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Surrogate Database Key, Not Bitcoin Protocol Flaw, To Blame For Mt Gox Problems

KnightMB Re:Not for MtGox but kinda agree (81 comments)

If they are sending out more funds for withdraws than bringing in for total sales and commission then yes they are now running a Ponzi scheme. They now have less funds to give back out than what was given to them, people at the top of the scheme cash out, people at the bottom are left holding the digital poo of bitcoin. To try and prevent a mass exodus or lawsuits, they delay all withdraws until they have enough to satisfy the loudest complainers first that had the most to lose. Everyone else with a small amount will never get their funds back unfortunately.

about 7 months ago

Raspberry Pi Hits the 2 Million Mark

KnightMB Re:Purchased 4 so far (246 comments)

Have several Raspberry Pi setup as digital currency servers for Timekoin. Rock solid uptime, low power usage, quick and easy using the pre-made image for them. Also have some that have replaced DHCP servers, File Servers, and Database Servers. Low power, fast enough for the task, low cost is a plus also.

about 10 months ago

Bitcoin Currency Surpasses 20 National Currencies In Total Value

KnightMB Re:You're not kidding (583 comments)

I haven't analyzed it but I bet a lot of people have. Nobody's published a flaw yet.

I thought the one I brought up years ago would still be there, but I'll have to go back and check. I found a flaw I called "reverse time attack" which I believe to this day, each version of bitcoin still has to patch each release for. It may have been lost in the site transactions, forum transitions, but if the information has become lost over time, then I need to post it up in a more permanent place as to this day no solution exist yet.

As promised, I've put all the information into one place. Find the information about the flaw here: Bitcoin Reverse Time Attack

about a year and a half ago

Bitcoin Currency Surpasses 20 National Currencies In Total Value

KnightMB Re:You're not kidding (583 comments)

I haven't analyzed it but I bet a lot of people have. Nobody's published a flaw yet.

I thought the one I brought up years ago would still be there, but I'll have to go back and check. I found a flaw I called "reverse time attack" which I believe to this day, each version of bitcoin still has to patch each release for. It may have been lost in the site transactions, forum transitions, but if the information has become lost over time, then I need to post it up in a more permanent place as to this day no solution exist yet.

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Enterprise Bitcoin Mining For Go-Green Initiatives?

KnightMB Re:Ignore Bitcoin (312 comments)

Go Litecoin, or Namecoin, or something else that will become a competitor to Bitcoin.

In the end, it's all virtual currency anyways, even the US Dollar (which is a fiat currency, and thus essentially virtual.)

Add Timekoin in there as well. It takes a total opposite approach to digital currency that minimizes CPU usage while providing a lot better protection than Bitcoin in terms of double spending and wild spikes in prices.

about a year and a half ago

Alcoholism Vaccine Makes Alcohol Intolerable To Drinkers

KnightMB Another Options for Those that want to stop (350 comments)

I can see this is a good option for those that really want to stop drinking. But.... drinking is a twisted cocktail of the poison alcohol and the feelings that go with it (or lack of perhaps, the numbing) that keep people drinking. So this may be the push that people trying to quit need. If the just the drinking makes you feel sick enough to not want to drink anymore, more power to them! It may not be a perfect solution for those trying to stop, but at least it is another option. I just hope the vaccine itself is not so expensive as to make it only available to the wealthy to use.

about a year and a half ago

OpenOffice: Worth $21 Million Per Day, If It Were Microsoft Office

KnightMB It is a good alternative to Microsoft Office (361 comments)

I've not gone back to Microsoft Office since switching to the Open Office (and other open source office apps) for nearly 10 years now and not one day do I miss it. I've helped many business and people switch to it. Whatever proprietary features that are needed in Microsoft Office, at least in my experience, is too minimal to justify the extra cost when a little bit of googling can basically make Open Office (or Libre Office) do whatever you want it to do. There are even some things that I can't do in Microsoft Office and had to use Open Office for (including repairing damaged Microsoft Office files). So to each their own, if you need the features of Microsoft Office, more power to you. I'm sure many here though will chime in that for the majority of users, Open or Libre Office have 99% of what the typical user needs.

about a year and a half ago

Large Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme Collapses With a Loss of $5.6 Million

KnightMB Re:Not really about Bitcoin (327 comments)

It might be the case that this Ponzi scheme couldn't have been conducted using (say) US$ because of financial regulation. Lack of financial regulation attracts some people to Bitcoin -- but look how it can bite.

