before they contacted you, it's your name but you would consider selling it for a reasonable amount but you are not sure what is reasonable ... and you would need several addresses to be forwarded to you for a while to make sure that you don't lose any correspondence from people that have not updated there lists. You don't want to send mails from the address but you would need to receive them...


more than 6 years ago


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