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I'd rather be spied on by ...

Kj0n Missing option (324 comments)

All of the above.

about a year ago

QR Codes As Anti-Forgery On Currency Could Infect Banks

Kj0n Re:Sigh. (289 comments)

This is not different than a money transfer, where people can enter a custom message. You get data into your system from an untrusted source and you have to be smart enough to sanitize it.

In fact, I once checked if it was possible to inject javascript in a web banking application using a money transfer (while being paid to do so).

more than 2 years ago

Leap Day, to me, means ...

Kj0n Missing option: failing unit tests (337 comments)

It's amazing how many people mess up the date calculations in their unit tests and forget about leap years and daylight saving time.

more than 2 years ago

Stargate Universe

Kj0n Re:Troubleshooting skills. (829 comments)

I don't know why I bother replying, but anyway.

The gate addresses do change with galactic drift. That's why in the Stargate movie they could only connect to a single gate. Normally the DHD takes care of recalculating the address, but they didn't have one on earth.

The ninth chevron is for selecting a location that is even farther away than a single galaxy. The stargate didn't connect to the ship while it was in hyperspace: if you watch the intro sequence, you can see that the ship drops out of hyperspace before the wormhole connects. After the gate was closed, it entered hyperspace again.

As for the death of the senator: they just wanted to get rid of him :-).

more than 5 years ago

The 23 Toughest Math Questions

Kj0n Cool! (340 comments)

Now I know what to do this evening.

more than 6 years ago


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