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Moore's Law and the Origin of Life

KillerLoop Re:Missing mass? (272 comments)

According to current theories dark matter has to be non-baryonic. Doesn't rule out that dyson spheres exist, though. They just aren't the matter we are looking when mentioning dark matter.

about a year and a half ago

Shut Up and Play Nice: How the Western World Is Limiting Free Speech

KillerLoop Re:the maiming and killing must be ok with them (1160 comments)

As if anything about islam or christendom is _personal_ belief. You just adopt a canned worldview past it's expiration date and identify with it.

So yeah, people have kind of the right to stupidity. Problem arises when it's organized and billions of people subscribe to a particular brand of stupidity, complete with stupidity-experts that explain the stupidity seemingly away.

Just because you share delusions with tons of other people doesn't mean that this should become the norm.

And by delusions, I don't mean faith in a higher power or connectedness of things, I mean systems of interpretation like Christianity and Islam. Religions perverted on of the most amazing things about humans with no sign that they are going stop anytime soon. Quite a bit of it is understood by psychology, but it takes a lot of will and perseverance to get rid of it once it took hold of you. Not unlike other addictions, maybe? That is why I think it's a crime to indoctrinate children with this stuff. They get exposed to those ideas, they take hold, and most of them are in it for life. If that's not sad, what is?

about 2 years ago

JavaScript For the Rest of Us

KillerLoop Re:VBA? (285 comments)


english has become the de facto lingua franca of the internet, which is a good thing. my native language is german, and I regularly see the atrocities commited when text gets translated from english to german. a lot of the time you are better off learning english and reading the original.

translations are terribly time consuming, just ask the EU who prepares its documents in a plethora of languages.

also, interesting information should have, at least in my opinion, as large a reader base as possible. fine if your latest findings are written in romania, hungarian, finnish, german or bonga-bonga. either you find translators for every little rotten language on earth or your information is simpled locked into the language bubble of the author.

english has the potential to be a remedy of sorts (easy,concise,not extra characters), but as always nationalistic or chauvinistic tendencies come into play. the french seem to be a particulary interesting example here. the more nationalist minded germans try to do the same, translating every "lehnwort" (english word incoporated into german) into its german counterpart... which more often than not sounds a little bit retarded. (ie. "heimseite" for homepage)

speak english or die! (to quote an album from S.O.D from years past)

more than 2 years ago

Analytic Thinking Can Decrease Religious Belief

KillerLoop Re:Whoever is responsible for this article (1258 comments)

"Ok, what other valid ways are there?"
Asked the same question last week on a german board, didn't get an answer either.

more than 2 years ago

Anti-Education Attack Poisons 150 Afghan Schoolgirls

KillerLoop Re:Why is this moderated down? (707 comments)

I don't think christianity can be considered tamed... merely relatively dormant.

more than 2 years ago

Anti-Education Attack Poisons 150 Afghan Schoolgirls

KillerLoop Re:This is not Islam (707 comments)

but... in the case of the koran it's the twisted interpretations that makes it look peaceful. read it. this book makes the old testament look rational in comparison.

more than 2 years ago

Journalist Arrested By Interpol For Tweet

KillerLoop Re:and where is exactly the problem? (915 comments)

i think i know that feeling. trying to get more in-depth information about islam, its customs and countries has proven to be a brutal feat. the original intention was to counter what i perceived to be another hunt for people with a different ideology. i could not have dreamt what this ideologie does in fact contain. its a horrible, horrible mess and a very real possiblity to actually fall back to the dark ages. i really thought that this was over and done for, that our future will be free of the worst aspects of religion - for good. along came allah and hundreds upon hundreds of millions of his submitting devotees...

and no, i do not care about that not _all_ of them are fanatics. everybody who really believes that the koran is the unadulterated word of god is, in my current view, a potential time bomb. after all, all it takes for those non-fanatics to become very strange people is to start to take the koran more seriously in their life. just read the text of the koran, from a humantistic point of view its a pukefest of the highest order. just because it's peppered with a few stanzas that aren't totally off the rocker doesn't make it more bearable.

