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Guardian and WaPo Receive Pulitzers For Snowden Coverage

LVSlushdat Happy.. Happy.. Joy.. Joy.. (78 comments)

hehe THAT has GOT to piss off the current US government..... Couldn't happen to a worse bunch of crooks...

3 days ago

NASA To Send SpaceX Resupply Capsule To ISS Despite Technical Problems

LVSlushdat Re:But for how long? (71 comments)

Well if NASA can't keep a spacestation in orbit, there's a company here in Las Vegas that CAN! Bigelow Aerospace has had two structures in orbit since 2006-2007. Genesis I was launched in 2006 and Genesis II was launched in 2007, and they're both still up there sending back video to the Bigelow ops center in North Las Vegas.. Bigelow has a project called BEAM that will attach another module to the ISS, scheduled to launch on SpaceX's CRS Mission 8, in mid 2015.


4 days ago

Why No Executive Order To Stop NSA Metadata Collection?

LVSlushdat Re:reversed "with the stroke of a pen" (312 comments)

if reforming the NSA is so obvious, why do Republicans in Congress oppose it?

Gee.. I wonder if the (R)'s don't have a hard-on to bring on the police-state as much as the democrats? I *used* to be a Republican, after about 1/2 way thru BushJr's second term, I got fed up with the shitting that BOTH parties are doing on the Constitution and dumped the R's.. I held my nose in 2008 and voted for McCain and gleefully voted for Romney in 2012... BUT the vast majority of Republicans nowadays are simply "Democrat-Lite".. They want to shit on the Constitution as much as the D's do... I'm beginning to wonder even about the new R's that came in back in the landslide of 2010, some of them seem to be eying the Constitution as toilet paper also.... Woe unto us...

about two weeks ago

Should NASA Send Astronauts On Voluntary One-Way Missions?

LVSlushdat Re:Yes, for any mission (307 comments)

If you want to go on a one way trip so bad, go private and pay for it yourself. I think some private firm did ask for volunteers.

I believe you're talking about Mars-One (http://www.mars-one.com/mission/roadmap) . They have begun taking applications for colonists to go to Mars. They had over 200,000 applications for becoming one of these colonists. The plan is, starting in 2018, sending supply missions to Mars and a rover, and then in 2024, sending 3 colonists every 2 years.. Its ambitious, but if we wait for governments to do this, we'll be waiting a VERY VERY long time....

about two weeks ago

An SSD for Your Current Computer May Save the Cost of a New One (Video)

LVSlushdat Re:Two drives not feasible for laptops (353 comments)

Excellent idea! I have a Dell Precision laptop, pulled out the DVD drive, bought one of the "2nd drive replacement sleds" for like $10, and now I have two drives in the system.. Just saving up my sheckles to be able to buy a 256GB SSD... Money is tight right now...

about two weeks ago

An SSD for Your Current Computer May Save the Cost of a New One (Video)

LVSlushdat Re:Max RAM? (353 comments)

Yup... That bit me recently.. Wanted a Dell Precision laptop, new was WAAAY out of my price range, so I found a nice M4400 on the Dell Offlease website for $200, it came with 2GB of DDR2 ram, but supported up to 8GB. Forgot about the DDR2 price gotcha.. Had to pay over $100 for 2 4GB DDR2 sticks.. Then about a month after buying the M4400, I spot an M4500 on the website, for $225.. I wanted to cry.. The M4500 supports up to 16GB and uses DDR3 ram, which a bit of Googling told me I could buy 16GB of DDR3 for about what I paid for the 8GB DDR2.... Oh well... Live and learn...

about two weeks ago

Canonical Shutting Down Ubuntu One File Services

LVSlushdat Re:good. always hated it being default (161 comments)

Now if they just ditch unity and mir and their advertising in the dash, I can go back to using ubuntu.

Why bother? Debian itself or the Mint-Debian edition will work just as well, withOUT the moronic Canonical touch that Ubuntu seems to have... I used to tout Ubuntu to all my friends, many of whom were on Windows.. Since Canonical/Ubuntu has started this slide to insanity, I've switched my allegiance over to Debian, for those who are fairly Linux-knowledgable, and Mint-Debian Edition, for Linux noobs..

about two weeks ago

Canonical Shutting Down Ubuntu One File Services

LVSlushdat Re:other suggestions? (161 comments)

You can rent an Amazon AWS micro instance for around $7/month (including a few GB of disk space -- additional space is $0.05/GB/month). Data transfer can kill you if you share a lot of data, inbound data to AWS is free, but outbound data is $0.12/GB so if you're send a 1GB file to 10 devices, that's $1.20 in bandwidth.

I rent several 512MB Xen-based Linux virtual servers that I pay $28.50/semi-annually for. On month-to-month, they're $5/mo.. They come with 512mb of ram, 1GB of swap, 30GB of diskspace, and 1TB of transfer/month.. I've only had one minor issue with them, where somehow, the vps allocated_ram configuration on one of my slices got set to 128mb vs 512mb.. A quick support ticket to them got the problem fixed. I'd say that was quite a bit cheaper than AWS.. I don't have any ties with the company, just a happy customer.. Google "Virpus networks"...

about two weeks ago

Nature Publisher Requires Authors To Waive "Moral Rights" To Works

LVSlushdat April Fools!!!!! (82 comments)

America's been the brunt of an epic April Fools prank for the last 15 years or so.. A prank that is not the least bit funny..And its gotten a LOT worse in the last five years.. I, for one, am NOT laughing nor pleased....

about two weeks ago

Ultima Online Devs Building Player-Run MMORPG

LVSlushdat Re:a good idea? (75 comments)

Kinda sounds like one *I* would play in....

about three weeks ago

Debian Considering Long Term Support for Squeeze

LVSlushdat Re:im no linux expert by any stretch (46 comments)

You think Debian, circa 2002-2003 was bad? you shoulda tried Slackware back around 1995 or so.. Umptysquat floppy disks, handediting ALL the config files for EVERYTHING.. Since most of the time I was building a server to run ftpd or httpd, I didn't bother messing with XFree86 and its mindnumbing configuration... Today's Linux is da BOMB!!

about a month ago

Church Committee Members Say New Group Needed To Watch NSA

LVSlushdat Re:Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (143 comments)

In theory, that would be the job of the free press.

