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Linux Sucks (Video)

KritonK Re:Duh! (293 comments)

It is far simpler to just tell them to install [your favorite distribution] with [your favorite desktop]. Skip the "tell them to" bit, if you are talking to friends and relatives, in which case, change "install" to "install and support".

If, later on, they figure out that there are other distributions and desktop environments, and want to try them out, then more power to them.

about 8 months ago

Dyn.com Ends Free Dynamic DNS

KritonK Re:You cancel service? (242 comments)

This happened to me once, too. I wrote to them, explaining what had happened, and they promptly restored my account, no questions asked.

about 10 months ago

Smart Toothbrush Aims For Better Brushing Habits

KritonK Re:If you don't know how to brush teeth properly.. (102 comments)

If you are an adult and you don't know how to brush your teeth, ask your dentist: brushing your teeth properly is simple but not obvious; it's not just a matter of putting toothpaste on the toothbrush and giving your teeth a quick scrub. As for when to do it, it's pretty simple: after every meal. Floss afterwards; again ask your dentist about the correct way to do it. (Yes, this means having a toothbrush and dental floss at work. So what?)

1 year,19 days

Why Do Projects Continue To Support Old Python Releases?

KritonK RHEL 5 & 6 come with python 2.6 or earlier (432 comments)

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (and, therefore, CentOS, Scientific Linux, etc.) 6, which is the current version of the OS, comes with python 2.6. Version 5 of the OS, which is still supported, comes with python 2.4 and an optional python26 package, which installs python 2.6 in parallel with the default version. I assume that similar things are true for other long term support distributions.

In these distributions, using python 2.7 would require building it yourself and install it in parallel with the system-supplied version. This would add to the porting problems, that others have mentioned, the cost of maintaining python yourself. Thus, until these distributions update python to version 2.7, it is good that project maintainers provide support for these older versions.

1 year,20 days

Searching the Internet For Evidence of Time Travelers

KritonK I read that paper ages ago... (465 comments)

...in subjective time and used it as a guide for things not to do, if I want to remain undetected when I went back to the past. So far it seems to have worked.

1 year,26 days

Billion Star Surveyor 'Gaia' Lifts Off

KritonK Re:The size of a euro coin? (77 comments)

In Metric, it is 23.25 mm.

In American, it is 0.95836768342951360263 times the diameter of a quarter. Or, in more standard units, 0.00021188757655293088 football fields. Approximately.

about a year ago

Desert Farming Experiment Yields Good Initial Results

KritonK Re:Why those vegetables? (178 comments)

Probably because with these vegetables they will be in Mediterranean diet heaven. All they need is olive oil, but olive trees take time to grow. Olive trees would probably thrive in the hot climate, so they, too, could be included in the project in the long term.

According to the TFA they also produced barley (Greek salad with barley rusks—yum!) and salad rocket (for those who prefer their salad green instead of Greek).

about a year ago

Bribe Devs To Improve Open Source Software

KritonK Bounties, not bribes (109 comments)

In the Amiga community there is the similar notion of bounties, where people collect money, to be given to whoever implements some required functionality, usually a port of something useful.

I'm not sure one would want someone to think that one is bounty hunter, but at least it's better than giving the impression that they accept bribes.

about a year ago

Team of Dentists Create "The Six-Second Toothbrush"

KritonK Re:Serious question. (98 comments)

Not really. Brushing works mainly by mechanical action. The "chemicals" are mostly there for flavor.

In this sense, 6 seconds seems just about right. My dentist recommends 7-10 passes with the toothbrush per tooth (or group of teeth, given that you can brush more than one tooth at the same time). Grinding your teeth for six seconds would make at least this number of passes.

If you ask your dentist how to brush your teeth properly, you'll learn that proper brushing also involves massaging your gums, which is something that I doubt this new-fangled contraption does. And good luck replacing flossing. If there's food stuck between your teeth, not only is the new toothbrush not going to remove it, but its functionality is going to be impaired, as well.

about a year ago

Quantum Computers Check Each Other's Work

KritonK Re:Answer: 42 Question: ? (77 comments)

Exactly. A quantum computer's eventual destiny is to design a computer whose merest operational parameters it is not worthy to calculate.

about a year ago

As AOL Prepares To Downsize Patch, CEO Fires Employee During Meeting

KritonK Re:Patch is already dead (248 comments)

Speaking of Monty Python, the article reminded me of this particular sketch.

about a year and a half ago

Firefox 23 Arrives With New Logo, Mixed Content Blocker, and Network Monitor

KritonK Re:Removed "Disable Javascript" check box (365 comments)

I also discovered this today. Fortunately, there is already an add-on to restore the old functionality.

As far as I can tell, the only major browser that allows you to hide the tab bar, when only one tab is shown, is SeaMonkey. The latest versions of Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and IE force you to show the tab bar at all times.

about a year and a half ago

Compared to my 1st computer's memory ...

KritonK Powers of two (587 comments)

Shouldn't the options be powers of 2?

My current computer, with 4 GB of memory, has 131072 times more memory than my first computer, a 32K BBC Micro.

I voted "100000", which is the right order of magnitude, but less than the actual value. Even when I was using Windows XP, which could use only 3.25 GB of memory, that was 106496 times the memory of the BBC Micro.

about a year and a half ago

Google Removing Ad-Blockers From Play

KritonK Re:Good (337 comments)

Google's point here is to obviously make them as invisible as possible to minimize users that block ads. Most people won't go around other android stores or internet sites searching for software, they're fairly happy with google play.

Quite right! Until today, I didn't know that there were ad blockers for Android. With today's action, not only has Google made me aware that there are, but, thanks to TFA, I know where to find them: F-Droid. Excellent!!

about 2 years ago

CAPTCHA Using Ad-Based Verification

KritonK Re:Yeah? (174 comments)

This particular Ad-CAPTCHA had better accept "sphere" as a valid answer. Not being a USian, I 've never heard of this brand.

about 2 years ago

WindowsAndroid Lets You Run Android 4.0 Natively On Your PC

KritonK Re:http://androvm.org (190 comments)

AndroVM runs on any platform supported by VirtualBox. This means that it runs on Linux, Windows (even XP, which WindowsAdroid does not support), Mac OS X and Solaris.

about 2 years ago

Fedora 18 Installer: Counterintuitive and Confusing?

KritonK Re:Preupgrade (458 comments)

Indeed. Except that you have to read the release notes to find out about this program. Booting from the CD and trying to upgrade, does not work anymore. Fedup worked quite well, surprisingly, though it felt slower than updating from the network installation CD, as fedup downloaded several gigabytes of updates, before actually updating anything, while the network installation CD used to download the updates concurrently with the upgrade. One interesting detail is that fedup wasn't working for a few hours after Fedora 18 was officially released!

about 2 years ago

In UK, Apple Must Run Ad Apologizing to Samsung

KritonK Re:Ariel? (190 comments)

It is a very small font. At 14pt, it looks like this: ______________

more than 2 years ago


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