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Debian's Systemd Adoption Inspires Threat of Fork

Kludge Honestly, I prefer the one on the left (549 comments)

The systemd version is significantly shorter than bash script. Yay. However,
(1) I would have to read many pages of documentation to figure out what the systemd version actually does, whereas I can just read the bash script and see what it does. What if I don't know sh? Then, I am not a real sys admin. The shell is used in many places in administering a UNIX system, not just the init system.
(2) Most importantly, I can hack that bash script to do whatever I damn well please. Have I hacked init scripts before? You bet your booty I have.

4 days ago

Scientists Find Rats Aren't Smarter Than Mice, and That's Important

Kludge Pinky and the Brain (154 comments)

I always new that show was real.

about a week ago

Journalists Route Around White House Press Office

Kludge Maybe you would and maybe you would not. (111 comments)

Of course there are going to be dozens of free speech comments, and how this is censorship and a terrible thing. But the reality is that the president gives these reporters unprecedented access to his daily life that he need not give them at all. From TFA:

Carney told the pool reporter, David Nakamura of The Washington Post, that the workout was part of the first ladyâ(TM)s personal time and therefore off limits to reporters. Nakamura disagreed but reluctantly deleted the line to ensure that his report would be sent.

If I were president, Mr. Nakamura would have no fricking clue when and where my wife was working out, and if people did not like that, they could kiss my ass.

about a week ago

Analysis of Linux Backdoor Used In Freenode Hack

Kludge Better than most (37 comments)

The most common black-hat software is pretty dumb, e.g. brute force ssh attack, install custom ssh client, attack other machines' ssh with brute force. By comparison this is pretty savy. It sounds like someone was targeting freenode specifically.

about two weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: Dealing With an Unresponsive Manufacturer Who Doesn't Fix Bugs?

Kludge Everyone chooses how to spend the costs business (204 comments)

If he had chosen a standards compliant open-source VPN solution, then he would not have to sue. He could hire programmers to fix the problem himself, rather than hiring lawyers to sue the company and hope that someday two years from now the problem is resolved.

about two weeks ago

Microsoft Announces Windows 10

Kludge Yes multiple desktops! (644 comments)

Windows has caught up with fvwm. 1.

about three weeks ago

Torvalds: No Opinion On Systemd

Kludge Yes, pipelined utilities, like the logs (385 comments)

The logging is a perfect example. Why do I have to learn a new program (journalctl) just to read the system logs? What if I had to learn the syntax of a new program to read the logs of every program that I used? That would suck. If openvpn and mysql and httpd and sshd all had their own little program that I had to use to read their logs, I would give up using Unix.
I already have a program to read all logs, more or less. And I already have a program that searches all the logs, egrep. Yes, I had to learn egrep syntax, but now that I know it, I can do almost any search imaginable of any program's logs. Except systemd.

about a month ago

Ask David Saltzberg About Being The Big Bang Theory's Science Advisor

Kludge No, it's real. (226 comments)

It doesn't teach to laugh at geeks and nerds. It laughs at the stereotypes tied to geeks and nerds.

No, those are not stereotypes. They are characters probably based on real people. I watch the show and it completely reminds me of my college and grad school years and the people whom I knew then, including the Texan. It literally gives me flashbacks.

about 1 month ago

Akamai Warns: Linux Systems Infiltrated and Controlled In a DDoS Botnet

Kludge IE was part of the OS. M$ said so. (230 comments)

Not only was it virtually impossible to get rid of, MS in several cases argued that it was an integral part of the OS and therefore it could not be removed and replaced with any other browser.

about 2 months ago

Google Serves Old Search Page To Old Browsers

Kludge Other solutions? (152 comments)

But you will miss out on all the bloated javascript bullshit if you spoof an old browser.