The currency used does not matter. Being digital currency or real $$, Ponzi schemes still happen all the time. The latest large Ponzi just blew up a few weeks ago that used real money to the tune of a $600 million collapse. Here is just a recent story about it.

about 2 years ago

Navy Planning To Build Laser Cannon In Four Years

KnightMB Re:Hmm (195 comments)

So Navy's of tomorrow will have their ships covered in mirrors. Now, someone tell me why this won't work... because it seems like a really obvious way to divert a laser beam.

Because a mirror does not reflect 100% of the energy, some will be absorbed, thus the laser will eventually burn through it. Super efficient mirrors are easy counter anyway, just lob some "buckshot" at the target to shatter the mirrors, then burn the ship up with the laser :-)

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Practices For Leaving an IT Admin Position?

KnightMB Have him/her sign off after your training (290 comments)

Be fair of course in how you word it, but nothing speaks better than "I showed the new Admin X,Y,Z and he knows how to do X,Y,Z; here the signature to prove it". I know you are trying to avoid a new Admin coming in and then complaining about how the previous guy didn't know what the hell he was doing. Happens to everyone I'm afraid, but at least have your bases covered for what any replacement needs to know to operate in your permanent absence. It will also discourage the new admin from making any drama scenes with his/her new boss when he/she knows you have something in writing that is suppose to demonstrate/validate his/her new skills in the position. Other than that, don't burn any bridges, try to be helpful to the new Admin, when you have the free time, but don't go out your way and sacrifice your new job to help a struggling admin who might be in over his head due to fluffing up the resume.

more than 2 years ago

New York Times Hacked?

KnightMB Seems the New York Times keeps a spam list (103 comments)

I've never subscribed to the New York times, yet my personal e-mail address got the same spam? Does this mean more than just a subscriber list was used or do they have a more extensive list that they have bought/captured over the years that's the equivalent of a giant spam list?

more than 2 years ago

Sony, Universal and Fox Caught Pirating Through BitTorrent

KnightMB Re:So they are uploading the movie? (284 comments)

I don't know why this article at torrentfreak doesn't just list the IP address, it only took me all of 3 minutes to figure what the real IPs were.

For the world to see now:
United States (US), California, Culver City
Downloaded files
Conan the Barbarian 2011 ... 80p DTS AC3 dxva-LoNeWolf (12.19 GB) Nov, 2011
The Black Keys - Lonely Boy (7.50 MB) Nov, 2011
VA - Dubstep Meditations - 2010 [FLAC] (336.47 MB) Nov, 2011
{}Beavis ... port.480p.WEB-DL.x264-mSD (75.64 MB) Nov, 2011
[ ] - ... rls.S01E08.HDTV.XviD-P0W4 (183.19 MB) Nov, 2011
United States (US), Florida, Fort Lauderdale
Downloaded files
Beatport Halloween Trance 2011 {aSBo} (389.74 MB) Dec, 2011
Cowboys and Aliens [2010] dvd rip nlx (1.28 GB) Dec, 2011
Game of Thrones Season 1 Complete 720p (14.53 GB) Nov, 2011
2.Broke.Girls.S01E08.HDTV.XviD-P0W4.avi (174.89 MB) Nov, 2011 ... 20p.HDTV.x264-IMMERSE.mkv (1013.61 MB) Nov, 2011
United States (US), California, Valley Village
Downloaded files
Super 8 2011 1080p BRRip ... ac vice (HDScene Release) (3.70 GB)

more than 2 years ago

Going Faster Than the Wind In a Wind-Powered Cart

KnightMB Re:store and release energy? (315 comments)

So while the vehicle might be traveling faster than the wind in burst, it won't get you any place faster than the next wind powered vehicle.

. The vehicle accelerates to a a speed faster than the wind, then stays at that speed forever (as long as the speed of the wind is constant) and does not oscillate. It really will get you to your destination faster than e.g. a balloon traveling at precisely the speed of the wind.

There is a feedback loop, but it works like this: there is a wind velocity X, and a stable velocity Y for said X, where Y>X (for a properly designed vehicle using this technique). If the velocity momentarily exceeds Y, the friction losses of the wheels will be greater than the gain in push from the fan, and the car will slow down. If the velocity momentarily drops below Y, the friction losses of the wheels will be lower than the push from the fan, and the car will accelerate forward. It stabilizes at Y, faster than X. The feedback loop keeps it at that stable Y.

