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Mathematicians Use Mossberg 500 Pump-Action Shotgun To Calculate Pi

Lacompa Cida Bill Rich (311 comments)

Isn't this the first method you learn in Monte Carlo Methods ? Do we know the shot gun blasts are really random ? I suspect the blasts are biased towards the center.

about 9 months ago

They're Reading Your Mail: Microsoft's ToS, Windows 8 Leak, and Snooping

Lacompa Cida Microsoft is not NSA (206 comments)

Just like I don't mind police and soldiers have guns, I don't mind NSA reading internet traffic to and from foreign countries, because that's their job, and we are relying on NSA to protect us. But MS is not NSA. I will avoid MS like a plague.

about 10 months ago

Computer Spots Fakers Better Than People Do

Lacompa Cida Fake money too (62 comments)

Banks all over the world uses scanners and computers to spot fake money too, because they don't think the humans can do it as well.

about 10 months ago

NSA Hacked Huawei, Stole Source Code

Lacompa Cida Good for NSA (287 comments)

That's what they were paid for. Good job, NSA.

about 10 months ago

Don't Help Your Kids With Their Homework

Lacompa Cida Do you know how to teach your chidren ? (278 comments)

When you help your children (I know, you just couldn't resist.), please think about whether you want them to finish the homework, or learn how to do the homework. If you just want to help them finish the homework, stop right there, and let them struggle. May be they can learn something from their struggling. If you want them to learn how to do it, learn how to teach first. Facts of Life: Those who wrote math text and teach math are not math experts. They are teaching experts. Their math may not be right.

about 10 months ago

Big Bang's Smoking Gun Found

Lacompa Cida They only found smoke (269 comments)

The gun is the universe. These people only found the smoke. Not the smoking gun.

about 10 months ago

Weaponized Robots Could Take Point In Future Military Ops

Lacompa Cida Let Taliban do it first ! (182 comments)

From the comments, sounds like what everyone wants is for the US to stop developing robotic weapon systems. This will let Iran, North Korea and Taliban to develop these first and then we can play catch up 20 years behind them. Playing catch is so much fun. Weapon development must be a US monopoly ?

about a year ago


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