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Overkill? LG Phone Has 2560x1440 Display, Laser Focusing

Kohlrabi82 Re:I have an idea (198 comments)

I don't think they want to abandon Android. It's great for hardware companies, in that you need a quadcore CPU and 2GB of RAM to render a telephone directory or do basic multitasking.

about 2 months ago

Germany's Renewable Plan Faces Popular Resistance

Kohlrabi82 Re:Ah the Germans, they're really bad at this! (176 comments)

I don't know where you got your numbers, but here's what is on Wikipedia for CO2 And GWh generated. Let's at least compare the same year for each country.

  • US: CO2 6,750,000 / 4,256,100 GWh=1.59 tons of CO2 per GWh
  • Germany: CO2-810,000 / 617,600 GWh=1.31 tons of CO2 per GWh

It's certainly better than the US, but considering this big push the Germany is in for clean energy and the US is only half-ass moving in that direction, I'm a little surprised it is as close as it is.

This is because Germany now uses coal power plants instead of nuclear plants to produce the necessary electricity.

France is on the better side of this by far at: CO2-370,000 / 560,500 GWh=0.66 tons of CO2 per GWh

How surprising, nuclear energy is green energy.

about 7 months ago

FreeBSD Removes GCC From Default Base System

Kohlrabi82 Re:Just one question (333 comments)

Useful error messages are a technical merit. It makes development much easier. So they traded run-time vs. development time here.

about a year ago

Apple CEO Tim Cook On Apple's US Manufacturing Move

Kohlrabi82 Re:PR gimmic, if your cynical (266 comments)

If they bring [...] jobs back

I knew that Apple was an evil company, but I didn't know they dabbled in necromancy.

about a year and a half ago

$1,500,000 Fine For Sharing 10 Movies On BitTorrent

Kohlrabi82 You can't share files "on BitTorrent" (339 comments)

Nobody would say "he shared data on http", so please stop confusing the BT protocol with BT trackers.

about 2 years ago

CowboyNeal On Dota 2, Modern Games, and Software Development

Kohlrabi82 Hats and Trousers? (148 comments)

"Valve has big plans for Dota 2, no less big than what happened with Team Fortress 2, even if it took them a few years to get to where Team Fortress 2 is today."

They will never match the amount of hats TF2 has, their only chance is to add farm-able trousers.

more than 2 years ago

Quiet Victories Won In the Loudness Wars

Kohlrabi82 Not a missing metric, it's bad engineering (251 comments)

The problem is not that we are missing some metric to calculate the loudness, that is pretty easy to define, and has been used to develop counteracting measures in ReplayGain and EBU R128 compliant loudness scanners.

The problem is that the production of music is so atrocious, most of popular and metal music is compressed into such a tiny dynamic range. Some is even clipped to digital fullscale, leading to horrible artifacts when listening. This is nothing which can be fixed by a law, it is simply (deliberate?!) bad engineering. As long as this keeps up the loudness war will not end.

From the last few pop(?) albums I listened to (Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Mars Volta), it seems that we, the listeners, are still losing big time.

more than 2 years ago

Game of Thrones The Most Pirated TV Show of the Season

Kohlrabi82 Re:Why pirate network TV? (312 comments)

I will explain the situation for Germany:

First of all, real popular shows you read about on the net normally haven't arrived on German networks, yet. Most of the time they arrive with at least one season lag, if at all. And even if you can watch the show by then, it is normally on networks which will drown you in ads every few minutes.

And don't get me started that not even today, with the full digitization of TV, you have the option to watch foreign shows undubbed in Germany. If you ever had to suffer through the German dubs of TV shows, you would no doubt also strongly consider piracy.