I don't believe it can, no matter how stable, energy in will never be greater than the energy out. A balloon wouldn't be a good example, another vehicle with just sails to catch the wind running side by side would be the best comparison. Basically, the sail vehicle would start off much quicker and be far ahead of this vehicle before the faster-than-wind vehicle got up to speed. Afterwards, it would just be an infinite slope towards the finish. I think what everyone misses here is the time part. It may go faster than the wind at some point, but it won't continue that way forever nor can it make up for the time. Basically the vehicle is just trading out time for speed. The mystery would lose a lot of luster if they did the same run with two side by side vehicles in a race (one straight sail, the other being the faster-than-wind vehicle). All I've seen for video footage is a single vehicle run, which takes the faster-than-wind part out of context and makes it appear to be perpetual energy, which it certainly is not. We all know that, but the single vehicle run is what gets everyone in an uproar over the laws of physics.

more than 3 years ago

Going Faster Than the Wind In a Wind-Powered Cart

KnightMB Re:store and release energy? (315 comments)

Here is what bothers me about this whole thing.

Although I believe it is theoretically possible, there is a certain whiff of woo about the experimenters. I'm not even saying they didn't achieve their objective--I'm just saying there are a couple of things about the experiment, especially with regard to the stored energy issue, that nearly broke my woo-meter.

From the official rules:

Energy shall not be accumulated and later used for propulsion of the yacht or to operate the controls of the yacht.

It seems to me that this would preclude the use of massive windmills (i.e., flywheels), such as the one on the craft. Later, the rules specifically prohibit flywheels:

It is not permissible to use stored energy to propel the yacht or operate its controls. This might includes things like compressed gas, stressed springs, batteries, capacitors and flywheels. This includes energy stored before a run or during a run. No pumps, generators or mechanical devices that are intended in part or whole to provide energy to storage devices are permitted. Stored energy in the form of momentum of the yacht, its wheels or other **normally moving** or flexing parts of the yacht is allowed. These forms of stored energy are inherent in the operation of the yacht and either do not add energy useful for increasing the speed of the yacht or **do so in a trivial way**.

(emphasis mine)

What constitutes a "normally moving" part of the yacht? What constitutes a "trivial" use of stored energy to increase its speed?

That's I thought to, but here is how it works with laymen terms for all (including myself). The vehicle is simply geared in a way that the propeller will move air from the front of the vehicle to the back faster than the air moves from the front to the back. So if the vehicle is moving 5 mph forward, the propeller is trying to force air in the same direction at 10 mph. What happens is, as the vehicle is being pushed by the wind, the vehicle moving forward is building kinetic energy. Eventually the vehicle reaches the maximum speed that the wind is able to push the vehicle. At the same time, the ground is supplying energy to the propeller to push the vehicle faster. So what is really happening is a waveform; the vehicle moves with the wind, then moves faster than the wind, then slows down, gains more energy, moves with the wind, faster, repeat, etc. Basically if you compared this vehicle side by side with another one with just sails for example, the vehicles would reach the same destination at the same time overall. So while the vehicle might be traveling faster than the wind in burst, it won't get you any place faster than the next wind powered vehicle.

more than 3 years ago

Prehistoric Gene Reawakened To Battle HIV

KnightMB Re:The Dilemma (360 comments)

Can you make an analogy involving cars? That would be usefull to many people here.

There was a flaw in the 1985 Delorean flux capacitor that would teleport you 99 years into the past when struck by lightning while in hover mode in the mid air. It was later discovered that the Delorean had a lightning rod built into the back that was never extended, and thus by activating the legacy lightning rod code (extending it upwards), it would defend against mid air lightning attacks.

A good analogy is like a leaky screw-driver, glad I could help.

more than 5 years ago

Browser Vendors Force W3C To Scrap HTML 5 Codecs

KnightMB Re:Things to learn from the Open Source model (640 comments)

I don't know about (sorry but it just doesn't compete with MS Office) but a lot of places are still running office 2000/2003 simply because it works well for them.

That's funny, I was going to say the same for Microsoft since MS Office can't compete with Open Office. There are just too many things that OO can do better than MS Office, I find it annoying when I have to work on a system with MS Office and find simple things like tabs within tables don't work properly for MS Office. The list is too long, I don't really need to complain about it, Open Office works for me and my business and all other businesses that I've setup over the years (which numbers in the hundreds now) no one cares so much anymore until they get stuck with a machine that is MS Office only and loathe the slowness plus lack of useful features.

To each their own, you can write, spreadsheet, presentation with them both, just some are more compatible, stable than others.

more than 5 years ago

Michael Jackson's death affects me ...

KnightMB Re:Nice straw man (658 comments)

I'm sure you are right and thousands of professionals and scientists are wrong. After all, home-spun common sense beats elitist 'science' any day, right? Your use of such a powerful 'straw man' style of argument is proof. Of course 'not beating your child' is the same thing as 'wanting to be your kid's best friend' or 'never punishing your child.' And such exemplary anecdotes and unverified speculation!

