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The World Is Not Falling Apart

Kinthelt Nothing new (208 comments)

The media are not getting any more sensational than they used to be. Just rip open your local turn-of-the-century (e.g. 114 years ago) newspaper archives. They used to report on *everything*.

about a month ago

Excuse Me While I Kiss This Guy: The Science of Misheard Song Lyrics

Kinthelt Blinded by the light... (244 comments)

Wrapped up like a douche, another boner in the night.

about a month and a half ago

How Relevant is C in 2014?

Kinthelt Re:C is very relevant in 2014, (641 comments)

In Bjarne we trust. I should hope he knows what he's talking about.

about a month and a half ago

Scientists Optimistic About Getting a Mammoth Genome Complete Enough To Clone

Kinthelt Re:Elephants? (187 comments)

Or we could just increase the policy of using attack helicopters to hunt down poachers. It's win-win, the pilots get first class training in finding targets in a vast landscape using various sensing equipment, and the poachers are given something real to worry about.

Some poachers have even been using helicopters themselves so there's also ample scope for air defence training there for fast jets and such too.

That way we don't have to worry about them going extinct (and the massive knock on effects to their ecosystem) in the first place. You're killing two birds with one stone- dealing with the poaching problem whilst getting your military some real training that simultaneously does something useful. Far better than classic contrived military exercises that often bare little resemblance to the real thing and just burn resources for not much benefit.

This has been a very successful policy in the countries that have attempted it thus far, and it should be ramped up. Turn poachers from the hunter who hunts illegaly with overwhelming force into the hunted that is hunted legally with overwhelming force and they soon stop.

You're right. Ever since Norway implemented this policy, there hasn't been a single elephant death in their territory due to poaching.

about 2 months ago

Elon Musk: We Must Put a Million People On Mars To Safeguard Humanity

Kinthelt Re:Creating a Mars magnetosphere (549 comments)

You could either ask Randall Munroe that question (xkcd), or just do the thought experiment yourself.

Since energy can neither be created nor destroyed, for each J of energy you put into Mars from Earth, you take away from Earth. Net effect would be that Mars would have a magnetic field, but Earth doesn't. Except of course, that Mars has a much smaller mass, and Earth probably has energy to spare.

It still sounds like it would just be cheaper to fix the social problems here on Earth and build an orbiting transparent Dyson-trampoline to deflect any incoming killer asteroids.

about 4 months ago

Forest Service Wants To Require Permits For Photography

Kinthelt Re:Bogus justification (299 comments)

Wow, this was one topic I didn't think would get Godwinned.

That's something Joseph Stalin would say.

about 4 months ago

News Aggregator Fark Adds Misogyny Ban

Kinthelt Re:Sigh (748 comments)

Or Slashdot. It's got really, really bad here over the last couple of years. Things really nose dived after the Beta exodus and a lot of regulars left.

We're still here. We're just too tired to post any more.

about 5 months ago

Valve's Steam Machines Delayed, Won't Be Coming In 2014

Kinthelt Waiting for their release title (134 comments)

I heard they're waiting for their release title to be completed first: Duke Nukem Forever 2.

about 8 months ago

The Andromeda Galaxy Just Had a Bright Gamma Ray Event

Kinthelt Re:far enough (129 comments)

It would instantly fry half the planet. The rest of the planet gets to die slowly.

about 8 months ago

Agree or Disagree: We are in another tech bubble.

Kinthelt Re:Bigger concern (154 comments)

I'll have to call bullshit on this. I just recently paid off my student loans. It took me ten years, but I did it. Hardly "the rest of my life".

about 8 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Computer Science Freshman, Too Soon To Job Hunt?

Kinthelt Re:When did this happened? (309 comments)

I'm suspicious too, about the quality of his higher education.

about 8 months ago

Brazilians Welcome Genetically-Modified Mosquito To Help Fight Dengue Fever

Kinthelt Re:Slashdot and science (137 comments)

It started happening once 6-digit IDs started going out.

about 9 months ago

Ties of the Matrix: An Exercise in Combinatorics

Kinthelt Re:There's in infinite number of ways (51 comments)

There's danger to be had when Slashdot ventures into knot theory (and braid theory).

BTW, you forgot to mention the important lemma that you can turn any braid into a knot by adequately connecting the ends.

about 10 months ago

Homeopathic Remedies Recalled For Containing Real Medicine

Kinthelt Homeopathic principles (173 comments)

Shouldn't sea water be considered a wonder drug in homeopathy, because everything eventually makes its way into the ocean and gets ultra-diluted.

about 10 months ago

AMC Theaters Allegedly Calls FBI to Interrogate a Google Glass Wearer

Kinthelt Re:What use... (1034 comments)

This guy should have never spoken to them. Period. Arrest me, give me a lawyer or let me walk out the door. No other words should have escaped his lips.

That's the theoretically noble thing to do. In reality he felt he had nothing to hide and laid it all out for them to see. Perhaps he figured it would be less of a nuisance than obtaining a lawyer and getting yelled at by the wife for wasting more money on that Google Glass thing.

Unfortunately, the cops are on the clock. They're getting paid to waste time. So trying to "save some time" really doesn't work.

1 year,6 days

AMC Theaters Allegedly Calls FBI to Interrogate a Google Glass Wearer

Kinthelt MOD parent up! (1034 comments)

Never *EVER* consent to searches. The police cannot search you or your property without reasonable cause. But if you give them the freedom to search, then they can charge you for *anything* they find, even if it wasn't what they were looking for.

1 year,6 days

Polar Vortex Sends Life-Threatening Freeze To US

Kinthelt Re:As a Canadian... (684 comments)

Nope. Winnipeg. So I've got a bit of street cred when it comes to cold. (Albeit not as much as the people in the *real* cold places)

1 year,20 days

Polar Vortex Sends Life-Threatening Freeze To US

Kinthelt As a Canadian... (684 comments)

Suck it up, princesses.

1 year,21 days

Monthly net electricity use in my household:

Kinthelt Wife (327 comments)

My wife doesn't know how to turn lights off. Guess which category I'm in?

about a year ago


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