more than 2 years ago

Journalist Arrested By Interpol For Tweet

KillerLoop Re:and where is exactly the problem? (915 comments)

they are like regular people who happen to hold a brutal desert-doctrine for the final truth. so yeah, _totally_ just like regular people... and i've tried the "talk to western muslims" approach over the last couple of years. I was horrified by a lot of the reponses, but agreed, not _all_ of them. but most. enough, for me at least, to form an opinion about the "religion of peace", something i can only write with quotes proper lest I risk a semantic breakdown.

free, uncensored information has to be the mortal enemy of islam. i sincerely hope that free information will prevail, otherwise allah help us all. (posted from central europe)

more than 2 years ago

Will Firefox Lose Google Funding?

KillerLoop Re:guess business users will go back to IE...... (644 comments)

"business users" should die out.all those arguments they are still spouting off evaporated the past decade. "there is a large corporation behind it to fix security holes", now we have seen how well this played out.

the only reason would be that if something goes wrong, as it regularly did, management can believably blame another management, that is microsofts. of course there was a hefty price to pay, maybe we will see someday some charts that quantify what microsofts ie6 dominance has cost the web in terms of hindered evolution and millions of manhours to make stuff run on it.

it seems "business solution" is rapidly becoming synonym with overly expensive, inflexible, often braindead... but backed by other businesses. if trying to get something done is the name of the game, looking to "business" for a good solution is... optimistic.

more than 2 years ago

Muslim Medical Students Boycott Darwin Lectures

KillerLoop Re:Up to them (1319 comments)

nah, they make it up with koran-time instead, incidentally producing a hangover much more lasting than beer can ever hope to produce.

more than 2 years ago

Assange Denied Swedish Residence On Confidential Reasons

KillerLoop Re:Is Julian Assange blacklisted? (260 comments)

Please. A chance at a better beginning by destroying the infrastructure and society as a whole? Almost makes me hope that you experience this kind of "chance" yourself. Both peoples were FAR better off before the USA intervened. It's a shame that your kind of argument is brought forth at all. It's such a blatant example of lying into ones own pocket it almost makes me weep.

more than 3 years ago

Assange Denied Swedish Residence On Confidential Reasons

KillerLoop Re:Democracy and Responsibility (260 comments)

That's why people are against wars und do not want to wage them needlessly. War is hell, yes, and it becomes even more frustrating when a populance has been tricked into supporting a war that is so far from a good cause I'm lacking an analogy.

Waging imperialistic wars is teh shit, and a populance that supports it is rightly seen as the shitheads of this age.
In a way there are certainly worse shitheads, but what makes the US-shitheaddom particularly insulting is that the american ideal was something for the whole world to aspire to, human rights and freedom and all that. Having betrayed that ideal makes it so much worse in my book.

Having the word freedom on gitmo is more than a casual reminder of "arbeit macht frei" and the perverse reinterpretation of certain words and ideals to suit the exact opposite.

The world could, right now, be a lot farther ahead to a utopian society if the USA wouldn't have decided to betray their own foundations. Two needless war not being fought, all this terrorism-scare and tightening up and loss of personal freedoms not happening - I'd certainly say that this would be a better world to live in. Having to argue that with people who learn in schools "debating-skills" for the sake of debating, where it's almost a free choice which side to take and which points to make, doesn't make it much better for me.

more than 3 years ago

WikiLeaks Insiders Resign

KillerLoop Re:Then again, this is from (210 comments)

So why not do it yourself?

It was Assanges ego that brought us wikileaks in the first place.

I'm quite with you about wikileaks being an important organisation and all, but Assange took it upon himself to actually see this through. I for one wouldn't feel so comfortable with US agencies getting interested in my whereabouts.

more than 3 years ago

Girl Seeks Help On Facebook During Assault

KillerLoop Re:Why's this on Slashdot? (417 comments)

I do. Don't mind the ads, and if /. gets some credit or whatever I'm ok with it.

more than 4 years ago

Inside the Fake PC Recycling Market

KillerLoop Re:Perhaps This Is The Best Option For These Peopl (320 comments)

The problem the GLOBALIZED world has is that the distribution wealth is so terribly lopsided, a few people make billions whilst most of the population makes little.


more than 4 years ago


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