Of course you can wait for the DVD/BD box to arrive, containing an English audio track, but those may again arrive late or not at all. Coincidentally, GoT has been an exception here. Also, the pricing is oftentimes on the ludicrous side, and thanks to DVD and BD DRM you cannot even just get the US release.

more than 2 years ago

German Pirate Party Enters 2nd State Parliament

Kohlrabi82 Re:Social Justice (188 comments)

This adds to my impression that many, many voters just voted for them because they are fed up with the old parties and system. It may very well be that these voters will leave for greener pastures in the future, causing the PP to fall below 5% again (meaning they won't get seats in state elections). Also, a good percentage of the voters are previous FDP (liberals) voters. The FDP had two positions in the past, neo-liberalism with open markets and freedom for the financial sector, and civil rights. They nearly completely expunged the latter from their party over the years (apart from the national minister Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger), and now they are paying for it: They are part of the national government, but didn't even get 2% of the votes in the Saarland. Most analysts assume that the voters left for the other bigger parties and the PP.

more than 2 years ago

The Numbers Behind the Copyright Math

Kohlrabi82 Two likely causes (311 comments)

Dwindling sales of the RIAA labels could have two probable causes:

1. With Spotify and similar streaming services, most people can get all the music they need for 5$ a month. The offers there probably satisfy most users.

2. The CDs that get released by major labels are produced so poorly that I entirely stopped buying any major label releases (also because my taste evolved). It's completely retarded marketing on the majors end. The people buying CDs today are actually not the young people, but rather in their late twenties and thirties. Those actually know how properly mastered music sounds, and current CD releases are far from that. It's totally schizophrenic to still put out CDs, but to treat your own product in such a poor fashion that it's simply worthless.

more than 2 years ago

Mastering Engineer Explains Types of Compression, Effects On Today's Music

Kohlrabi82 Ian's remark about 128kbit/s MP3s (382 comments)

Ian Shepherd's mentioning that one should avoid 128kbit/s encoded MP3. This is leaving out a critical piece of information. Luckily he mentioned himself that heavily (audio) compressed music (data) compresses very badly. This will be especially evident if you force the encoder to only allocate a fixed number of bits to a section, called "Constant Bitrate" (CBR) in MP3 encoders. "Busy" sections will get the same data allotment as quiet sections. This problem can be diminished by using "Variable Bitrate" (VBR) mode when encoding, which encodes to a specific target quality rather than file size. With that, (LAME) MP3s can still sound good enough around 128kbit/s, since the encoder is free to allocate more bits to critical sections and less bits to non-critical section.

In short, there is no reason to use CBR encoding, unless your target device is unable to decode VBR encoded files, or you absolutely need to know the exact bandwidth requirement of a stream. It defeats the whole point of lossy encoding, which is to reproduce the original with highest possible fidelity, not reach a target file size.

more than 2 years ago

Has Apple Made Programmers Cool?

Kohlrabi82 Money = Sexy (378 comments)

I get it, when you sit in your basement hacking away at code potentially benefiting many people for free you are a socially unacceptable geek. As soon as you put together some graphics and make money from thousands of people you are the sex icon of the new computer era. It's not that perception has changed, but rather the contrary. Money and status derived from money is valued more than the work itself.

more than 2 years ago

Coding Games In 48 Hours

Kohlrabi82 LD48 (99 comments)

Ludum Dare has been doing this for years now. Every competition has a more or less vague theme or motto, and people are invited to come up with a game of any genre and implement it in a 48 hours time frame. Check out for more info.

more than 2 years ago

Study Links Game Piracy To Critics' Review Scores

Kohlrabi82 Nothing to see here (199 comments)

When I first read the title I assumed that they found out that games with lower scores get pirated more. This would have made perfect sense to me, since I understand the idea of "try before you buy", especially for games which are reported to be flawed in some ways. Then I saw that they didn't weigh the amount of pirated copies by the sales of the specific game, which then only shows that good games are popular.

about 3 years ago

Ubuntu 11.10 Down To 12-Second Boot

Kohlrabi82 Rebooting in the Age of Hibernation? (221 comments)

I will savour the three seconds which I save each half a year.

Also, a 20% decrease might sound like much, but when we're talking about 15 seconds vs. 12 seconds, it's just not something most people will even notice at all.

more than 3 years ago

Why We Should Buy Music In FLAC

Kohlrabi82 Re:Unlimited bandwidth! (550 comments)

Funny how you mention wasted bandwidth and 320kbit CBR MP3s in the same sentence, since CBR encoding is the prime example of wasted bandwidth (i.e. virtually no quality gains while needing more bits).

more than 3 years ago


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