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US Senator Blasts Microsoft's H-1B Push As It Lays 18,000 Off Workers

LSDelirious Re:Free market economy (529 comments)

The bulk of GWB's massive contribution to the debt was more Iraq and Afghanistan than Wall Street. All Obama did was officially recognize it as part of the debt instead of continuing whatever fuzzy accounting allowed Bush to keep it seperate

about 2 months ago

FTC To Trap Robocallers With Open Source Software

LSDelirious Re:Really? (125 comments)

Are there limits on what numbers you can forward to? If you could somehow forward them to a 1-900 phone sex or psychic hotline and stick them with the tab..... ;D

about 2 months ago

Update Your Shelf: BitLit Offers Access To Ebook Versions of Books You Own

LSDelirious So... (82 comments)

All I have to do is head to Barnes & Noble with a disappearing ink pen?

about 3 months ago

Hulu Blocks VPN Users

LSDelirious Fuck Hulu! (259 comments)

Shows always seem to get stuck buffering for extended periods after a minute or two of play, yet the commercials always load and play smooth as silk. No thanks

about 5 months ago

GPUs Dropping Dead In 2011 MacBook Pro Models

LSDelirious Re:Warranty Shouldn't Matter (359 comments)

Even better than baking the whole motherboard in an oven is to make a heat shield with a hole and use a heat gun to just "cook" the chip, so you minimize risk of damage to other areas of the board. Example video here: I did this method a while back on my mom's old defective HP DV2000 and its worked great ever since.

about 8 months ago

Python Trademark Filer Ignorant of Python?

LSDelirious Re:Seriously? (261 comments)

Reminds me of the time my boss wanted to call a new line of cleaning products "Blue Ice". He wasnt amused when I pointed out that in addition to the well known cooler packs, customers searching for us would be getting results mentioning frozen balls of piss & shit ejected from airliners, and Walter White's blue wonder meth lol

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: What Does the FOSS Community Currently Need?

LSDelirious Re:You should think of what your teachers expect (356 comments)

Instead of guessing or tape measuring remaining filament lengths, is there some reason you can't weigh the remaining materials? Seems like the filament would be a consistent diameter and density that with a scale of decent precision you could weigh a known length and have a fairly accurate idea of the remaining length.

about a year and a half ago

For Your Inspection: Source Code For Photoshop 1.0

LSDelirious Re:Gimp (176 comments)

Our "Marketing" manager is the same way. The visual atrocities she calls datasheets hurt to look at they are so bad - cheesy drop shadows with hard noisy edges, thumbnail gifs blown up 10x and vastly distorted out of proportion, because you know you HAVE to fill the entire placeholder frame. One time she was going to have a 8' x 18' tradeshow booth wall printed from a powerpoint slide of some godawful 90's clipart and giant Times New Roman text. This was for a 2011 show mind you.

about a year and a half ago

Smart Ice Cubes Tell When You've Had Enough Alcohol

LSDelirious why an ice cube? (167 comments)

And not the cup itself, then no one can swallow it... Also you wont have to look like a weirdo putting ice in your beer or wine

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Geekiest Way To Cook a Turkey?

LSDelirious Thermite (447 comments)

Fully cooked in about 2 seconds.

about 2 years ago

FTC Offers $50,000 For Best Way To Stop Robocalls

LSDelirious checksum? (614 comments)

If the Department of Homeland Security can analyze single spoken "red flag" words in a call, then why the hell cant the carriers do some sort of checksum of the call data coming through their pipes? I'm not saying to "listen in" like a wiretap, just sample bits here and there to build a, "audio-spam" profile that could be matched against other calls since robocalls should have essentially identical voice pattern signatures. Now sure, just like spammers always keep trying to evolve to get around the filters, I'm sure determined robocallers would try tricks like pitch shifting the voice, altering silence durations between sentences, etc... but that seems like it cause them more work to alter the calls (as opposed to dial & press play) than it would to make new match patterns to filter the evasion tactics. Plus the more contorted the messages become, the less effective they would be to any receptive audience... again, think of it like spam - a small % of people might respond to an email offer to buy Viagra, but most of those same people are going to ignore an email offering V1.4g.r.A! because the contortions make the message so much less trustworthy...

Also, as far as dealing with the robocallers who are caught, there should be massive fines AND jailtime just like email spammers. Give a large portion of the fines to the people who got called (to compensate them and promote reporting of robocalls) and also give the telecoms who gathered the data to make a prosecution a slice, so they have a real financial incentive to stop as many robocalls as possible and recoup some of the money lost on their audio-spam profiling operations.