If only getting rid of slashdot beta were that easy....

about 2 months ago

Why Women Have No Time For Wikipedia

Kludge Disagree (579 comments)

I have edited Wikipedia. Recently I found an error on a mathematical web page. I fixed it, explained the error in the logs, and it stayed fixed. No problems

about 2 months ago

Choose Your Side On the Linux Divide

Kludge Why almost anything is preferable to systemd (826 comments)

The advantage of older init systems, whether Sys V or BSD, was that I could figure them out. I did not know those systems well, I was not an expert in them. If all the scripts in them changed overnight I would be fine with that. But the advantage was that I could easily figure out how to search or hack or change them just by using programs that display or process text.
Systemd changes that. Now not even the log files are text. Systemd cannot be figured out or easily hacked. You can only do with it what others want you to do with it, unless you are willing to dive into source code, recompile and reinstall.

about 2 months ago

Plan Would Give Government Virtual Veto Over Internet Governance

Kludge Re:Does it matter? (65 comments)

after all, we can't just have random people running the internet

I will differ with you here. Random people can and do "run the internet" all the time. Individual network service providers choose to whom they are going to connect. They choose how to route their traffic. Anybody can choose to use alternative DNS roots. The internet can be run by random people just fine.

about 2 months ago

Leaked Documents: GCHQ Made Port-Scanning Entire Countries a Standard Spy Tool

Kludge We are surprised because... (58 comments)

We are surprised because these are our governments spending our tax payer dollars to find exploits in computers in foreign countries that have done us no wrong. While you may have no scruples about this sort of thing, most of the rest of us are offended when something is done in our names that we would never stand having done to us.

about 2 months ago

Posting Soccer Goals On Vine Is Illegal, Say England's Premier League

Kludge if you're just posting the good parts... (226 comments)

They may have a point.
Other than the goals and near-goals, soccer is pretty boring. If you post those, then there is no point in actually watching the game and consuming the advertising.

about 2 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Open Hardware/Software-Based Security Token?

Kludge I use OPIE (113 comments)

I print out a list of 100 passwords, fold it up, and keep it in my wallet. Each time I use one, I cross it out. It is small, flat, easy to carry, and always with me.
Just don't let your users write the name of the server and their username on it. :)

about 3 months ago

Enraged Verizon FiOS Customer Seemingly Demonstrates Netflix Throttling

Kludge So you are saying that Verizon is too stupid? (398 comments)

So you are saying that Verizon is too stupid to balance connections and packets over multiple routes? You can even buy multi-WAN routers for your home that do this for you. Verizon can't figure it out?

about 3 months ago



Ask ./: Where are the complete hosting providers?

Kludge Kludge writes  |  about a year ago

Kludge (13653) writes "In 2000 there were thousands of email/web hosting businesses. In 2013 not much has changed.
To get my email/web/webmail/domain/VOIP/public-key/XMPP/VPN hosting I have to deal with five different service providers. Where are the complete hosting providers? The absence of competition in this area drives many to Google, making data siphoning easy for the NSA.
Why has hosting not advanced in the last 10 years? Where are the hosting providers that make end-to-end encrypted email/web/VOIP/XMPP easy and automatic for all my clients?"

CIA's renews funding for ""

Kludge Kludge writes  |  more than 2 years ago

Kludge (13653) writes "The Onion is reporting that the CIA has renewed funding for its successful '' program. Apparently the Agency's program has saved the agency millions of dollars. Perhaps I should get myself one of those nifty "Facebook" web pages."
Link to Original Source

DOJ moves to block AT&T T-Mobile merger

Kludge Kludge writes  |  more than 3 years ago

Kludge (13653) writes "Apparently the US government has been not completely bought out yet. The Washington Post notes that 'The U.S. Department of Justice has filed papers in federal court in Washington to block AT&T's $39 billion acquisition of T-Mobile ... The U.S. is asking the court to declare the deal in violation of U.S. antitrust law.' I think I may have a T-mobile party."
Link to Original Source

Kludge Kludge writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Kludge (13653) writes "If I have to view another pump-and-dump spam I'm going to scream! As a user, I want to know why the tech world has been unable to give me control over my electronic mail system. Why can't I just have an email system that allows emails with senders and subjects that I choose, and everyone else has to put 10 cents in my account to give me an email? Is that so hard? Is this just an inability to agree on a standard?"


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