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Passport Required To Buy Mobile Phones In the UK

LM741N What is wrong with Britain? (388 comments)

Why are they now the most paranoid country in the world. Even Iran and N. Korea are not as bad as Britain, nor was the USSR. Perhaps it was the demise of Monty Python's Flying Circus that put them over the edge. I suppose that show would be illegal now along with Benny Hill. Too subversive, you know, the giant breasts and all.

about 6 years ago

Linux Turns 17 Today

LM741N My Linux has a fake ID (285 comments)

Its called Ubuntu and he is supposed to be 60 years old and lives as a zoo keeper, naming all of his projects after various animals there.

about 6 years ago



LED's, energy savers or environmental disaster?

LM741N LM741N writes  |  more than 6 years ago

LM741N (258038) writes "Gallium Arsenide has now been listed as a carcinogen. Given the increasing usage of gallium arsenide, the main constituent in LED's, and their recent championing as more efficient light sources in recent news stories and Slashdot, there may be significant environmental concerns as related to their disposal. Morover, workers in industries using the substance may be at risk of cancer as well. Thus arguments that LEDs are more environmentally friendly than fluorescent lights containing mercury may be totally specious."

Banks are closed and no mail?

LM741N LM741N writes  |  more than 6 years ago

LM741N (258038) writes "After going to the Whitehouse site and several other government sites I found out that at the last minute President Bush declared April 1 a national holiday. Evidently, he really relates to the word "FOOL." Note that in a number of countries this day is a holiday. Refer to the reference below:'_Day"

Ask Slashdot:: % of people alone on Xmas

LM741N LM741N writes  |  more than 6 years ago

LM741N writes "For Ask Slashdot: I'd like to know if anyone has any idea of the percentage of people who are alone on Christmas. Its usually due to a fucked up family, which is my case. thanks."

Ham Radio's Biggest Contest Starts Tonight

LM741N LM741N writes  |  more than 6 years ago

LM741N (258038) writes "> From the ARRL Website: Ham radio's equivalent of a sold-out stadium, the CQ WW SSB contest is the biggest in the world with DX aplenty to fill your log.

CQ World Wide DX Contest — SSB, sponsored by CQ Magazine, 0000Z Oct 27-2400Z Oct 28 (CW is 0000Z Nov 24-2400Z Nov 25). Frequencies: 160-10 meters. Categories: SOAB and SOSB (HP, LP, QRP), MS, M2 (new), MM. MS has 10 minute rule. Exchange RS(T) and CQ zone. QSO points: same cont — 1 pts (NA stations count 2 pts), diff cont — 3 pts. Stations in the same country may be worked for zone credit only. Score: QSO points × CQ Zones + DXCC entities and WAE countries counted once per band. For more information: . Logs due Dec 1 (Jan 15 for CW) to (CW logs to ) or to CQ Magazine, 25 Newbridge Rd, Hicksville, NY 11801."

Link to Original Source

No more adult material on YouTube

LM741N LM741N writes  |  about 7 years ago

LM741N (258038) writes "It appears that all adult material has been taken off of YouTube recently. If Google Video is going to merge with YouTube will the resultant service be similar? Google Video still has plenty of racy stuff."

As a Windows user, where is the WOW factor?

LM741N LM741N writes  |  more than 7 years ago

LM741N writes "OK, I've had Vista on my new Sony ViAO for a couple of months, but i'm mystified. Where is the WOW factor? I bought a copy of Vista Ultimate and expected all sorts of innovations and eye candy. Where is it? As far as I can tell Vista is just an incremental upgrade from XP with some extras thrown in. I have tried to go into the screen personalization section and didn't find much there. The icons look pretty much like XP icons. The only thing I noticed is the edges of windows being transparent. What am I missing here? Please tell me how to satisfy myself after spending all that money."


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