And if the robocaller happens to be outside our jurisdiction, call in a drone strike and label them an enemy combatant ;)

about 2 years ago

Facebook Tests 'Want' Button To Hoard User Data, Save Its Stock Price

LSDelirious Re:Planted Likes? (98 comments)

I'm beginning to think the same thing. A couple weekends ago, my girlfriend was on fb on her phone, and she said "oh I didnt realize you stella artois?" Uh I dont actually... I think stella sucks and never would have liked it on fb, yet there I am in her feed as a sponsored story. I logged in and displayed all my likes and sure enough it was there.... I tried to locate when I liked it in my timeline but never did find it

about 2 years ago

Japanese Scientists Produce Element 113

LSDelirious Re:Yawn (150 comments)

If they make the 6 soldiers a bit more powerful that might be alright. Most missions I usually dont use the whole 10+ team, since unless you take the time to rotate soldiers around, the first 6 or so do most of the work and wind up w the highest stats. And if more than 2 of my best guys die on a mission chances are I'm going to restart from save anyways. They just better keep the hovertanks!

about 2 years ago

California's Unspoken Health Problem: Brain Parasites

LSDelirious Re:At Some Point... (313 comments)

But if we run the immigrants off our lawns, how will they mow them?

about 2 years ago

Samsung Opens New Apple Store In Australia

LSDelirious I can't wait to see their new CEO (154 comments)

an scruffy balding asian dude with glasses in a black turtleneck and jeans

about 2 years ago

Only English Final Fantasy 2 NES Cartridge On Sale for $50K

LSDelirious Re:FF1 just ported to Android... (109 comments)

Dont need to wait for a port, just get nesoid emulator and any NES rom you can get ahold of can be played on your droid....

about 2 years ago

"Knitted" Wi-Fi Routers Create Failover Network For First Responders

LSDelirious Make the ISPs open their connection! (97 comments)

We could always tell the govt granted monopoly cable isps they need to install a first responder only wifi hotspot at every node... but sure lets burden the public to give up their privacy and security in the name of emergency communication failover, and burden device manufacturers with building these backdoors even if that means they cant sell them in other markets...

more than 2 years ago

Insurer Measures Driver Safety With Smartphone App To Calculate Premiums

LSDelirious Re:Seems straightforward enough... (345 comments)

this could be fun convincing them they have bugs in their system, since accelerometer should still record rapid vertical acceleration but that wouldn't translate to much change of latitude/longitude in gps... think "tower drop" carnival rides, bungee jumping, fast elevators, etc...

more than 2 years ago

Insurer Measures Driver Safety With Smartphone App To Calculate Premiums

LSDelirious Re:Slippery sloppy slope (345 comments)

Slippery Slope indeed! I don't see the govt requiring smartphone monitoring for the license (unless they just make it a part of "citizenship"), but I could easily see the 200 mile "trial period" being extended indefinitely so that you always had to be monitored to get discount, which like all the 1 sided contracts coporations push can be changed at any time, meaning any action they disapprove of could invalidate the "discount". And of course this would eventually morph into always be monitored to have a policy in the first place... and since insurance is required by law that might as well be the same as a license requirement in that without "voluntary" gps monitoring you won't be able to legally drive

Maybe if we explain real slowly to the foxtards how they are having to pay more than their fair share into the insurance pool to cover other drivers, we can get them all frothed up about this government mandated "Socialism" and get the requirement repealed lol

more than 2 years ago

Insurer Measures Driver Safety With Smartphone App To Calculate Premiums

LSDelirious Re:public transport? (345 comments)

they don't necessarily have to gouge you, just not give you a perceived discount you could potentially have received. If they can get people to switch to them with this gimmick and then deny them the discount but still charge a comparable rate, many would still stick with them because they're too busy to worry about car insurance shopping...

more than 2 years ago



UK Gang Caught after $750K Online Music Fraud Scam

LSDelirious LSDelirious writes  |  more than 5 years ago

LSDelirious (1569065) writes "10 Individuals in the UK have been arrested in connection to a online fraud gang, whereby the group created several songs, had the songs uploaded to iTunes and Amazon, then used thousands of stolen credit cards to repeatedly purchase the songs from these services. It is estimated that they charged approximately $750,000 worth of fraudulent purchases, netting the group over $300,000 in royalties payments."
Link to Original Source


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