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NIN's Music Experiment Sells Big Numbers

Kristoffer Lunden Re:This is great (452 comments)

This is the new wave of music and I am very soon going to order their $10 hard copy!

I did, even though it was actually $23 or $24 with shipping (to Sweden) and even though I never listen to the actual audio CDs (just rip from them).

I figured it'd be nice to have on the shelf anyways, and I felt like giving more than the $5. Don't know how much of the CD that is profit, but I hope there is some, at least.

Not even that great a NiN fan, though I like it well enough. But I felt this needed to be supported! I guess I would have had a real dilemma if had been Britney doing this move! :D

more than 6 years ago


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