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Open-Source NVIDIA Driver Steps Up Its Game & Runs Much Faster

La Gris Beware not to overheat your GPU/Memory (143 comments)

It's a very good start but until they can manage dynamic clocking, proper monitoring of GPU, RAM and PCB temperature, and then adjust fan speeds or fallback lower in case of overheat, you are better be very careful with this recent feature.

about 7 months ago

French journalist "hacks" govt by inputting correct URL, later fined $4,000+

La Gris Blogger is not Journalist (1 comments)

Though, this story would be good... Moderators?

about a year ago

Yahoo To Offer Bug Bounty Rewards Up To $15,000

La Gris Re:"Up to" - marketing magic (65 comments)

There is no wrong in your statement about $12.50 comes under "Up To $15,000,";
So there is no circunstance where you would give me up to $1,000,000 in correllation to proving you wrong on the above.
This is where I could prove you wrong.
But giving me up to $1.000.000 for proving you wrong would prove you right.

Finally, the only possible income of all this. is:
- You have to give me more than $1.000.000 for, proving you are wrong on advertising a reward to an impossible circunstance.
- And the reward has to be more than your "up-to" to save your wrongness or it would cancel itself.

about a year ago

Defend the Open Web: Keep DRM Out of W3C Standards

La Gris Re:Not putting in DRM isn't going to eliminate DRM (351 comments)

Yay, free cars.

But until the star-trek utopia arrives the people that used to make those cars now need a new job...

  1. Give or sell cars for free or at a loss
  2. Then sell tuned fuel in tiny sealed tanks witn embeded engine njectors, brand and model specific fittings,
  3. Ensure the fuel gauge scream empty and engine shut down half tank capacity or decrease even if parked all night,
  4. Profit

about 2 years ago

Cambridge University Scientists Find Quadruple Helix DNA In Human Cells

La Gris Re:More... (67 comments)

Do you mean a corkscrew shaped DNA?

about 2 years ago

Ubuntu Focusing on Tablets and the Cloud in 2013

La Gris Re:Non-bullshit non-jargon translation please... (202 comments)

Geek translation:

Focusing on tablets = You will get more of the Unity crapbloat
redesign Unity for mobile = We tried to sell it on desktop and...
push deeper into the cloud = there are kids reading you know.
faster and cost effective to scale out modern infrastructure on the cloud of your choice = we are going cheap on giving you a choice between clouds and clouds or clouds...
create clouds for your own consumption and commerce = You know who will consume and who will do commerce.

more than 2 years ago

Among APs I detect, the secured:unsecured ratio is:

La Gris Re:0 unsecured (277 comments)

And the guard will happily allow you to try as many random names per second without question, then let you in as soon as it is one on the list.

about 2 years ago

Wozniak's Original System Description of the Apple ][

La Gris Re:Reversion to mean? (170 comments)

And one trick he missed that could have been done cheaply... if the video vertical sync pulse had been made available someplace in the I/O space as a bit you could test, then it would have been trivial to know when you were in the vertical blanking interval so that you could flip video buffers cleanly.

$C019 ;RDVBL bit 7 Apple IIe IIgs Vertical Blanking
$C041 ;RDVBLMSK bit 7 Apple //c Read VBL Interrupt

more than 2 years ago

Researchers May Have Discovered How Memories Are Encoded In the Brain

La Gris Re:Fuck GizMag (185 comments)

Not only de-duping but:
- Sorting and grouping,
- Compressing patterns by combining and diffing matches,
- Replaying known scenarios (sequence patterns) that will help the sorting and classification,
- Playing challenging scenarios (as dreams) to help reveal relevance of the information itself as well as en-light unconsciously captured information (unprocessed details.

As a result, after a good night, you awake with freed short term memory and processed long term memory.

more than 2 years ago

Researchers May Have Discovered How Memories Are Encoded In the Brain

La Gris Re:Fuck GizMag (185 comments)

The memorization job during night is more like a reprocessing of the short term pattern matching, or optimization.

Let imagine you saw a calico cat during the day:
Your short term memory barely stored the information patterns nearly as :
1 - Surrounding environment (time, location, current occupation)
2 - Encounter with a wandering animal.
3 - The known cat of your neighbor.
4 - An uncommon variety calico.

During the night you reprocess optimize/compress the following pattern information as:
1 - related and share the same pattern memory as: your usual work commute
2 - related and share common animal encounters,
3 - share the already memorized recognition pattern of your neighbor's cat.
4 - share your already memorized recognition pattern of calico cats.

If you sleep/dream good enough, your brain will iterate and further optimize/reduce these patterns by walking across which materialize as dreams.

