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Why Games Should Be In the Public Domain

Kinwolf I understand Broussard (360 comments)

I understand Geroge Broussard being againt this; If games would fall in public domain after X time passed, Duke Nukem Forever would have actually entered public domain before ever being published.

about 2 months ago

FLOSS 2013: the Survey For Open Source Contributors, a Decade Later

Kinwolf Re:Not enough application success stories (27 comments)

Apache is a good counter-example. There is basically only one way to be the Best Web Server Ever, so Apache has no significant FOSS competitors. Persons who see a way to make a server better contribute to the Apache project.

Nginx maybe?

about 4 months ago

Gaming Legends Discuss Using Kickstarter For Their Next Projects

Kinwolf Re:Excessive greed. (112 comments)

Indeed, it is following the same path as Ebay, which was once an awesome place to find and sell older stuff, but these days it's populated at 98% by Ebay Stores with set prices, and lost it's usefullness as an auction site. Kickstarter is going that way too, it started as a great place for new, small projects, but is being overrun now by corps who uses it as a launch platform for their next product.

about 7 months ago

Without Plutonium, Deep-Space Probe Missions May Sputter Out

Kinwolf That will teach them (268 comments)

They had the nerve to demote Pluto, so now it's pluto-nium offsprings are leaving in protest!

about 7 months ago

Hulu "Kicking Back Into Action" Says CEO, Adding New Content

Kinwolf Exclusive content from TV provider? NO! (169 comments)

The last thing we need is for streaming services to become TV channels themself where you have to subscribe to many if you want to see the show you like.

about 7 months ago

Blackberry Z30 Phablet Announced

Kinwolf Re:Amazing, for 2012 (112 comments)

Will this one be able to do email without a blackberry phone to tether to?

You know that the Z30 IS a blackberry phone, right?

about 7 months ago

Michael Dell To Buy Dell Inc.

Kinwolf Re:Good (175 comments)

I could care less what Apple does or did, the comment was meant to be humorous since Steve Jobs once said there would never be a low end iPhone.

about 7 months ago

Michael Dell To Buy Dell Inc.

Kinwolf Re:Good (175 comments)

After Apple showed the IPhone 5c this week, I'm pretty sure nothing could make him laugh in his tomb right now.

about 7 months ago

Schneier: The US Government Has Betrayed the Internet, We Need To Take It Back

Kinwolf Re:What is Bruce Schneier's game? (397 comments)

Err, what article are you talking about? I read the article linked in the summary and nowhere does he talks about GPG or others. I'd be interested in reading the FA you are quoting from.

about 7 months ago

Canadian Military Developing Stealth Snowmobile

Kinwolf It's a success! (187 comments)

After injecting millions into the project(that's like, billions for us Canadians), we've still seen nothing, it's a total success!

about 8 months ago

Android 4.3 Based CyanogenMod 10.2 Nightlies Arrive

Kinwolf Re:Closed source drivers still a bane (82 comments)

Didn't we just have a front page article about how the Nexus 7 has closed source drivers and some guys stopped maintaining their build?

Waiting for Tuppe666 to tell me why this is good, and how Google is jesus.

I don't know if google is jesus, , but after googling it I found out that Jesus is ON Google +!

about 8 months ago

Android 4.3 Based CyanogenMod 10.2 Nightlies Arrive

Kinwolf Closed source drivers still a bane (82 comments)

I tried CM 10 on my GS3 and sadly I had to remove it. Wi-fi, camera and bluetooth refused to work properly, kept crashing or had awful performance, depending on the revision installed. So I went back to the stock ROM, which isn't too bad thankfully, but still has alot of services and programs that I have no use of and yet are always loaded in memory. Next phone(which should not be before 3 years) I am going Nexus to avoid all that pain.(and hoping that Nexus phones still exist at that time)

about 8 months ago

Obama Administration Overrules iPhone Trade Ban

Kinwolf Re:Sure (397 comments)

Home team? Beside having a front in the US, with all it's money transfer to avoid paying taxes, I'm not sure what country Apple can call "home" anymore.

about 8 months ago

Strict New Anti-Spam Regulations In Canada

Kinwolf So what... (101 comments)

I live in Canada, and we still get tons of spam, telemarketing phones calls on home line and cel phone. They simply come from the USA now. Country laws are useless when crime has no more frontier.

about 9 months ago

Harvard, IBM Crunch Data For More Efficient Solar Cells

Kinwolf Re:Public Good, Or Profit? (65 comments)

Ahem, you know that IBM Wolrd Community Grid use the BOINC client too, right? And many of the projects there make available the results to every scientists that wants it. The CEP database itself is open to everyone to browse and consult.

about 10 months ago

Slashdot Asks: How Will You Replace Google Reader?

Kinwolf Replaced iGoogle with... (335 comments)

Netvibes. It was the closest I found to iGoogle in layout and functionnalities. Been using it for a year and liking it.

about 10 months ago

Hacker Releases 1.7TB Treasure Trove of Gaming Info

Kinwolf He's obviously not Canadian (293 comments)

At least we know this hacker isn't Canadian. With our current ISP plans, it would have taken 1.5 years to upload 1.7TB of data without busting the bank in extra fees for bandwith.

about 10 months ago



Tiny, Hackable Quadcopter Drone Launches Pre-Orders

Kinwolf Kinwolf writes  |  about a year ago

Kinwolf (945345) writes ""A tiny new open source drone kit made by Bitcraze is buzzing its way to market this spring, targeted at hackers and modders who want to explore droning indoors as well as out."
Now I know what I'll do for the first 7 minutes of lunch break! The pre-order price is 173$ for the most avanced model, and some soldering is required. The telemetry being available is a pretty nice touch."

Link to Original Source


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