Instead, we have what has now become the defacto US Department of Propaganda.. Herman Goebbles, Hitler's propaganda minister, would have had an orgasm over the kind of power today's propaganda apparatus has...

about 1 month ago

Snowden A Hero? Gates Says No, Woz Says Yes

LVSlushdat Re:A hero isn't someone who runs away (335 comments)

Geez.. I wish I hadn't already posted.. I'd mod you UP UP UP.. I STRONGLY agree with your eloquent statement on "consequences"... Snowden has sacrificed his normal life, where he will likely be permanently exiled to whatEVER country feels the cojones to stand up to what has become the American war-machine... hint: VERY few countries have these cojones... Russia being one of the very few.. If he'd stayed in the US, he'd more than likely be dead now... As much as I love America, having served in the Army in the 70s, I'm terrified of its government, which has become totally evil in the last 20 years or so..

about a month ago

Snowden A Hero? Gates Says No, Woz Says Yes

LVSlushdat Re:The full sentence (335 comments)

Yes, Snowden broke the "law", a "law" that ANYone with half a brain could see violated the Constitution, DESPITE what the paid-off Congress and Judiciary say.. He stood up for the Constitution, and is a hero in my book, like many of the heroes from the first American Revolution.. I say "first revolution" because I'm damn sure we're well into the 2nd Revolution... I fear this one is gonna be MUCH bloodier than the first...

about a month ago

Snowden A Hero? Gates Says No, Woz Says Yes

LVSlushdat Woz is absolutely right... (335 comments)

Always knew there was something about the Woz I really admired...

about a month ago

How Do You Backup 20TB of Data?

LVSlushdat Re:If you want to hoard bits... (983 comments)

I do a multi-level backup.. I have about 110GB of stuff thats nice to have, but if the house burned down and took the machine the data was on, the house server, AND the USB NAS drive that 110GB is backed up on, I'd not lose too much sleep, THEN I have a smaller subset of data, about 10GB that I would cry my eyes out if it were lost. You can imagine the data is.. Tax returns, pictures, scanned documents, etc.. That subset is backed up to the NAS and house server along with the 110GB of stuff, PLUS its backed up to AWS S3. I really couldn't see wasting $$ to backup the whole 120GB...

about a month ago

Author Says It's Time To Stop Glorifying Hackers

LVSlushdat Re:US blame culture. (479 comments)

I look forward to the day when America gets back to the point where people start taking responsibility for their own actions again, instead of always looking for someone else to blame (and sue) for their own stupidity.

Judging from the increasing number of brain-dead liberals infesting America, I think you're gonna be waiting a LONG LONG time......

about a month ago

SpaceX Wants To Go To Mars — and Has a Plan To Get There

LVSlushdat Re:Make no small dreams. (236 comments)

Everybody seems to have forgotten that there are two additional space stations currently in orbit besides ISS.. They're the Bigelow Aerospace Genesis I/II habitats, that were launched WAY back in 2006/2007. http://www.bigelowaerospace.co... Bigelow is right here in North Las Vegas, and those habitats are still there and certainly could be commercial staging locations for Mars missions, with SpaceX getting everything into orbit. The ISS is great and all, but its encombered by too many governments.. To use ISS for staging an essentially commericial mission to Mars would be a lesson in futility.. If Musk/SpaceX got together with Bob Bigelow, at Bigelow Aerospace, great things might happen....

about a month ago

Eric Schmidt, Jared Cohen Say Google Data Now Protected From Gov't Spying

LVSlushdat Re:Safe just from prying eyes? (155 comments)

With the current government (and the last couple also) the "rule of law" is dead.. not just on life support, but dead and begining to smell....

about a month ago

Ask Slashdot: Linux For Grandma?

LVSlushdat Debian Mint FTW (287 comments)

I'm the defacto tech support for my church/neighborhood. I've installed Ubuntu on quite a few of these users, especially ones whose older machine was running XP, and they did not have the recovery disks to restore from, and the machine was crufted with malware such that it would take more time than it was worth to clean the system. In the first case, I gave them a 3-way ultimatum, spend $75/hr for at least 3-4 hours for me to clean the system, OR I would backup their docs, nuke XP from orbit, install Ubuntu, and life goes on OR they buy a new system with Win7/8 on it.. After seeing a LiveCD demo of Ubuntu, and my explaining to them that they would not be plagued with the endless malware and its slow down of the machine on Linux, they smartly opted for the "nuke/pave" option. Since then, word of mouth has spread and I've done quite a few more systems in the neighborhood. Quite a few of these were essentially unneeded upgrades, in that the user was not seeing any real slowness on the system due to malware, they just wanted their machine to perform better than it was under XP. These original "upgrades" were done using Ubuntu 10.04LTS as they were done in the 2010-2011 timeframe. Since the turd that is Unity/Ubuntu 12.04 (and above) I've switched to Debian Mint for these upgrades, as the "focus group" I tried on Ubuntu 12.04LTS with Unity were unanamous with their scorn for Unity. What with XP patches/"support" coming to stop in April, I figure with a little local advertisement on the imminent un-support for XP, I'll get a nice uptick in business doing these upgrades.. Mayhaps even enough work to hire some help...

about a month and a half ago


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