Your awake activity will bring new data as patterns that will help optimize and compress older memory patterns. In the long run, it may even produce lighter or more optimized memory, merging each duplicate information with "related to". Commonly used relations will wire faster actual synaptic links.


more than 2 years ago

Credit Suisse Traders Manipulated IT Systems To Hide $500m Losses

La Gris Transactions with real electronic cash (141 comments)

What we need is exchange transactions made with electronic signed cash species. Actually, transactions revolves around pure arithmetic and thus permit this type of frauds by creating more virtual fictional money with no real value.
If we could have signed species objects made of {{serial#,amount,emitter},emitter-signature},owner},owner-signature}, transactions made by signed clusters of species objects. No one except countries, central banks authorities would be able to electronically sign the species with the same process as printed money is done. Fictional fraudulent species would be much identifiable by their invalid signature. Each transaction would require a signed transfer from current owner and next owner of the currency/cluster, not the fictional arithmetic operation +/- we are used to.

more than 2 years ago

HP Announces ARM-Based Server Line

La Gris Alike most DSLAMs (125 comments)

This type of setup is already used in Most DSLAMs. Full rack, 2PSU, cooliing, 24 or 48 port (x)DSL cards with ARM CPU as independent servers, Internal management card and network switch. Think of blade server racks.

more than 3 years ago

Have CG monsters ever been frightening?

La Gris SsssssssshhhHHHHHsssss (4 comments)

Obviously, he never met a Creeper while caving in the darkness.

more than 3 years ago

Hypocrite Retailers Blasted For HDMI Cable Con

La Gris Sometimes minimum quality or conformity needed (1 comments)

Having bought a 7m HDMI cable unable to reliably transmit in 1080p and causing purple/green pixels on some places with evident bit code loss/drops.
The cable diameter was quite thin and my guess is, it was not up to specs for that length.
Finally I had to buy another one 1.3 certified this time and noticeably thicker.

On personal experience is not enough facts to build evidence. By the way, I am certain some non-conform material sub-standard piece of cram get in the stores as well as the over-priced golden hype ones. If on has to buy several low price crap before stumbling on a good one, this is sure too pricey as well.

more than 3 years ago

FBI Wiretapped Hemingway

La Gris Even paranoiacs have enemies. (254 comments)

The fact that he was wiretapped does not exclude he may have been a paranoiac.

more than 3 years ago

Lawsuit Claims Sony Canned Security Staff Just Before Data Breach

La Gris Re:Lays offs and abandoned departments (99 comments)

Here is my reply to their statements:

I contest you took part of the assets I pay for as my SOE subscription, to abandon it as a pretending free service. Shall I sue Sony about that?
Even critically, you straight tell me there is no team to fix bugs and hence this service may as well be subject to data breaches, like the one your fired security team failed to fix in may, and caused six weeks of unavailability and caused critical data like credit cards numbers, passwords and private user data to leak in pirates hands?
Sorry, but as a paying customer I demand you continue to provide the services I pay for with the corresponding assets being maintained, fixed and securely tightened.

more than 3 years ago

Lawsuit Claims Sony Canned Security Staff Just Before Data Breach

La Gris Lays offs and abandoned departments (99 comments)

As I wrote to SOE support about the everquest2.com service and characters profiles being outdated and bugged, they replied straight it was due to the service having no staff to fix anything. I thing this tell much about the state of lays-offs and ability to secure or update services. The everquest2.com website identify users using station SOE logins.

Here is the reply the gave:

Subject: Bugged character profiles [Incident: 110619-000022]
Response Via Email (TSR Steven G.) 06/23/2011 09:15 AM
Greetings leagris,

Thank you for contacting Sony Online Entertainment. Unfortunately, since the EQ2 players site was converted to a free service, there is not a team set to maintain/update the site. We have no ETA when or if a team will be added to maintain/update the site. We are sorry for the inconvenience that this may cause. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us.

CSR Steven G.

more than 3 years ago



MIT Cloth that can emit and receive sounds

La Gris La Gris writes  |  more than 4 years ago

La Gris writes "In the August issue of Nature Materials, Fink and his collaborators announce a new milestone on the path to functional fibers: fibers that can detect and produce sound. Applications could include clothes that are themselves sensitive microphones, for capturing speech or monitoring bodily functions, and tiny filaments that could measure blood flow in capillaries or pressure in the brain. The paper, whose authors also include Shunji Egusa, a former postdoc in Fink's lab, and current lab members Noémie Chocat and Zheng Wang, appeared on Nature Materials' website on July 11, and the work it describes was supported by MIT's Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies, the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Defense Department's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency."
Link to Original Source


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