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Bush Signs Bill Enabling Martial Law

KilljoyAZ Re:This is what you wanted (1594 comments)

Bullshit. We demanded competence, not dictatorship.

Let's ignore the fact that Bush sent half of the Louisiana National Guard, complete with their best equipment, over to his misbegotten, illegal war in Iraq.

Bush nominated the comically inept Michael Brown to head FEMA, not because being the head of the Internationa Arabian Horse Association in any way qualified him to lead the nation's disaster relief agency, but as yet another act of political patronage. In the space of 4 years, he turned one of the best run federal agencies into an punchline on the late night talk show circuit.

Bush had three days warning about the devastating effect Katrina could have on New Orleans from the National Hurricane Center. Rather than making sure the government was mobilized to deal with the aftermath of an epic national disaster, he was cutting birthday cake with John McCain in Arizona, strumming a guitar in San Diego, and making yet another speech comparing the Iraq War with World War II and himself with FDR. A poor comparison if ever there was one. Michael Chertoff, the cabinet secretary who's responsible for FEMA, decided giving a speech at a conference on bioterror was more important than the likely destruction of an American city.

The federal government's problem in New Orleans was not a lack of authority. It was a mindboggling lack of foresight and, more disturbingly, an appalling lack of concern. That apathy was on display in the days immediately after the disaster struck, when the upper echelons of federal government spent more energy on creating the illusion that it was doing something and shifting responsibility onto the city of New Orleans and state of Louisiana, rather than actually doing something. The circumstances on the ground got so bad, even Fox News was unwilling to carry water for him. As a result, we were treated to the spectacle we saw on television and the humiliation on the international stage, the culmination of which was having to accept aid convoys from Mexico.

It is a continuing and disturbing pattern with George W. Bush: every time he fails miserably as president, he tries to shift blame on the law and the Constitution for binding his hands. In his eyes, he cannot fail: our system of government must have failed. He did it with 9/11 and he did it with Katrina. Not only is it a convenient excuse for him to forestall any discussion on his complete unsuitability to occupy the office of the presidency, but it accomplishes his true goal of concentrating more power in the executive branch. The moniker of "worst president ever" has long since crossed from the realm of empty hyperbole into apt description of this man's qualities.

more than 8 years ago


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