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Android Apps Now Unofficially Able To Run On Any Major Desktop OS

Kkloe Re:If this works, then Microsoft is doomed. (101 comments)

I can see this is a console-peasant, let me handle this one

you see that unlike you that whom I assume is a console-peasant we the PC MASTER RACE does not want to use more equipment than our glorious PC, the point of the PC is to have all in the same place and dont bother with things like a tv or something else that is not a PC.
Now comes the mobile phone, as people tend to upload pictures of their glorious bodies or bother us with things like kik or sms we now have to have one hand on the mouse and the other on the phone, meaning we will now be fully occupied with our hands.
A keyboard and mouse configuration helps us watch pictures of kittens and write comments about how other people are wrong and between the writing we can pick cheetos up from our bellybutton-bowl but now to hold a phone in the hand that does the cheetos picking, and that is just not right.

And for your second question, simply to run apps.

3 days ago

Android Apps Now Unofficially Able To Run On Any Major Desktop OS

Kkloe neat (101 comments)

I have been running andy-android-emulator just so I can have clients like instagram in my desktop instead of having to pull up my phone, if they make this stable enough then one can skip the emulator altogether. I can see the drawback for devs as people will expect the apps to function as good with keyboard and mouse in the future and will have to redo their apps/add that functionality.

3 days ago

Torvalds: No Opinion On Systemd

Kkloe Re:well said! (380 comments)

he means becuae it is not command line

5 days ago

Early iPhone 6 Benchmark Results Show Only Modest Gains For A8

Kkloe Re:Who cares about specs ... (207 comments)

but there are always the ones that want to compare their external penis

about two weeks ago

Direct Sales OK Baked Into Nevada's $1.3 Billion Incentive Deal With Tesla

Kkloe Re:Why is this legal in the U.S.? (149 comments)

as a non-american, your country probably has\makes the same deal with major industries, you probably just dont know about it

about two weeks ago

California Tells Businesses: Stop Trying To Ban Consumer Reviews

Kkloe Re:hmmmm (275 comments)

exactly, ofcours there can be errors and such in orders that I might not have been delivered but that is up to the business to reply with that answer and in a polite way

about two weeks ago

Dirty Diapers Used To Grow Mushrooms

Kkloe Re:No surprise, but a bad idea (97 comments)

"The project is not intended to produce mushrooms targeted for human consumption, since the main objective is to get rid of diapers to avoid damaging the environment more," Valdemar Espinosa added. "However, the mushrooms could be used as food supplement for cattle, the gel can be used to increase moisture retention in some crops and the plastic can be sent to recycling."

about three weeks ago

ACM Blames the PC For Driving Women Away From Computer Science

Kkloe Re:what is computer science nowadays? (329 comments)

I will still hold on that as computers and games never been a woman/girl thing until the last 10 years and thus we will see an upswing of woman in todays computer science soon

about a month ago

ACM Blames the PC For Driving Women Away From Computer Science

Kkloe what is computer science nowadays? (329 comments)

I bet back in the days computer science was more of an high engineering education than it is now
that before computer science was for people to be researches in other fields and use computer as a help tool, where now you dont need to go computer science as you can take single courses of math lab or other appropriate language for that field
now computer science is more to learn to program and as now playing games on pc, xbox etc has been a more a normal thing for girls to do than before, the upswing for women in TODAYS computer science will be when the ones born around 2000 will start studying in colleges/universitys

about a month ago

If Java Wasn't Cool 10 Years Ago, What About Now?

Kkloe Re:What's the point? (511 comments)

rofl, you put scripting language as better alternative to java?, in what linux terminal have you been hiding for the last 8 years?

about a month ago

Is "Scorpion" Really a Genius?

Kkloe he is a genious (391 comments)

in making other people post\talk about him

about a month and a half ago

Ancient Skulls Show Civilization Rose As Testosterone Fell

Kkloe Re:correlation, causation (387 comments)

or that the ones with high testosterone were the ones sent out to fight other tribes or hunt where there was a higher chance of dying/being hurt in such way that you died later by diseases and if the community is small enough them dying of would have made a great impact on passing of the higher testosterone gene

about a month and a half ago

Math, Programming, and Language Learning

Kkloe Re:I disagree (241 comments)

same here,beside the basics of math I had to struggle to take my degree because I had redo 2 of 3 math courses 3 times, the only course I would say to be good is discrete math

about 2 months ago

Google To Stop Describing Games With In-App Purchases As 'Free'

Kkloe Re:Free at last (139 comments)

buy this box of /.-coins and you will be super free, 9.99 just toda

about 2 months ago

FBI Concerned About Criminals Using Driverless Cars

Kkloe Re:don't drive with nobody in it? (435 comments)

reprogrammed, the thing is that it will probably be able to reprogram a car to either not have that switch or just put a sac of potatoes with some google-eye

about 2 months ago

Rocket Scientist Designs "Flare" Pot That Cooks Food 40% Faster

Kkloe Re:Wow. (204 comments)

did you even click on the link of the article?, I cant even see the resemble between a jetboil(googled it up) and those in the article

go ahead and post the jetboil that has the same design

about 2 months ago

Hacking a Tesla Model S Could Net $10,000 Prize

Kkloe Re:Void warranty (77 comments)

because things that are under warranty have to be replace by the seller, either by providing something that is the same or similiar, like a new model, or money, and you dont want to replace things as a seller because some shit head trimmed his motor until it breaks and wants compensation because he broke it

about 2 months ago

Google Reader: One Year Later

Kkloe facebook wall (132 comments)

I have never used any RSS-program but I use my facebook wall like that of what I understood RSS is, just like the pages of site, like slashdot, wired, newspaper etc and it comes there, of course you going to miss things, as it can becomes quite alot if you have a active wall with friendfeeds combined with the ones of the pages

about 3 months ago



Scientists have moved a step closer to achieving sustainable nuclear fusion

Kkloe Kkloe writes  |  about 7 months ago

Kkloe (2751395) writes "US researchers have achieved a world first in an ambitious experiment that aims to recreate the conditions at the heart of the sun and pave the way for nuclear fusion reactors. The scientists generated more energy from fusion reactions than they put into the nuclear fuel, in a small but crucial step along the road to harnessing fusion power. The ultimate goal – to produce more energy than the whole experiment consumes – remains a long way off, but the feat has nonetheless raised hopes that after decades of setbacks, firm progress is finally being made.

In nuclear physics, nuclear fusion is a nuclear reaction in which two or more atomic nuclei collide at a very high speed and join to form a new type of atomic nucleus. During this process, matter is not conserved because some of the mass of the fusing nuclei is converted to photons (energy). Fusion is the process that powers active or "main sequence" stars. -Wiki


Link to Original Source

Science MIT's artificial leaf is ten times more efficient than the real thing

Kkloe Kkloe writes  |  about 2 years ago

Kkloe (2751395) writes "MIT professor Daniel Nocera claims to have created an artificial leaf, made from stable and inexpensive materials, which mimics nature's photosynthesis process.

The device is an advanced solar cell, no bigger than a typical playing card, which is left floating in a pool of water. Then, much like a natural leaf, it uses sunlight to split the water into its two core components, oxygen and hydrogen, which are stored in a fuel cell to be used when producing electricity."

Link to Original Source


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