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Interview with Gimp Maintainer

Kitsune Sushi Tha KIMP.. heee.. (89 comments)

Personally, I always thought the entire point of the free software movement set into motion by the GNU Project (of which GIMP is a part, unless a lack of sleep has starved my brain of oxygen) because of a desire for freedom. Is freedom of choice no longer a recognized part of those freedoms? I personally think that it's good that as many programs as possible get ported to as many platforms as possible.

Reflecting upon the breaks between the various UNIX systems prior to Microsoft's emergence as a giant with its domination of the OS market with Windoze, I don't believe that it would be such a good idea to limit our choice of platforms today as it was yesterday.

While I might prefer, say, Red Hat Linux, I don't think it's a good thing if software is only developed for Linux. It really frightens me when I see a lot of software developed solely for Linux using Intel-compatible chips. I certainly don't want to be tied down to Intel. Ugh. After all, maybe I'll want to go with Apple and their crazy (and it seems crazy fast) new and soon to be released products.

In short, porting is a good thing. People should do more of it. After all, if you give up just a single freedom, especially something so basic as the freedom of choice, other freedoms are sure to follow soon thereafter. Don't kid yourself, all of them are essential.

more than 15 years ago


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