You sir, posses a dizzying intellect.

Is that the same ones who said to give your kid a good spanking only a few decades earlier. I think it was. Your response is the ultimate 'straw man' argument because you rely on a made up response.

I offer you this then, kids are not all the same. Some can be raised with time outs, others needs some physical discomfort because they don't understand why they should not do things. When they get older and can understand what the word ramification means; then the physical punishment becomes a lot less effective/necessary. That's when parents move on to punishment via privilege subtraction such as no TV, car, friends, grounds, etc.

All I can guess is that you've never raised any kids yourself or if you did, you got lucky with kids that only needed a timeout to get the point across. Unless you've worked with every kid on the planet, your response shows a great lack understanding and insight about child raising that only you miss because everyone else here seems to get the point about physical punishment. You are just trying to slide in the 'think about the children' card for fun, go play the game elsewhere.

more than 5 years ago

Obama Calls For Nuke-Free World

KnightMB Re:No,he is very clever :) (705 comments)

Basically, the existence of nuclear weapons make the old tactics obsolete. Remove the nuclear weapons and the old ways are no longer obsolete.

Of course the tough part is 'remove the nuclear weapons'. Let's say the US and Russia totally ditch every nuke. ...but the Libyans still have one. Well--guess who calls the shots. It would be the same if everyone in the world suddenly didn't have a gun--but I did. I'd be king. At least until someone invents phasers.

That's a one side argument though. You are assuming that the one nation left with a nuke isn't going to have any resistance deploying it. What good is having the most powerful weapon if you can't even get it out of your own country? If they fired off a nuke missile, it would get shot down before it even had a chance to blow up any neighboring country. It's not about having the most powerful weapon, it's about having the most powerful defense as it renders all offense useless during such times. A country with an elite military force coming into your country will do a lot more damage than the nuke missiles you fire back at them if they can't even reach their target.

more than 5 years ago

What Filters Are Right For Kids?

KnightMB Re:The simple one. (678 comments)

Keep the computer in the living room.

Untangle for Linux might be a solution since it was already mentioned in the summary. It's free too :) Find it here: Untangle for Linux

more than 5 years ago

The Lightning Hybrid and the Inizio EV

KnightMB Re:Price (128 comments)

The guys at this forum have already done many projects similar to this at a fraction of the cost. I guess for a sports car, the cost is about right, but not everyone needs to do 150 mph. Sometimes people just want to the take the family and friends out to dinner, doesn't look like you'll fit more than a few people in most of those. It's still cool though that more are interested in building electric hot rods instead of the ICE counterparts.

Find a lot of the pioneers in the forum below.

(Edit: ICE = Internal Combustion Engine)

more than 5 years ago



Edward Snowden Pardon Petition Reaches over 100,000 Signatures

KnightMB KnightMB writes  |  about a year ago

KnightMB (823876) writes "The Petition at has finally reached the goal of 100,000 signatures with thousands to spare at the time of this writing. It will now be up to the Obama Administration to respond to the petition in what would certainly be a bizarre situation where Snowden is being charge Espionage and Theft. A Petition that calls for his safe return to the US without having to face such charges is probably not the subject the Administration will be comfortable answering."
Link to Original Source

Ubiquiti AirOS attacked by skynet virus

KnightMB KnightMB writes  |  more than 2 years ago

KnightMB writes "A variant of the skynet virus has been found out in the wild that will infect Ubiquiti radios via the AirOS software. The purpose of the virus is to spread to other radios also with the added bonus of doing an air capture of packets to pull out logins and cookies that pass through. Later to be retrieved by unknown 3rd party. The vendor of the hardware/software has been contacted about the issue. The vendor expects a fix very soon."
Link to Original Source

KnightMB KnightMB writes  |  about 8 years ago

KnightMB writes "Students at NCSU have the option of purchasing the lectures of a professor online. The Professor did this as a way to help those that missed class, didn't take good notes, or from another country and have trouble understanding an English speaking Professor. The reactions on campus were mixed among the students as some saw it as a great way to keep up with things should real life interfere and others see it as something to pay for on top of the tuition cost at the university. Each one cost $2.50 for the entire lecture being sold at, some students feel it should be free or cost less. The professor brings up a point that doing this takes extra effort and it's only fair that they should have to pay for that extra time and effort needed to put the lectures online for sale such as editing, recording equipment, etc. No one is forced to purchase the lectures, they are only an additional option that students will have. Quote Dr. Schrag "Your tuition buys you access to the lectures in the classroom. If you want to hear one again, you can buy it. I guess you could see the service as a safety net designed to help the students get the content when life gets in the way of their getting to class." Click Here to Read Everything"


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